Latest Uncontrollably Fond Stills – Suzy with Stuffed Animal, High School Outfit, and Kim Woo Bin Brings Back Heirs Memories

When I make visual associations between dramas it’s almost never a qualitative discussion and all due to a scene, image, or set up that jars my memory so vividly. Case in point the latest set of drama stills from Uncontrollably Fond showing Kim Woo Bin and Suzy in high school uniforms, with her holding a giant stuffed animal and him with his arms over her shoulders.

I immediately screamed out Heirs, and for two combination associations – the big stuffed animal, a bear here and a green owl in Heirs, being carried by a high school girl, and of course smirky Kim Woo Bin in a high school uniform being all no personal space with a girl and draping himself over her. I’m fairly certain writer Lee Kyung Hee wasn’t trying to imitate or parody Heirs but recapping that drama makes me so aware of scenes from it it’s hard not to make the connection. Still, I can’t wait for UF and at least Kim Woo Bin gets the girl this time.


Latest Uncontrollably Fond Stills – Suzy with Stuffed Animal, High School Outfit, and Kim Woo Bin Brings Back Heirs Memories — 17 Comments

  1. I received around 5 stuffed while I studied in High School, my life must be tried to copy The Heirs. I mean, not like stuffed animals common present along with chocolate and flowers (Kim Tan didn’t even present it to Cha In Sun, it was Bo Na’s). //sarcasm//

    • she never said it was a copy just that it brings back those Heirs feels, especially w/ the connection between the cast

  2. They both are beautiful, individually. I still can’t see the chemistry,yet. No sparks can be found in their eyes. I have no idea what Suzy thinks in this scene by acting so bland, huft..while Woo Bin just smiles prettily without giving the romantic vibe. Sigh, I have very high expectation for KWB to grow as an actor, want him to be more acknowledged as this is the 1st time he’ll be the main lead. Moreover, it’s LKH, the writer we’re talking about and it’s pre-produced. I don’t care about rating, but I wish they show good performance, nice story, ail be more than glad.

  3. If I remember correctly the previous scene to this scene was in the teaser and it is right after she was bullied/mocked by her colleagues and then KWB shows up, gives her that stuffed animal and declares his love for her in front of everyone. She’s actually schoked in it.

    You all are judginger these teasers too harsh and kinda reaching. Let’s just wait for the drama to air, shall we?

  4. I’m more interested in the owl.☺

    Didn’t realise it’s so popular when it’s image has been used as a luggage tag by my mum for years.

  5. Miss Koala!
    Sorry for being off-topic.. but what did you think of Doctors? I remember you said you loathed teacher-student romance.. is it watchable for you?

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