Period Romance C-drama General and I with Angelababy and Wallace Chung Release First Stills

I’m halfway through reading the C-novel A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated (孤芳不自赏 Gu Fang Bu Zhi Shang) and am oddly stalled even though it’s entertaining enough. Maybe seeing the first stills from the C-drama adaptation will spur me to pick it back up, though English title of General and I makes me want to chortle. Starring Wallace Chung and Angelababy, the story follows the star-crossed and enemy to lovers romance of a Princely General from one kingdom and the smartest consigliere commoner girl from the enemy kingdom. The fact that the female lead is brilliant and all the men around her know and admire her for it makes me happy, a nice change of pace from either the warrior girl or the helpless lady types. I’m not a fan of Wallace’s updo look but Angelababy is channeling her best Xiaolongnu impression with the all white robe and long simply styled goddess hair.


Period Romance C-drama General and I with Angelababy and Wallace Chung Release First Stills — 20 Comments

  1. All girls in white will forever be known as Xiao Long Nu look.

    The photo’s are so photoshoped but it’s ok. Glad to see a different pairing and hopefully it falls under comedy more then big budget venture.

  2. OMG!! I was reading the manga of it!! That is until the the author went on a hiatus. Then I started to read the novel online…. I likes it…. but I enjoyed the manga version a lot more!

  3. Love the novel! Love Wallace! Can’t wait till the drama is out! Yep I agree, why the updo hair? In the manga, he was portrayed with long flowing hair. I think he will look smexy oozing the arrogance. When the drama will be aired? Will see just for Wallace ^_^

  4. I’m always more interested in brainy or badass heroines than nice, gentle, but air-headed weaklings; that was part of the reasons for me to walk away from K dramaland last year and explored C and T genres. Idk this female lead but she looks pretty. Wallace Chung is on the top list of the hottest men on screen anyway. I can’t get enough of him just staring through laptop screen and drooling. LMAO.

    The plot sounds very interesting. When will this be aired? I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks Koala for keeping us posted.

  5. Already finished this novel and this article is a news for me, because i dont know that they will make the drama adaptation. I really love the novel, thus i am looking forward to this adaptation..

  6. Angelababy looks surprisingly pretty here, not that she’s ugly, but more like she’s the definition of a modern beauty so I find it refreshing that this look suits her well.

    I think I will give this drama a try, the female lead’s character sounds interesting. I’m also eagerly waiting for Princess Weiyoung 锦绣未央 to be broadcast.

  7. I love it when women are smart….

    It’s really sexy.

    I feel the opposite when the heroine is dumb. I can’t see what the guys see in the heroine (e.g., Hong Gil Dong).

  8. How they placed her left hand in the poster made me lol. They could have chosen so many other positions (his hand, his knee), but this looks not so subtle.

  9. I started from the manga and proceeded to read the novel. Cried buckets for this novel, but honestly not so hype up about this remade into a drama, especially with AB as main. She dont fit my image of the main…. WC stills here seem more gentlemanly than manly/ do not exude the main’s aura… And the name General and I so does not translate the chinese title!!!!!

  10. i’ve read the manga but it has stopped/on a hiatus,
    perhaps u can translate the novel version if you are free?? i really like this story!!!

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