Newbie Actress Kim Joo Hyun Chosen as the Titular My Sassy Girl Opposite Joo Won in Drama Remake

I think Joo Won can breathe a small sigh of relief right now, not a full sigh at least not until the drama airs. The open casting call, or however open it really was behind the scenes, has culminated in the selection of a leading lady for Joo Won in the upcoming K-drama version of popular classic Hallyu movie My Sassy Girl. The lucky girl who gets to act all sassy, and drunk and belligerent and cute, is rising actress Kim Joo Hyun. She’s got only a few acting projects under her belt, the most being being a small supporting role in SBS weekend drama Modern Farmer. The production wanted to find a relative unknown newbie so Kim Joo Hyun fits that bill, but on looks alone I like her womanly features and warm aura. Filming will start shortly on drama MSG which aims to be fully pre-produced with an early 2017 airing date.

The casting of Kim Joo Hyun might not be a total surprise out of the ten finalists as she worked with the PD of drama My Sassy Girl on Modern Farmer, and this PD also more recently directed Joo Won in Yongpal. On a twisty note, drama My Sassy Girl will be a sageuk set in the Joseon era between a nobleman yangban and his sassy troublemaker girl.


Newbie Actress Kim Joo Hyun Chosen as the Titular My Sassy Girl Opposite Joo Won in Drama Remake — 36 Comments

    • Well it just confirms his choice right? Not to mention she can act and looks gorgeous in a hanbok.

      At least she fits the part. My butt comments? Better fit for people who can’t act or emote and have rabid fans shooting the rest of us who say they can’t act.

    • It was a stunt to get people interested and act like this is some amazing role to land, not a questionable remake that doesn’t need to be made.

  1. no surprise as the PD probably was the one who pick. LMOA!
    PR stunt indeed and the premise sounds boring I will be surprised if it get high rating.

  2. this woman look way too young for him. it going be like JI SUNG with hyeri.

    he going look like her uncle then lover.

    • I searched both of them up. They are around the same age (1987). She is a bit older (in months) than him. Let’s hope for the best from the makeup crew and that he wears bright pastel hanboks, lol.

      • Why pastel? I don’t like men in hanboks, it is totally shapeless and sexless. For Joseon period, I only like what the palace guards wear or anything that is belted at the waist. I’m in the minority, most people seem to like men in hanboks. Whatever, just don’t put on the eyeliner.

      • This is a reply to D. Unfortunately, there is no reply button for your comment below my comment at 9:36 pm. The reason why I say pastel hanbok is that the original movie My Sassy Girl was a light-hearted movie in my opinion. Usually pastels connote a “light-heartedness”. In addition, the male can be considered a “softie” to a degree and has a “beta” male personality. However, I do not intend for this to come off as gender stereotypical with the colors and whatnot. I just think the original tone of the movie was “soft” which I’ve got from watching it and prefer they replicate that tone visually. Then again they are doing Joseon and ancient times don’t really have that “softness”. So who knows Joo Won can be wearing a deep shade of maroon or emerald green. I just hope the drama is vibrant and fun somehow. As for the dislike of hanbok, I do get what you meant from it being shapeless. I’m okay with hanbok though. I guess the shapeless feature makes it easier for Korea to make gender bender dramas or movies (wish they could have pull it off better from past shows). I’m thinking the drama will not have eyeliner for the male’s eyes as it would lose the original character appeal. One cannot predict, maybe Joo Won is a guard and the girl is a princess who sneaks out several times, causing him trouble 😀 That would sort of remind people of the original movie. One can dream. Although my expectations for this drama is low. Sorry for the lengthy comment.

  3. Remake with a twist…so looking forward to this drama…I really liked the original my sassy girl. I’ve never really seen Joo Won in a period drama so I’m excited to see how he looks like in saeguk garb. Kjh I really don’t know her but if the netizens liked her then she must be worthy of the part…I hope. Doing a remake is tough specially when the predecessor is successful worldwide.

  4. Beats me why Joo Won wants to do this remake. I didn’t watch MSG and don’t have the urge anyway. I will check this out with no expectation which may not be a bad thing. There is no famous writer or PD. Joo Won will have to carry this himself unlike his peers – LMH has Jeon Ji Hyun, LJS has Han Hyo Joo. Honestly,all the odds are stacked up against this drama. They can’t find an actress who wants to do this role and so audition was probably the way to go. It was probably not so much a publicity stunt than a ‘lack of choice’ move.

  5. I voted for her. She was my number 1 pick and I didn’t know of her background work. There were other girls with far more projects and she was pretty solid standing beside them and definitely one of the stronger contestants. If I remember correctly she’s actually the oldest from the Top 10.

    Never been crazy about MSG but I’m excited to see her work with JooWon. As said, this isn’t a replica of the Sassy Girl story we know from the movies, the story is completely different.

    • “…this isn’t a replica of the Sassy Girl story we know from the movies, the story is completely different”

      so why bother to call it ‘remake’?
      this is what I wonder from kdrama, keep making “remake” which has different story than the original. why don’t they say ‘inspired’ or ‘get the idea’ from short source to avoid plagiarism issue.
      or may be they just purposely want to enrage fans of the original materials.

      • More so, I think attaching the franchise to anything will quickly fuel response and hype from the public since it is so beloved in Korea and beyond borders, thus having already sold the rights to air simaltaniously in China and Japan. -___-

      • I think it makes sense and is safe to say “remake” to avoid plagiarism allegation. They can modify plots with tweaks here and there to a great extent. But as long as the framework of the plot is based upon the original, it is remake.

      • @Drama2016 (sorry, no reply button on your comment)

        If that the case, then how many drama should have had Cinderella remake label attached on it? or how many of kdrama should be called remake of the other as the main plot mostly about a candy girl (with birth secret) fall for a misunderstood chaebol guy (abusive on the outside but soft in the inside) with a manipulative ex-girlfriend who was indifferent to him but then start to pinning on him later, and another mr nice guy who fall for the candy girl who was supportive to her in the beginning but then become obsessive in the later half of drama.

        I agree with Chovuekim, they just too lazy to think of promotion and want to ride on the original’s popularity.

  6. Is this remake necessary? No. What remake ever is?
    Were they smart in making this in the Joseon era? Yes. Because even if this drama is not well made there’s that entertainment factor between a girl who dares to be more progressive in an era where women were told to sit still and look pretty for their male counterparts. People love watching those kinds of things. So long as she doesn’t lose her spunk throughout the show her character will be a hoot to watch.
    With some great chemistry and cute bickering between a sassy girl and a nobleman (instead of a regular commoner or peasant), atleast they will (hopefully) keep things light and cute, instead of turning it into a typical joseon romeo & juliet romance. The latter takes way more effort to be skillfully executed.

    No surprise she has connections with PD, but I think its shortsighted to assume this girl doesn’t have the talent for it. If she has the looks and the acting chops and wanted the role as much as all the other 1800 who tried out for the role, I see no issue. The girl will just have to work harder to break down those walls and prove that she was right for the role.

    • I loved MSG – my intro to K-cinema. Never bothered with MSG 2 but I think this is interesting in relocating it in the past. Leverages MSG but also gives it a twist. Not a huge drama fan and don’t know the actors but I might check it out!

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