Kim Hyun Joong’s Baby Momma Ex-girlfriend Cleared of All Civil Suit Charges

I think the only upside for disgraced Korean singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong now is that he’s not at risk for going to jail. Other than that there is nothing but a continued downward spiral for his shameful conduct which began two years ago when his ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic violence abuse and then mushroomed into a makjang saga of claims and counter-claims more titillating and disturbing than any fictional K-drama story line could ever dream up.

No use rehashing the details or time line other than report on one new update. Last year Kim Hyun Joong had filed a civil suit against his ex-girlfriend and now baby momma alleging extortion, defamation, falsely accusing him, and fraud, and that case has just finished going through the court system and a verdict has been rendered that clears the ex-girlfriend of all the charges above. Wow, talk about double the pie to the face for Kim Hyun Joong.

As sad as it is that so many scandals have plagued K-ent in recent years, perhaps it’s good that bad deeds are now being known rather than hidden away since I doubt the early generation of Hallyu stars lived clean as whistle personal lives. Hopefully fans can now like actors or singers without holding them up to pristine images and refusing to believe the stars are incapable of wrongdoing or mistakes.


Kim Hyun Joong’s Baby Momma Ex-girlfriend Cleared of All Civil Suit Charges — 30 Comments

  1. In latest news, he’s going to appeal against this verdict. Such a trash human being. Is he still under KeyEast?

  2. Wow. This sure paint an even worse picture of him. Being celebrities, ones need to be careful with whatever they are doing. That’s why I always admire Lee Jun Ki. He strives to maintain a good image ie being careful with whom he mix around with, having his manager to accompany him to avoid scandal n not drinking in public and so on.

    Being a celebrity also need brain to maintain that good image, obviously most are too full of themselves to even exercise their brains and be careful of their conduct either in public or behind closed doors.

    • I agree, There are lots that says the celeb can do whatever they want as long as they are not committing crime. That is very untrue. Their image is what makes them famous and gets sop many fans. Thus makes them rich.
      They need to manage themselves and their images so they will not disappoint their fans.

    • There’s blind item rumour about LJK about why he never shown drinking in public. It said that he can get very violent when he drunk so his manager tried his best to keep him in the apartment everytime he want to drink and accompany him.

      • I am not expecting him to be perfect but at least he knows how to behave and knows how to curb whatever his shortcomings so as not to get himself in trouble n maintains his image as a working actor. He did admit though in Healing Camp (after he’s done the Arang drama) that due to his anxiety over losing his popularity after military service that he had the violent habit of mutilating the furnitures in his house until his father had to take control of the situation. But he said his perspective changed after MS to learn to accept things as how they are. I still think hes a positive person, to admit of his dark side and to heal eventually.

      • @Mira, I read that blind item rumour you’re talking about and it isn’t about LJK cos’ the details don’t fit LJK at all. He doesn’t like to drink in public cos’ of the scrutiny but drinks with his friends, cast mates, dance crew etc. He’s careful at managing his private life, that’s why he goes out to “drinking” events with his manager.

  3. I think he defense is too absurd,how can the defense from he side compare his self with song joong ki,when every body know,he denied his son,until dna test result it was his son. Speak about bof or hyd,I don’t know why with hanazawa rui character,(like a cursed) almost all the actor get huge scandal,even in my country too.

    • Did Vic Chou had a huge scandal? i only see people talking about who he dated before but i don’t think that’s a scandal.

      • Vic Chou was accused of cheating on his wife Reen Yu with someone else. Not sure if it’s true, it’s hard to find TW news these days..

      • He had a rape scandal. I don’t know whether it’s true or not. But it was before he got married. A thai woman accused him of cheating her some time ago. However that hyd character is cursed. And all the actors are totally opposite to their characters where they were clean, innocent and had a good boy image in the drama. Eventhough tsukasa is evil and bad boy type it seems the actors who demonstrated the characters are really the opposite.

    • Aw SJK reference! That’s the only thing interesting me to make a comment. Did you read the news report about his agency (or himself not sure) giving testimony in the court that he would have made as much money as SJK without this scandal? I LOLed at the analogy. Even his attorney was not very smart in formulating his defense strategy.

      • Silly and arrogant of him to compare himself with Song Joong Ki. First, his image is already tainted and this statement made him look bitchy. Second, he was never a good actor in his own rights. Third, none of his drama except BOF that actually did well and fourth, this is Joong Ki’s time zone and moment just like how last year was Kim So Hyun’s time to shine. Next year, who knows.

  4. what every happen with this case iam going to stand my him because everyone makes mistake and bad chose so he need his fans to stand by him until the end and even if he doing his army duty right know but he wil also need because it going tought for him with all the rumors his girlfriend is spreading about will not belive any of the rumors until hey can prove that they are true

    • I can’t understand this comment at all..
      maybe you should check/read your sentence structure before press “post comment” button!

    • The truth is he has a son with this woman, he is spreading rumours about her and the court does not believe him. He is a shamed loser!!

    • Stand by him, fine. I’m sure he can use the morale booster. But don’t discredit his girlfriend. This case proved she was right and not spreading rumors, and his defense was crap.

  5. KHJ fan are even more sick then PYC fan. bet they wouldnt. mind if KJH rape their ass. too bad they a too ugly for him to even want to get closed to them.

    • Funny how PYC’s accusers have been sentenced to prison. Funny, what a difference a little time and investigation make. You must be so proud to be one of those internet hyenas who rush to judgement before all evidence is in. Only once in awhile do I see anyone who has been falsely accusing KHJ and PYC say they were wrong, or, God forbid, apologize for believing the worst of these two guys. It would truly be refreshing to see you recant and repent. KHJ was cleared and his ex-girlfriend fined for her lies. Hope you are never treated the way you have treated these two young men.

  6. These idols have a chance to be role models for their young fans, who help support the lifestyle they love. Some act out because they believe they are way cooler than they really are.

    He has a son, children need to be cherished not shunned. I am glad the courts made this decision. He could have avoided this whole mess, but chose not too. He needs to accept responsibility for his actions.

  7. Now that KHJ won during the last court appearance and Miss Choi was fined one million Korean Won for defamation and fraud, where is your in depth article discussing the judge’s ruling? Or is it just KHJ wrong no matter the evidence. Time for a “mea culpa’ and an apology Don’t you think?

  8. Has he been paying for child care this past year? Regardless of who says what here, the reality is the child’s mother has to pay a hugh fine now plus raising a young son… I wish she has good support. No one is worse than a parent who does not even acknowledge your existence and saying bad things about your mother!!

  9. So you say, and you will obviously believe whatever you want about this. Facts don’t seem to matter to you sweet candycane. In addition what she asked him to pay in the beginning(600,000,000 kw), she was also given that same amount for her pregnancy by him because she said she needed to buy a house for the baby and her. That is quite a lot of money. Also, she began the bad talk..he has had lawyers working steadily to clear his name. She could stop if she wanted to, but she can’t seem to manage the restraint. The judge decided to fine her, not KHJ. This case is the one that she filed against him in the civil court. It is my impression that the judge was pretty peaved at the lengths she went to to deceive the court.

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