Angelababy and Jin Bo Ran are Adorable in Movie Promos for Film Version of One Smile is Very Alluring

C-actor Yang Yang will be in two big novel adaptations airing soon, but finds himself doing the drama in one and the movie in another. For the adaptation of One Smile is Very Alluring, Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang will be in the drama version, which has released its official poster and plenty of drama stills, and now the movie version is gearing up for its promotions. The movie stars Jin Bo Ran and Angelababy and has an August 12th summer premiere date, just in time for the tail end of the season right before students go back to school. The movie posters has Jin Boran cosplaying his game avatar while Angelababy is her college student self. It looks just as cute as the drama version actually, different but equal amounts of pretty.


Angelababy and Jin Bo Ran are Adorable in Movie Promos for Film Version of One Smile is Very Alluring — 6 Comments

  1. I was told JBR was a good actor with solid acting skills. But I find his still image of the game avatar cringe worthy like his style in The Lost Tomb. One Smile Is Very Alluring was one of very few C novels I was hooked up to read from the beginning through the end. The game avatar of the genius game designer impressed me with a totally different aura that JBR exudes from these stills. Perhaps JBR may appear to match up the novel character when he is in motion.

  2. Oooh I’m quite looking forward to the movie version too 😀 His avatar costume looks better in the movie version imo… Well only saw it from behind though… and that poster is more a drawing so (well it looks like it anyway)…

  3. When is “Don’t be so Proud” drama coming out? and the drama version of “One smile is very alluring” coming out?

  4. I’ve always felt that Jing Bo Ran was a pretty good actor for his age/image, and Yang yang is decent too. On the other hand, i don’t have much expectations for Angelababy or Zheng Shuang..

    Still looking forward to the show and movie though!

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