Incarnation of Jealousy Showcases Different Styles for Leads Gong Hyo Jin, Jo Jung Seok, and Go Kyung Pyo


This is one upcoming K-drama that is filming comparatively under the radar, which is a good thing if the end results blow everyone away because it hasn’t been overly hyped. SBS landed Incarnation of Jealousy after a tug of war with KBS and this will be the drama to take over Wed-Thurs from kidnapping thriller Wanted, and will be followed by Legend of the Blue Sea. The latest drama filming stills show the three leads in various stylings that is designed to maximize their character personalities. Gong Hyo Jin is frazzled and boho chic, Jo Jung Seok toggles between reporter casual with requisite slight goatee and on air anchor snappy, and Go Kyung Pyo turns into a dashing mature professional.


Incarnation of Jealousy Showcases Different Styles for Leads Gong Hyo Jin, Jo Jung Seok, and Go Kyung Pyo — 69 Comments

  1. Really excited for this drama. It’s been a while to find a good drama after Signal so I hope this does well LOL. Gong Hyo Jin is my girl crush πŸ˜€ and Jo Jung Seok and Go Kyung Pyo look handsome!!


  3. She is not very beautiful but you can’t deny her acting skills ….one of the reasons Korea film industry is still below Bollywood and even nollywood …to much emphasis on beauty ….why can’t we appreciate acting skills more?

  4. I think they look so good together..
    I never thought gong hyo jin was pretty in the first time I saw her. But as I follow her projects (in movie or drama), I start like her appearance and her style again and again..??

    • She can pair with any, yes ANY A-list actors and won’t be outshone by them. She draws attention to herself with her own charisma.

      I still can’t think of which costars of GHJ have ever outperformed her.

  5. I love GHJ . Very good actress.I find her pretty, attractive,a different aura. She may be not the typical beauty but it allows her to not overshine his roles. When you Watch a drama with her you forget the actress and only see her character…and that ‘s what an actor is supposed to do.

  6. Looking forward to the show. Love Gong Hyojin and the projects she pick. Just a little concerned with the heights of the main lead lol. Gong Hyojin is really tall. Her lead actors so far have been pretty tall to match up to her height. If im not wrong, Jo Jungsuk’s height is comparable to Gong Hyojin’s. ._.

  7. I can’t wait for this drama. Seriously I’m waiting for something good n different n I know gong hye Jin will deliver as always. A performance worth while

  8. My friend saw you today in thailand. Are you filming for incarnation of jealousy?? Jjang.. It so wonderful. Hope to see you there ghj uni. Your drama hit daebakk, amen.

  9. I hope gong hyo jin next leading man is kang dong won or ji chang wook. And second reunion with so ji sub or jo in sung,.. Please.. Ssssss drama… make it happen…..,’finger cross~

  10. Dulu original cast nya kan gong hyo jin, tapi di kbs. Cuma ga tau kenapa kbs batal nayangin IHYV di time slot senin selasa, terus diganti sama drama shark (syj & kng). Akhirnya gong hyo jin maen master sun ama so ji sub. Ga tau sih nanti bakal ada kolaborasi ga ya ghj sama IHYV writer?

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