Lee Jun Ki and IU Lead the Cast of K-Bu Bu Jing Xin in the Full Cosmopolitan Korea Pictorial

Somewhere between I Want and Fans Myself lies the upcoming K-adaptation of the popular Chinese time-traveling romance novel Bu Bu Jing Xin. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Bobogyungsim: Ryeo) has front loaded the cast with more flower boys than can be counted on one hand, with Lee Jun Ki leading the way as 4th Prince commanding the screen with his contrasting appeal of feminine features and masculine aura.

The entire main cast is on the cover and pages of Cosmopolitan Korea August edition, in time to promote the fully pre-produced drama airing at the end of August on SBS Mon-Tues. The entire cast looks so insanely good looking in this pictorial it makes me want a reprise in modern times just to bookend the proceedings, as long as it’s not as stupidly written as the BBJX sequel Bu Bu Jing Qing which needs to be scrubbed from existence. 


Lee Jun Ki and IU Lead the Cast of K-Bu Bu Jing Xin in the Full Cosmopolitan Korea Pictorial — 63 Comments

  1. Gorgeous cast, hope the drama don’t let us down! Junki oppa has lost so much weight compared to his Iljimae days or are the photos too photoshopped?

    • He lost more than 12 kg for this drama at the request of the director, because the director wanted his face look more angular.

      • I am amazed at the abilities of most actors to lose so much weight for a specific role. Gaining weight is easy but losing weight is a real painful process. I starve myself for days and working out but losing only half a kilo and when I eat as per how I normally eat, my weight goes up more than a kg which basically nulling whatever weight losing effort that I have done. I am totally impressed that LJK can lose so much weight like that. His angular face now is sharper than the edge of his sword in SH.

      • When he went to China for the press conference of his film, I think it was June 7, in a video chat that he had with his Chinese fan said that was only eating one meal a day and no carbohydrates.

  2. Who is that one guy? I feel bad to say this but I know everyone except him. I guess he plays the crown prince/eldest prince.

    • Sure, IU ruin this drama for me. I will stick with the original. Good bye mr lee jun ki, you disappointed me over and over. First with lee yu bi, now with her. Huh.

      • You should hun, don’t watch this.
        Trust me ratings for this drama will not get better or worse without you…not sure if you are a fan or hater but LJG is not responsible for the casting of his female leads.
        Plus it would be totally unprofessional and out of place if he signs a contract for a drama first, found out later that he’s leading lady is Yubi or IU and decides to back out!
        Not sure exactly how some people really think tbh.

      • @Tata : I like lee jun ki, he is charismatic and good actor, I just don’t like his partner in drama. Lee jun ki good and handsome enough to work with A list actresses, but why he always paired with B list actresses??? He is deserve more.

        You know what I mean??

    • Gosh! How can you pass such a ridiculous comment like that without even watching!
      Is that what happens in Korean drama land!
      I’m from the West and I find this very disturbing…you might not like someone’s acting but saying things to destroy a person’s hard work is out of order especially when you haven’t seen the drama yet!

      I don’t get this!

    • If fan service can bring in the ratings, then why not? The Heirs is a case of example of how fan servicing works to bring in the ratings, even crossing the 20% viewership- the drama was crappy with no purpose and no plotline.

      I don’t know about ML-SH since the trailer looks promising but what I know, I can expect strong performance from LJK especially and that there is a good and strong story to tell.

  3. IU so bad at acting + she is not really pretty. She is boring as always.

    She never change her style in dramas, why always long and black hair?????

    I believe if PD bring Yoon Eun Hye in Scarlet Heart, this drama will hit daebak.

    • I am not degrading Yoon Eun Hye but her reputation is basically tarnished in Korea. Having her as a leading lady is a high risk for such a big production as ML:SH. After Coffee Prince, she has yet to bring in good ratings for any of her dramas though those are not her faults at all.

      Plus, YEH has some diction problem and I don’t think she is the right choice to do a saeguk. IU is not my favorite either and I was rooting for Kim Yoo Jung to play Ruoxi but IU is not a bad actress, in fact from the trailer, she has displayed a much improved acting especially on the emotional scene and she is also easy on the eyes.

      So long the actors and actress can act, I am game on for the ride. I have good feeling over ML:SH and the drama team is feeling the immerse pressure as all eyes are on them, to see whether such a big production drama can really deliver and live up to the expectation.

      • I believe yoon eun hye will back to small screen..

        Yup, agree that Kim Yoo Jung is amazing actress, I love teenage actress because they can act naturally.

        Believe me, Koreannetz love Kim yoo jung more than IU in acting wise.

      • @Suk Bin if you talk about scandal, isn’t IU got one too (two actually) ? So don’t talk rubbish about tarnished reputation influencing project offer etc. IU won’t be cast in this project based on your opinion, so did SHK.

        And @New York do not bring up YEH name into this debate please

        @new york

      • @Lal why the need to sound so harsh? Suk Bin has stated that she meant not to degrade YEH and just voicing her opinion. And nobody cast IU or YEH or SHK or whoever based on opinion. IU had scandal (I don know if you consider her dating JGH as scandalous because I don but I am referring to the scandal involving Eun Hyuk) but it was quite sometime ago whereas YEH’s scandal is more recent. IU’s recent performance in Producer was well-received and that’s the testament that that the public has in a way forgiven her. It needs time for YEH to recover her reputation. Much like how Han Ye Seul laying low after the Spy Myung Wol case before returning to drama few years later. YEH also aware of that and that is why she decided not to be involved in the second season of that China’s fashion program. Everyone can foresee that YEH will eventually return to dramaland but now not the right timing and for that, some may and entitled to the opinion which is that the reason why she was not casted to headline Scarlet Heart. Not referring to YEH, I think IU will do justice to Ruoxi.

      • @Del just wanna make it straight, despite not taking any acting project for 3 years, YEH’s agency always says that she still get many offers even after her scandal. And as far as I know they never talk bulshit for media play about this. And I believe if she still didn’t take any project yet till now it’s because of her choice not because of running out of offers. But I’m not worried cause despite in hiatus she’s still busy like a bee, as the CEO of her own agency, finishing her post graduate study etc. FYI, YEH rarely leaking a project she’s been offered before she’s confirmed.

        And I never mean to degrade IU by saying that she also has scandals, just stating the facts. So don’t act like she’s free of scandal and YEH’s scandal is more complicated/heavier than hers…

      • @Lal
        Did anyone mention that YEH running out of offers? I didn’t read anyone commenting here implying that. You apparently get the wrong end of the stick. I am sure she has some offers. It was the opinion that she is not so much a prominent presence in the industry as she was back then especially after the scandal whether the scandal more scandalous than IU’s or not, she is not favorable among K-netizens these days. Perhaps for that reason that led some to deduce why she was not chosen to lead SH although I think more for the reason that she is not of the right age to play the very young female lead. Nobody doubt that she is busy like a bee, running her own agency and so on other than merely stating the opinion that she is not the right actress for this production in view of her reputation which either you like it or not, has taken a considerable beating lately especially last year.

      • Off topic, I miss Yoon eun hye so much , if his reputation is tarnish what about IU, Song Hye Kyo …One hit dama and all is erased in korea ? Even some kactors who tried to escape military duty still acting…

      • @cahill don’t be worried I believe she will comeback with an acting project someday (if she wants to). I missed her too…

    • She had a short bob cut in Pretty Man and Brown hair in You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin. Nice try lol.

      It’s funny how some people can so easily hate and judge when the drama hasn’t even aired yet.

    • @Del, just want to add something. There were never any news stating that YEH’s been offered the female lead in this drama besides IU (it’s just some people’s wish). So I believe they were never in contention for the same role. I have no problem they picked IU for the role. Just leave YEH out of this argument…

    • @New York. Scarlet Heart is a Goryeon historical. The females in that era have long and black hair. It would be strange to have blond and short hair, unless she’s acting as someone from the West?

      And don’t drag in YEH, she doesn’t do historicals.

      @Lal, agree that YEH should not be brought into this, but Del wasn’t the one who dragged her into this argument in the 1st place.

      • Agree. I like YEH in Lie To Me. Of course she was never offered the lead role being that she is not of the right age to play the very young Ruoxi.

        @Lal Livi is right, Del wasn’t the one who dragged YEH into argument, she was just defending Suk Bin. And Suk Bin was also not the one who dragged YEH into the argument, merely just expressing her opinion and responding to the comment over YEH’s possible casting. It was New York who brought up YEH in the first place.

  4. 1) disagree completely about IU. Love her, love her acting, love her look for this part
    2) isn’t YEH almost old enough to play the mother of IU’s character in this drama?

  5. Who is that guy on brown long sleeve….damn!!!!!
    Beautiful cast not feeling the storyline though ….iu is a terrible actress but an incredible musician .

  6. OMG! Kang Ha Neul *-*
    never underestimate the power of a good lion’s mane, he looks drop dead gorgeous; he should let his hair grow more often…for our sake 😀

  7. Seriously ! I agree with the fact that the role doesn’t feet Yoon Eun Hye but saying that she can be her mother is too much. But thanks to her if the likes of IU can act today she was one of the 1st idols to lead the way … like Eugene , Hwang Jung eum, … who are best actresses .

      • If IU really does act that bad, explain to me why her scenes in Producers received the highest ratings for almost half of the drama. Her character in that drama received the most praise despite the fact that initially she received so much flak for being casted. If you’re gonna call her a bad actress, then please give me prove.

      • IU’s scenes in The Producers consistently got the highest ratings. Her one sided crush on Baek Seung Chan made so many people root for her despite the fact that he likes someone else.

        Her acting seniors praise her, expert reviews praise her, and her peers praise her. That’s why she gets roles. Nobody gives a damn about random commenters.

  8. The pressure on ML-SH is enormous now that basically all eyes are set on this drama. Except for this Cosmo cover, I don’t see much promotion being done in native Korea. That impressive 6-minutes trailer was released for China and therefore, has cooked up a lot of interests from international drama fans and viewers.

    I am a tad concern since the domestic ratings will depend on the Korean audience and I don’t know to what extend has this drama gain the momentum domestically since not much being promoted yet other than the poster.

    LJK is certainly the highlight of these pictorials. Not easy to steal the thunder from him. Despite his lack of height comparatively with the rest of the hunks (minus Baekhyun), his smouldering aura still the most compelling.

    • You can not watch the drama if you don’t want to see her since she’s going to be in most of the scenes. I hate people who judge without even seeing the drama. And why should IU stop acting when people want to cast her? People complain about her casting in the drama but do you ever stop to think why the director or whoever does the casting offered such a heavy role to her? Anyway, if you don’t like her acting, then just don’t watch it but to judge it before you’ve even seen any episodes is being prejudiced and jumping the gun.

    • Her acting seniors praise her, expert reviews praise her, and her peers praise her. That’s why she gets roles.

      Nobody gives a damn about you and other random commenters.

  9. This drama is 100% pre-produced & is already completed. Please don’t mention other actresses because it will not change anything. You can stop watching, but IU will not stop acting because of your comments!

  10. JYP once said that he so regretted his decision to fail IU in her audition. Yeah LOL…Now instead, JYP got a beautiful idol who can’t sing nor act but commissions earned from her CFs must be enough.

  11. LOL! Some people here are so salty about IU. You act like she is the plague when in reality, she’s a decent actress who ended up with the most number of highest rated scenes in her last drama, Producer (and that was an all-star cast as well with the likes of Kim Soo Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, and Cha Tae Hyun). If she irks you so much, the don’t watch the drama lmao. Whining isn’t going to change the lead actress.

  12. If you don’t like the lead female so much, then don’t watch it. It’ll only ruin your mood but it will never bring IU’s career down as an actress or even as a musician, despite having two ridiculous scandals attached to her name, she still managed to be casted for a major role and receive big contract/deals. 🙂 Her fan support almost equal LJK’s fan support during the drama’s filming.

  13. While everybody worry about the leading lady, I am much worried about the ending. My my.. pleaseeeee give me a happy ending… if the ending is like the original BBJX, I can’t even….
    Either he stays at that era with 4th prince, or jump to future with 8th prince, or eloping with 14th prince. @.@

    • Yup, agree.
      I hope the ending is going to be a happy one. I wish also for a clear one at that and not some ambiguous shenanigans that will annoy the dingle out of me.

      Wonder why they gave LJK a scar underneath that mask…was it an impt part of the story? If not, they are just carelessly blocking out all that is pleasing to the eye.

      • Yessss. I don’t want a look alike lover when she returned. It just not the same person *mad*
        It’s OK if they close half his face. If they alter the hero appearance, there is chance they alter the ending as well right? If they give me sad ending I will just chew my screen down 😀

  14. Lolz bunches of preconceived comments , the drama has not come out , but some commentors already spoke like they knew it all , saying : omg she is ruining this drama. she can’t act, it just showed you either anti or hate her that bad to wish for Her failure

    I only watched her in dream high ,considering a rookie she is decent in that show .
    I’m no position to Judge her in her other dramas so I will wait and see
    Fan service or not , as long as it’s entertarining , as thAts all I asked for when watching korean dramas

  15. i don’t like people who not watch the drama but judging …why do you all judge IU’s act…you all are not her god….if you want to judge her…please give a good comments and a good scolded…thank you…sorry for my bad english

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