Lee Jong Seok Designs and Models T-shirt with All Sales Donations to Benefit Victims of Child Abuse

This week’s episode 5 of the surprisingly fantastic tvN ghostly drama Let’s Fight Ghost was about domestic child abuse. It totally made me cry since a mom’s biggest fear is any injury to her child, and in serendipitous timing of things comes news that K-actor Lee Jong Seok is partnering with popular Korean fashion designer Ja In Song for a charity campaign. It’s called Save the Children and benefits victims of child abuse as well as stopping future child abuse.

Lee Jong Seok designed a series of simple t-shirts incorporating the star motif for hope and pleading slogans such as Please Stop and My Will is Good. Lee Jong Seok’s involvement from design to modeling for the CF was all gratis and all proceeds from sales of the t-shirts will go to the Save the Children campaign. If you’re in South Korea think about picking it up, there are lots of charities and causes to support so consider this one as well especially if you like the shirts.


Lee Jong Seok Designs and Models T-shirt with All Sales Donations to Benefit Victims of Child Abuse — 13 Comments

  1. Hez cuddly cute! ! ????????? I seriously hope that child abuse stops! ! And may the awareness of it spread all over the world.

    I myself have been a victim in child abuse.I was ashamed of myself a long time before i realized the truth that I was a victim. I hope it seriously stops.To be a child abuser is the worst kind of punishment for the victim.It takes ages to get over some impacts.Such scars remain in heart & mind even though they not appear in body.

    I hope children all over the world remain happy n never go through any kind of abuse.

    Fighting n cheers for the awareness campaign.!!!

  2. I hope they sell like crazy. On a less serious note, his new drama – the 2 episodes I’ve seen – are really good. It’s one of my favorite shows right now.

    Anyway, hope this raises a lot of awareness and a lot of $$.

  3. OK, just based on this “surprisingly fantastic” comment, I must tune in to watch Let’s Fight, Ghost. Hopefully this is not going to be another disappointment like Mirror of the Witch and Oh Hae Young Again etc.

    The designs look so cool, simple and convey the message effectively. There have been quite a few of K dramas recently touching issues of child abuse including popular dramas about personality disorder. I myself am blessed to have very caring and loving parents. It’s hard to imagine what kinda hell those innocent and young victims under domestic violence lived or have been living through, either physically or verbally. Those who are responsible for such heart rending misfortune to any child are the most pathetic human beings ever.

    Best wishes to all the child abuse victims and great success to this charity drive.

  4. Seems a little far-fetched to conduct a T-shirt campaign in South Korea with the message written in a foreign language. Wouldn’t it be more effective if the message were in Korean? I mean, if they sold a T-shirt with Korean characters on it in the U.S., I’d have no idea what it was about. How does that advance the cause?

    • I think in this special case it’s better that it’s written in English because he have many fans outside Korea who want to buy it, specially in China. A few months ago he donated 200 million won to UNICEF & he modeled for their doll & many of his foreign fans bought them to support his donation & poor children.

      • So it’s basically about raising $$ from foreign fans, not really to spread a message about child abuse in Korea. There was nothing stopping them from issuing a Korean T-shirt. His fans would have bought it anyway, because that’s what we do.

    • Kids in Korea study English in school. Most Koreans would know what “please stop” would mean, so no, they aren’t specifically targeting foreigners. I think they are just trying to be more exotic or worldly. Look at Asian dramas in general and their wardrobes are full of clothes with English lettering. Its a good cause in any language. I wish I was in Korea so I could buy it.

  5. wow. this is really a good thing he is doing for the children. I mean stopping child abuse is not something most people think of or even engage in. Most celebrities don’t care about such things in my country and it’s really sad to think that nobody care enough to do something about it so I am really really really really proud of him

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