Yoona Reconsiders and Accepts tvN Drama K2 Opposite Ji Chang Wook

Looks like there is tons of juicy on-dits behind the scenes of the casting of tvN drama K2. Wish I could be a fly on the wall to discern what went on for singer-actress Yoona to be offered the leading lady role, reportedly turn it down, and a week later is considering it once again and then accepted. If the production really really wanted her onboard opposite Ji Chang Wook and Song Yoon Ah, I hope it’s for her talents as an actress rather than her popularity and buzz as a member of SNSD and prominent Hallyu star.

I like Yoona enough to prefer her casting rather than find another actress who I like less, and the sooner this is locked down the sooner production can start for a September 9th premiere after The Good Wife. While the screenwriter of Yongpal flexes his muscles to pen K2, I’m more excited to hear that PD Kwak Jung Hwan of Chuno is onboard, even if his latest outings like Neighborhood Hero and Basketball have been less than stellar his directorial talents remain exciting to watch.

K2 is about the revenge and romance between the bastard daughter of a top star and powerful politician, and the betrayed bodyguard who works for the politician’s wife to help her get him elected to president so she can be first lady.


Yoona Reconsiders and Accepts tvN Drama K2 Opposite Ji Chang Wook — 36 Comments

  1. Sounds interesting… Ji Chang wook is so handsome …love love him .
    I’ve heard about yonna a lot but am yet to see anything she is in…hope she is worth the hype .

    • Let’s all lower our expectations for this drama. After all, it’s the writer of Yongpal, – watchable but not superb. I expect an ok, but not great drama from this writer.

  2. the visual of this drama though wow anyway i hope this will be a break through for yoona in kdrama land we wil get to see her level of acting with tvn i loved her in prime minister and I i am curious on how she will portray this role adding this to my drama list good luck with the writer i hope she is sharping her pen this time

  3. Good luck to all, i think Yoona and Ji Chang Wook will make a stunning visual couple and the story sounds intriguing. Also this drama starts in little more than a month so we don’t have to wait too long.

    Btw Yoona and Song Yoona are friends in real life so i can’t wait for their scenes together in the drama.

  4. Cool. There are a lot of actresses I dislike a lot more. I think they will be cute together. And I’m so happy to get Ji Chang Wook back in Kdramaland (emphasis on the “K”)!

  5. She refused first because she had another chinese drama lined up next, so it would have been difficult. But the chinese drama got delayed due to investor issues and so she is not bound to it anymore.

    Im really excited about this casting, looking forward to the drama <3

  6. I’m watching C drama Whirlwind Girl 2 and was just wondering why Ji Chang Wook took such a female-centric school drama in China. He looks like a much more seasoned actor than most of the Chinese cast. Regardless, it’s enough for me to just stare at his beautiful flower boy face. LOL. Am glad to see him back to K dramaland again. Bodyguard???!!! Cool! So I can expect some action scenes that’s what I love him most in Healer.

    Yoona was pretty good in Prime Minister and I. She can look extremely beautiful on stage when she performs with her idol group. But she seems to have been losing a lot of weight since her breakup with LSG. Too skinny.

  7. Your plot sounds kind of exciting in a way lol honestly i’m okay with Yoona, she was charming in PMI so there’s no reason i’m not watching this. well maybe the writer… Anyway, like many have said, the visual though, gah. Let’s just hope the romance development will be better and loooonger this time.

  8. Definitely will be beautiful visuals! Not a fan of the writer, but I will watch bcoz of the leads. Yoona’s acting has improved in PM & I, so I am happy for her to return to K-drama ?

  9. Yoona is 10x better than Suzy and Hyeri tbh. She was adorable in PM & I and her C-Drama.

    The visuals of this drama though jesus

  10. i watched Yoona’s dramas YRMD, Love Rain, Gowzy and Prime Minister&I, her acting is very good. Def Yoona is one of the Best idol-actresses.

    *note: her K-drama YAMD reached more than 40.5% rating. her c-drama #1 and reached more than 10 BILLION of views. actress Yoona #1 on list of actors for a lot times.

  11. Why Yoona? I like her and she is beautiful, but she is a really bad actress. She was awful in Love Rain and Cinderella Man. Prime Minister & I was a lot better, but sill far away from what could anyone call good acting.

    I was really looking forward to this project, but this will end like Uncontrollably Fond with the wrong casting. For the record, Suzy is a lot worse “actress”. But every actress is better as Suzy, so this compare will never help. 😉

  12. Well im glad she took on the role in end as the pd intended. visually they look good together. so here’s hoping the have chemistry on screen. on yoona’s acting chops; havent really watched her drams only clips of it; at least shes more likable then some. so hoping she challenges and improves herself further. and im so happy we get a kdrama from JCW before he enlist. tVn has some really good dramas this year; so hopefully K2 will be amongst that. Its simple title like W is actually catchy and easy to remember. When is this planning to be aired again?

  13. For so long I’m lost in touch with kdramaland. Yoona, she is a very hard working girl. Anyone heard her interview in Chinese? Darn …she speak so well and better than Choi Siwon. This K2 I’m going to try.

  14. Koala, I absolutely loved Prime Minister and I even with that what the Hey ending, the banner and the article cannot be a coincident right! I think Yoona does good in the light roles, maybe she can do well with heavy roles as well. UEE was so bad in the past but look how far she has come with Marriage Contract, if you work hard, its possible to improve. I am choosing to be hopeful that this cast will deliver as long as the script is right.

  15. Love JCW. Yoona is okay for me. I was hoping for Kim Jiwon but this is okay. I think the production team is targeting China with this couple. I am speculating, but JCW’s Chinese drama is doing pretty good so maybe that helped the turned around in her decision. Who knows. I hope this drama does good. I really miss JCW on kdrama land.

  16. and yoona is back. love her dramas especially love rain. think I fell in love with her in that drama even if others thought her acting was not that good. the bad one for me was Cinderella man.

    ji Chang wook is the best to me. I basically watch anything he is in so am definitely going to be seeing this one.

  17. Will wish everyone well…..I do not believe Yoona is all that great of an actress, time will tell how she fairs.

  18. Yoona is not a good actress at all, bland and plain looking. Doesn’t act well. Sorry to say. Ji Chang Wook deserves to be partnered with a better actress like Park Min Young.

  19. I hope they didn’t get Yoona just because of her popularity. I don’t have high expectations on this upcoming Drama. Yoona doesn’t know how to act, just pure plain. Will not watch this.

  20. @Iann i’m glad you aren’t gonna watch it because The K2 doesn’t need judgemental person like you, if you consider yourself as person kekekeke.
    Let’s watch it first and then all of you the ‘expert’ like @Iann can judge whether the acting or the drama is bad or not.
    Don’t humiliate yourself with premature judgement.
    It’s ugly TBH.

  21. just enjoy the show first and all of you can judge it better than prediction or your ugly thinking.
    People nowdays, they call theirself smart but tbh they are the stupid one with their judgemental issue

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