Summer Romance K-dramas Pile on the OTP Kisses in Doctors, Uncontrollably Fond, and W: Two Worlds


There’s been a whole lotta of kissing going on in prime time K-dramas, specifically in the three trendiest and buzzed about dramas on air right now. Doctors holding down the Mon-Tues slot had one terrible rainy kiss a few weeks ago that needs to be permanently deleted from audience memories, but made up for it with another kiss and comforting skinship in this week’s episode. Over on Wed-Thurs, Uncontrollably Fond has made the leading lady’s life miserable beyond miserable but once the leading man joined her in misery it’s actually turned their romance back on and this week comes a long overdue kiss. And finally W: Two Worlds hasn’t been skimpy with the kisses from the start, two OTP kisses in two episodes is great for fan service and nicely integrated into the story line. So which kiss(es) and OTP kissing techniques made your heart go dugeun-dugeun? Does Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won get more adult with each other, does Kim Woo Bin’s forcefully win Suzy’s lip response, and will Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo turn startling kissing into swoony pucker magic?


Summer Romance K-dramas Pile on the OTP Kisses in Doctors, Uncontrollably Fond, and W: Two Worlds — 92 Comments

  1. Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk are so pretty to look at, their kiss is just a lip lock, but it’s so pictorial worthy with their heights.

    Btw, W is leading the ratings with a jump of 3.4% that’s HUGE!! I’m so happy for it, a great show.

    • The funny thing is that W and UF have exactly reversed their ratings from last Wednesday – this Wednesday, W has the ratings UF’s last Wednesday ep got and vice versa.

      • I noticed when I checked the ratings this morning! Lol what a complete reversal!

      • @Jancy – with the way KBS was hyping UF before W came and snatched its wig, their ratings are freaking hilarious now.

      • W deserves the rating jump. The storyline is good. The only reason I stay watching UF is for Kim Woo Bin.

      • @teakcakes – yea! lol! after 1 year of hype. Though I think it was also a bit telling that UF’s ratings became stagnant hovering around 11-12%, not gaining new viewers. I wonder if koala will make a separate article about it? She has been posting articles about UF’s ratings and how it has been keeping it’s hold as #1 wed-thurs drama for the past weeks.

    • Im soooo excited for when their characters kiss when they’re already in love with each other!!!I’m sure it’ll blow us away!! *rubs hands in anticipation*

      Ratings-wise, I am ecstatic for the W team!!! The power of word of mouth! They totally deserve it given their fascinating, unique plotline!!! I am a fan of this writer since Queen Inhyun’s man and Nine and so I believe that they’ll deliver! So excited for things to come!! 🙂

    • Yes! Last week’s initial ratings for W were shocking. Tried a bit of UF here and there, found it bland and formulaic. Viewers have caught on to which is the better show.

  2. Kim rae won and park shin hye daebak!!! the chemistry is so amaaazingg. kim rae won is a very good actor, his eyes expression so good!!

  3. Doctors kiss was the best for me, it was sweet and steamy because of kim rae won. The man is a hella of kisser and park shin hye did good too… Shipping RaeShin couple…

  4. My favorite Kim Rae-won and Park Shin Hye … I’m not very happy with the script of the drama, but the chemistry and acting are just perfect … W is impressive

  5. Maybe it’s time to watch Doc and W. I have only been watching UF and realized how sloppy everything is. And knowing how KWBs character might turn out to become I’m not very excited anymore. They had a good kiss though, heartbreaking for KWBs character but I’m just annoyed of Suzys character.

  6. doctors script is kinda lacking but the directing and chemistry between the main pairing makes up for it. my vote goes to doctors!! the bts for the kiss scene was even better than the actual scene itself lol

    and i get that the rain kiss was awk but isn’t it obvious that it was meant to be that way?

    • I think Doctors more raised the issue of the patients. While the main character’s life a little forgotten. But seeing the chemistry between KRW and PSH so strong as if they are in love in real life, I choose Doctors.

  7. I don’t watch UF, so that’s out.. And between the other two, Doctors wins for me, mostly because kisses in W were not real ‘kisses’ for the characters, I’m sure W will deliver when needed.

    But seriously, if Doctors didn’t have a decent kiss this time, it would’ve been a disaster (given I would like to permanently delete last rain ‘kiss’ scene as well.)

  8. DOCTORS win hands down ! The eyes, background music, little nuances from KRW and PSH that you can feel the longing and desire of the OTP made it a swoon-worthy moment !!
    And I thought the first kiss in the rain was befitting of the moment in the drama considering the heroin has never been kissed in her life before and the hero didnt want to scare her off with doing more than a lip-lock

  9. Doctors take the cake for sure! Wow. I was sweating watching that kiss! It was beautiful! W’s kiss scenes aren’t that far behind either, but Doctors’ kiss was just more meaningful. Two people who are in love and kissing passionately. Kim Rae Won is one hell of a kisser! And I love that PSH reciprocated. I was so nervous because I didn’t know if she was going to deliver, but she sure did. Hoping for even steamier kisses! Hehehe.

  10. Doctors—-KRW and PSH, they had me jumping and clapping when they kissed it was soooo Yummy to look at! Im waiting for W to be over so I can do a marathon (totally excited) but UF I will watch when there is nothing, REALLY NOTHING, left to watch…

  11. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the explosive chemistry between Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye?! It’s one of the best OTP chemistry I’ve seen in a while. Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk is slowing getting there as well. I really love their interactions. Unfortunately, I’m not feeling much chemistry between Kim Woo Bin and Suzy…and that’s mostly because I’m not sold on the character portrayals. When they are on-screen together, I just feel like something is missing. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t know.

    As for the kisses, my favorite one is definitely Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won’s kiss in doctor. I was screaming in my chair when I watched that scene! It was definitely worth the wait and an exteme improvement from the awkward rain kiss.

  12. They aren’t v comparable. Doctors is going to be the best because the plot is well advanced. UF is just the first (at least the leads did that bit properly if nothing else). W is a whole lot of crazy fun in incorporating the kisses. I guess they were all staged properly so plenty of fan service all around.

  13. Story wise W has the kisses that fits the plot. I am watching all 3. And Hong Ji Hong can kiss its the leading lady whom I am still waiting to kiss more convincingly. As in I didn’t see any lip movement. Ok, one slight one. That chemistry when they are not kissing though is very good.

    So haven’t made up my mind and thank goodness for me, a drama is more than kissing. W wins hands down for good drama watching. So heck the kissing. W had kisses and more that gave me palpitations. None of the other 2 dramas gave me palpitations when the leads kissed.

    • PSH did kiss him back, very little. The thing is the director was clever, he took the shots from Kim Rae Won’s side so even if from Park Shin Hye there was no lip movement, they made up for it with the angles.

    • You are right, a drama is more than kissing. However for dramas like UF and Doctors which are just love stories whatever else they pretend to be, it’s essential to have good kisses.

      The kiss between LJS and HHJ didn’t give me palpitations and rightfully so because it wasn’t supposed to be romantic.

      KRW and PSH’s kiss gave me the creeps. Nothing to do with how good a kisser KRW is. The stronger he kisses, the more turned off I get. You can’t blame PSH for hardly any or no lip movement. I only saw KRW’s mouth enveloping hers, I couldn’t see her lips at all until he drew back slowly and at that point, you can see that she did open her lips.

      Can’t comment much on WB and Suzy’s kiss. It was too short, shall see if they show the full version in next ep. Woo Bin did it nicely though and Suzy didn’t have to do anything, at least as far as we can see for now.

    • She did kiss him back but the angle wasn’t so good.
      You can see the real kissed in the BTS
      They no doubt have awesome chemistry. KRW was embarrassed after the kiss and I didn’t expect that from him

      • Yes it was steamier in BTS and I wonder why the Pd chose to not show that. Maybe it’s not befitting to PSH’s character? The moment leading to that kiss was neautiful too. She kinda initiated it by touching his hair and his pause before kissing her was swoony.

  14. UF has the weakest actings & so is their kiss… no comparison at all. Both W & Doctors have excellent casts, I like them both… PSH sure delivers a good one this time! but imho, W wins out a tiny little bit bcoz it’s only at Ep 3 & already so captivating, I hope there will be more xoxoxo to follow… ?

  15. So far W has given me kisses that makes want to watch over and over.
    I have watched them countless times. Doctors kisses no doubt very steamy but I’m sure W steamy kisses in later episode will top doctors.
    I cant compare UF coz I dont watch the drama.

  16. To each and their own. The dramas are not comparable because they are different genre and they are at different episodes. I don’t know why you bother comparing Mon-Tue drama with Wed-Thurs one but if it gets you more internet traffic & arguments under your blog I could understand.

  17. Honestly, all 3 couples not creating the kind of chemistry we saw in DOTS. The stories are more important for the ratings which is why I think 20 is a tough number to break.

    • I think it’s reverse for me! I am a huge fan of Song hye gyo and song jong ki individually but I don’t feel their chemistry! But with HHJ and LJS even in their teasers and pictorials for me their chemistry is so strong! well I guess it’s just a matter of preference!

  18. The kiss in Doctors Ep 6 was clearly intentional but I guess Koala isn’t smart enough to get it. It’s more like a popo, not kiss just to show HJ that JH was really serious about pursuing her.
    The kiss is ep 12 was their 1st kiss and it was hot.

  19. Suzy and woo bins kiss is the best ….they are so gorgeous and their kiss was everything .
    Doctors kiss was a mess …the lead actress has never had a good kiss scene with anyone not Lee min ho or jang guen suk and certainly not the doctor .
    I love Lee Jung suk but kissing is not his thing …somehow he makes it look awkward and with han hyo joo being a horrible actress there is no saving this scene .
    Uf wins in the kiss for sure .

    • after back reading some of hye jin’s comments in other articles, I think Song Hye‑kyo is her real bias but she uses Suzy to make comments against PSH and a few other stars. I think she avoids saying too much in an article about Song Hye‑kyo since she doesn’t want hate against her. I think she has an unhealthy fascination for PSH because she has watched all her movies, dramas and read each and every article about her and then constantly spews hatred toward her. But there are those people who are so fascinated with someone but don’t want to admit it so they bash them as if that will somehow do away or wipe out their fascination. She certainly is a negative for any blog site. My thought is everyone who has ever read an article on this blog site knows she “hates” PSH and has no good word or thought toward her so can we now just stop with the childish school yard bashing?

      • Lmao you so far of the mark my dear …..neither hye kyo nor Suzy is my bias…u know my bias min ho ,woo bin and Chang wook am sure looking at these three names you certainly know why am constantly defending hye kyo ha ji won and Suzy who gets unnecessary hate .
        By the way am a woman and am straight so u understand why my bias are male .OK goodbye now

  20. Has doctors reached 20 percent yet?
    Not every drama can be DOTS…even Kim tae hee with her horrible acting managed to take yong pal to 20 percent why is our it girl PSH not doing it ??
    She is just an overrated actress anyway .

    • Darling, you got no room to talk about ratings when your fave can’t even keep their ratings in double digits after one year of hype and media play.

    • LOL! DOTS is a complete shit! If not because of the popular actors portraying it it will not reach that high! The Plot was horrible if there is any! Too much cheesiness that is making me cringe all the time!

  21. Just finished the latest ep of UF. Suzy’s acting was plain horrible. The kiss was nothing to talk about bt I’m glad she didn’t have the deer caught in headlights look at least.

  22. I hope W will exceed 20%. If a drama like Doctors can, W should be able to do much better. In terms of acting, W and Doctors are comparable but their writing are worlds apart.

  23. Here goes Hye Jin again with her hatred of PSH…………..In terms of comparing with DOTS. Only UF can compare with it because they are both preproduced and are airing at the same time in China & SK.

  24. Nope.It doesn’t need to reach 20% mark.At least the ratings is decent,unlike UF whose ratings is falling to the bottomless will fall to 5% very don’t worry about doctor’s ratings.

  25. Doctors was okay buttttttttttttttttttttttt W hands down has me super fan girling all over the place. They are just too cute together and the chemistry is just perfect. I am on pins and needles every episode and the extra kissing and OMG scenes makes it all the more satisfaction that it is winning in ratings. Not only does it deserve to be increasing in ratings, the kiss scenes are exactly what I expect. Heart jerking, OMG worthy and just Lee Jung Suk is enough to make me freak and jump up and down with joy. I like watching UC and Doctors, but honestly they are not enough anymore. Just because you have favorite actors doesn’t mean the story and writing doesn’t fact in. I love Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin but I will stick with W as my favorite right now.

  26. I don’t watch UF and Doctors,these days I watch a Japanese Drama and W only, damn W is so good, first time in two years I’m waiting for the next episode of a K-drama so impatiently lol

    • Do you have any recommendation of interesting J dramas to watch? After so many disappointments in K drama recently, I went back to check C dramas again. But I have never watched J dramas. Now I would like to give a shot.

      • What about DOTS? You’ll love it all over again, won’t you? Anyone who disagree is lunatic.

        Oppps, I forgot (NOT!) that I am not welcome to converse with your highness from the country of Urk 🙂

        But I’m lunatic, says you, so I’m excused.

  27. For me, W: Two Worlds is the best drama (decent acting, well-directed, unique plot).
    I gave up watching Uncontrollably Fond because of the terrible acting, obviously.
    I also gave up watching Doctors because of Kim Rae Won’s stupid character (although I have never liked Park Shin Hye – she is just not the kind of actress I admire – I expected to watch it at least because of Kim Rae Won). … I think it will be a while before I can get that weak and cringeworthy character out of my mind and be able to watch him act again in another drama. And I liked him so much in Punch…

  28. SUZY&KWB drama floping like it should be. meanwhile W is rising like it should be.

    wont be surprise one bit if UF fall all the way down to 4 or less. drama is boring acting by 2 lead is bad. kiss scene a trun off.knew SUZY would not do much when kiss scene come. she too worry about her uncle fan leaving really do more then press lip.

    • lmao, UF still one of highest sold drama to china :)))

      so the money still is there.

      Plus suzy kissed LSG soul in Gu family book, she doesn’t hold back, the pd must asked her to not kiss back in the scene. Suzy don’t worry about uncle fans, because she has everyone age fans.

  29. I m so happy to see the ratings for W going up. LJS and HHJ make me rewatch the episodes again and again because of their chemistry. Their kiss scenes are beautifully executed. They got me hooked since day 1.
    i can’t comment on UF and Drs because I don’t like their story.

  30. Kissing is merely icing on the cake. Sometimes icing is too sugary to be appreciated as state of the art for bakery. I’m more interested in the substance of cake instead.

    As one comment suggested above, Koala, would you update the ratings battles between UF and W? How ironic KBS had hyped about UF and invested so much in pre production but ended up a below par product.

    I was never against idol acting like many K drama fans before this failed product of UF. Perhaps those questionable idols in the acting department were all in small projects and it didn’t really matter since they mostly assumed minor roles. Besides, there are still some really talented idol-turned actors such as Siwan. But I came to a conclusion after seeing the huge waste of pre production in UF. K showbiz better learn the lesson. Don’t ever cast an idol of juvenile acting ability as the main lead in any huge project. Don’t ever imagine drama viewers could naively turn into Kpoppers. LOL. Track records of actors do matter when casting for significantly invested dramas.

    • I was sure this would get at least decent ratings because of the writer but the way the media play went, the combination of Lee Kyunghee + pre production+ rising stars (especially Kim Woo Bin) making a drama comeback after many years was talked about as if this was a Holy Grail drama that would finally establish Kim Woo Bin as a drama leading man and prove Suzy to be a good actress.

      But KBS forgot one little thing in the casting – talent – and now their prize post-DotS drama has become egg in their face.

      • Exactly. See the plot for UF isn’t that great but with stronger actors it could’ve easily worked and been something more poignant. But both Suzy and KWB are failing to go past the script and let the audience connect with their characters. I’m not even rooting for them to be together and its been 8 episodes already.

    • Too bad the leads cannot carry UF’s script. The writer’s work is there, but unlike “Nice Guy”, UF cannot deliver the story well even though it is comparable to NG’s slow pace. IJH is the best of UF so far. KWB is a hit & miss… I wonder if he will shine more should the lead actress was a different person ?

      • “I wonder if he will shine more should the lead actress was a different person.” That’s what I’m wondering too.

  31. hye jin’s comments made me laugh a lot. LOL. Seriously, this girl needs counseling. I don’t dislike her. But I’m really curious about her age. hahahaha.

  32. “Very good friends”Park Shin Hye and Lee Jung Suk must have good conversation about how their shows are doing.? Both have been out of drama land for almost exact time last year after Pinocchio, both finishing college, etc. and now, having 2 great comebacks! No matter how some slice it with the bitterness….PSH drama is getting the buzz and ratings. Even sweeter is that the girl wasn’t even expecting such success. Haha!!! She was being realistic, modest when she used getting a 15% share was enough for her to do a special favor to fans, dancing to Shy Shy Shy. Maybe someone can also promise to do whatever if they reach 15%? That would be interesting! But I guess, a pre produced , well promoted one….hyped to heavens since production drama thought it didn’t need that extra push? My guess was they were too confident with their stars but didn’t think if they can deliver what the public wants! Since KWB is a friend of both PSH and PSH , be interesting to hear that conversation too! ??
    On a side note….. I’m curious why we get too obsessed with kissing! Are we projecting?

  33. I am not watching UF but I thought the kisses in the other dramas were appropriate for where the story was. You had the build up in Doctors with KRW and PSH of two vulnerable people, one worried about getting “thrown away” with both worried about opening themselves up to each other. The kiss was perfect, tentative at first and then all in. People need to get over the PSH can’t kiss thing because she did just fine. As a matter of fact, most people thought she did well in Pinnochio and I say this as someone whose pretty middle of the road about her. There are a lot of those lips-barely-touching kisses in k-dramaland.

    While I enjoy Doctors, I really love the inventiveness and storytelling going on in W. It’s just so different with the story within a story so I hope it can continue to be at this level. UF might have stumbled in the ratings department, but it was pre-produced for Chinese audiences. I haven’t seen the recent #s but after the first few weeks, it was reported to be a huuuuuge hit in China. I never considered the UF writer to be Hallyu like the DOTS writer so I think the actors – regardless of what people think of their skills – are the reason for the success overseas. Maybe Koala can report on how it’s doing more recently a I haven’t really kept up.

    • I agree, each kiss from each couple fit the story line and the situation their in so to put it, all the kiss scene are great…. but Koala did ask ‘So which kiss(es) and OTP kissing techniques made your heart go dugeun-dugeun?’ I pick Doctors because it was a breathless squeal-worthy sweet kiss with the otp longing feelings for each other and full credit goes to Kim rae won for his expressive smoldering stares and kissing skill that the kiss scene looked steamy at the same as if they are about lead to a bed scene but it was a sweet longing kiss and Park shin hye did good in reciprocating.

  34. Doctors had the better kiss for this week (lets be honest KRW is a beast at kissing) but W is 100% the best airing drama.

    Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo are fantastic kissers so I’m sure when they actually kiss kiss it’s gonna be bloody fantastic.

  35. Just my opinion, i’m enjoying the 3 dramas . W is my fav. But honestly only the actors are doing the job in kiss scènes. Until now the only actresses who know how to kiss back are Jung Yumi, Um Jung Hwa, Kim Sun Ah and Yoon eun hye… And i’ve seen more than 150 dramas.

  36. I’m only watching W (it’s super awesome!!) so can’t really compare but I can say that Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo’s chemestry is puting me in a fangirling mode without stop!! they are SO ADORABLE and CUTE and you want to keep watching them all day long!! their kisses were more of picks than kisses but I was fanning myself through both of them so I don’t know what will happen to my heart when they’ll kiss a real kiss!! I’m sooning!! 😀

  37. Doctors gets special marks from me for delivering the VERY FIRST PSH kiss worthy of its name. Before Doctors, she has always had the “deer caught in headlights” look during kiss scenes, making them very un-sexy and cringe-worthy.
    Finally, we have proof that she can actually deliver a decent kiss, albeit with her co-star doing 90% of the work…. I’ll take what I can get and run with it. Lol

    • you probably has not realised how kdrama work. the nature of actors/actress kisses are the directors choice not the actors. you can see clearly in BTS, when the kisses are expected to be steamy and deep but in a final product, they are light and underperformed. kdrama kisses were heavily edited to make it appropriate for young teenagers. PSH kisses were so much hotter in BTS than the one you saw on TV… Just watch pinocchio kisses bts and the director interview if you don’t believe me.

  38. people always blind and seem this time turn HHJ to be “deer caught in headlights” being kiss and overacting like LSK in Cheese In Trap..

  39. I would say Doctors kiss definitely TOP my chart now.
    KRW really great, and I Love how PSH also doing some movements here.

    I’m no doubt that LJS and HHJ will also having steamy kissing scenes later.
    LJS really a great kisser for sure. Maybe not showing yet, it’s too early.

    Last one, I don’t feel anything between KWB & Suzy.
    They just look a couple without souls. Not even impress with their chemistry so far.

    Like all of comments here, Koala really biasly promoted UF.

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