Wallace Huo Remains Super Popular after Slew of Hit C-dramas in Recent Years

I’ll always differentiate between B-PC and A-PC when it comes to my opinion of Wallace Huo. B-PC stands for before-Perfect Couple when he was best known to me as his Chinese Paladin 3 nickname of white tofu, inoffensively decent but rather bland. Then A-PC happened and I doubt there is anyone out there who doesn’t adore him to pieces after Perfect Couple, and a year later following that up with the summer hit The Journey of Flower and fall drama Love Me if You Dare. And now – he’s got a super duper equally awesome soon-to-be-wife in real life with Ruby Lin, life just can’t get any better for him.

Wallace was just that amazing to watch in a drama as dumb as a doorpost, namely PC, and held his own in an equally silly fantasy fest in JoF. Great comedic timing, charismatic eye-sexing of Tang Yan in every other scene, switching on intense angst at the flip of a switch, and the best character styling in ages – all in all it was the equivalent of the right actor meeting the character perfect for him. His period drama The Imperial Doctress with Liu Shi Shi aired earlier this year and was the equivalent of mentally getting waterboarded, it was that bad. But Wallace remains handsome and above all the narrative crap fray, and for that I salute his resilience.

I can’t in good faith recommend PC because the story is so stupid past about episode 20 it requires manually turning the brain off in order not to induce headdesk rage, but those who manage to stick with it for Wallace (and his sizzling chemistry with Tang Tang) can take away the delight of spending hours with his randomly-written-but-so-swoonworthy male lead Jin Yuan Bao. To better appreciate Wallace A-PC, I’ve unearthed his gaspworthy pictorial from last year done in black-and-white capturing him both casually shaving and formally dressed.

I’ve been translating Tong Hua‘s Lost You Forever and it’s time to drop the news about the drama adaptation for that fantasy period novel. Wallace Huo has barely missed starring in two Tong Hua novel-to-drama adaptations for personal reasons, he turned down both Bu Bu Jing Xin as one of the princes and Da Mo Yao as Meng Jiu. So many C-actors have tried out a Tong Hua male lead for size and now I’m all for Wallace to give it a go and he’s headed for Lost You Forever as we speak. The LYF drama has been in pre-production for months and was supposed to start filming in late Winter but got pushed back to the latter half of this year. The only casting that has been confirmed is Wallace Huo and word on the street is that’s he’s playing the male lead has he gets to choose which one he wants to play – Zhuan Xu, Jing, or Xiang Liu. Boy is that a hard choice but right now I adore him so much I could care less which lead he plays because I know I’ll love him in it.


Wallace Huo Remains Super Popular after Slew of Hit C-dramas in Recent Years — 33 Comments

  1. I really want Wallace to play either zhuan xu or Xiang liu. Jing role to me doesn’t fit with Wallace. I really want him to try a role that has a twist like zhuan xu.

  2. oh boy, he looks so delicious!

    talking about his past drama, my first was dolphin bay and I scream to the heroin, “just forget your childhood crush and pick him!” and drooling on him in suit in 100% senorita. yes, I’m so shallow, both a crappy idol drama, but I was heart broken by Fujiki Naohito that time (after find out that he’s married). With those bw pic, I was reminded that my crush started because his similar feature with Fujiki not his acting.

    now I’m still in denial on his upcoming wedding. don’t get me wrong, I want him to find happiness and I love Ruby since HZGG, but …. `_`

    and this happen after I let go Alec Su for her, but she end up with my other crush. I remember Alec said that she prefer older man (which Alec is), but here she marry younger one. and with their promise (to marry each other if the haven’t found their match), will the wedding become male version of My Best Friend’s Wedding? imagine a scene where Alec congratulate Wallace or Hu Ge congratulate Ruby, with menacing stare while saying “I’m watching you, make sure you make her/him happy”.

    • OMG, I must have lived under a rock for the last decade or so. Did Alec and Ruby date at some point? I like them all (Vicky, Alec and Ruby) when watching HZGG and remember there was rumor that Vicky and Alec dated when the drama ended. But I haven’t followed the rumor chain minus a few big stories here and there (like Vicky secretly got married and then had a baby girl). Would you mind elaborate more on it for me?

      • I believe Ruby and Jimmy Lin dated some time during the HZGG era. There were rumors that Alec was trying to court Ruby which led to Ruby and Jimmy’s break up. Something like that. I’m not sure where Vicki lies in all this though.

      • Don’t think Alec and Ruby dated. They are just really good friends and made that promise (as friends ought to do) that if they were both single at 40, they would marry each other. I feel like Ruby is the type of girl thats close with a lot of her male cast mates (like Park Shin Hye).

      • as mentioned by other, it’s just rumor. there was rumor that Ruby broke up with Jimmi Lin because he jealous when Ruby praise how handsome Alec is in one interview.
        Once Alec been asked on his relationship with Ruby and he said that she prefer older man while he’s only 3 years older than her so he’s out of her type (and look, now she’s marrying younger man instead), and he also said that their relationship is kind of sibling instead of lover even with that promise to marry each other (which make me curious will they really do that if Wallace didn’t confess? or whether he confess because of those promise?)
        it just that Alec and Ruby are so cute together in Romance in the Rain so I can accept (=wish) if they really dating

      • @Ann: I’m not sure, either. I guess what I read about Vicky and Alec at the time was just media play to get more attention from the fan. I was a kid back then and really believed those “news”, haha.
        @ilikehim: Yeah, Ruby definitely seems like the cool type who can hang out and be friends with her male cast. She’s so different from her character in HZGG 🙂
        @kokoro: That is what I read why digging these old news as well. Thanks!


    • I imagine Xiang liu to be all masculine with six packs and Jing to be all slender and kinda sickly. So, I think Hu Ge fits Jing more. Xiang Liu is like so out-of-this-world perfect, I can’t even imagine who would be good enough to be him…. Maybe Wallace and Wang Kai can battle it out to see who can be Xiang Liu. The loser can be Zhuan xu lol.

  4. I really tried on Perfect Couple, but I didn’t get much past episode 15 or so. I did finish Love Me If You Dare and really enjoyed the first 3/4s of the drama but they did not finish it off well. It went really sideways imo and reminded me to stick with the J-dramas for this genre for a while longer. I like Wallace Huo but he is a bit bland in his acting, but I do think he has good chemistry with his co-stars. Wish him the best in future projects and with his upcoming wedding. I hope he gets a really meaty role because I just don’t think I’ve seen him in anything like that….or else I should have stuck around for a bit longer with Perfect Couple.

  5. Oh Wallace! So darn good looking… Ruby is very lucky. ? Looking forward to this drama.

    And I couldn’t finish PC either, regardless of how awesome he was in there.

  6. oh he passes on meng ju?

    we could have hu ge and him there then…

    but yeah, I feel like he always do a good job even with weak drama and remain handsome,,I hope you read this huo jin yan,

    I hope you are happy

  7. I have been a Wallace Fan since I first watched him in At The Dolphin Bay! I loved his character and thought Angela Chang should have chosen him instead of the main guy main guy (Ambrose Hsu). A few of my favorite dramas of his are Tian Xi Di Yi, Sound of Colors (with Ruby Lin!), Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei (omg soooo good!) and Perfect Couple. I definitely need to catch up and watch Imperial Doctress soon 🙂

  8. OMFG!!! Seriously I didn’t know it was in pre-production >< I guess it still means I'll have to wait years for it to air though.
    Wallace as Jing or ZX would be nice. I don't like ZX though so I'd feel a bit conflicted if he plays him… As for XL, I don't think he has that dangerous bad boy vibe enough ^^"

  9. my impression of the perfect character for wallace was as white tofu (kind and sweet and honest) years ago. that would be Jing’s character since hes so in love with Xiao Xao and doesnt bother to hide it Lately he has been playing more of a cold exterior and a little bit hard to approach (JOF, PC, and LMIYD) so i think Xiang Liu would be the character he would end up chosing. ALthough i was always a Jing shipper so please please let him be Jing!!! omg so excited!!!

  10. LYF in pre-production? What exciting news!!! Thanks for the news drop, Koala. Pls keep us posted on updates. Yoo hooooooo

  11. Where do you hear that Wallace will play in Lost You Forever ? I thought he have already filming schedule from August until early next year for Ruyi Love In the Royal Palace ? How could he fit the schedule ? Thank you

  12. Omg omg omg!!! Koala – I’ve read your novel translation from start to finish at least 3 times now and it gets better everytime. Omg I can’t believe this may be finally coming to the small screen… I really hope they match Wallace’s calibre with the other leads. Please please have a decent female lead!!!

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