Kim So Hyun is a Subtle Summer Goddess in Allure Korea

I’m thoroughly enjoying tvN‘s Mon-Tues supernatural offering Let’s Fight Ghost, and it’s all thanks to leading lady Kim So Hyun. She’s so darn everything that is right – plenty of attitude but also equal parts adorable high school girl. The fact that Taecyeon is quite alright as the male lead and physically suitable for the role helps sell the set up and the rest is delivering chills and chuckles aplenty. Kim So Hyun has been styled more sophisticated and adult than her real life teen age warrants but in the drama she shines perfectly as the teen ghost, and this particular Allure Korea spread can pass for a magazine pictorial in Hyun Ji’s dreams when she gets a chance to wear pretty dresses and put on makeup as if she wasn’t a ghosty. I still think she’s in a deep coma somewhere and her spirit is just having an out of body experience, anything else would really break my heart by the end. 


Kim So Hyun is a Subtle Summer Goddess in Allure Korea — 7 Comments

  1. I’m still at ep 3, haven’t had the time to watch Let’s Fight Ghost as there’s an overload of dramas for me to watch at the moment. I like how versatile Kim So Hyun is as an actress, she can pull off a wide range of characters rather than the usual pretty Candy.

    Going back to the pictorials, the first picture is very pretty, but yellow dress in the second picture is not to my taste.

  2. She looks beautiful and am enjoying her drama. The actor is doing quite well also and actually pulls off being a college aged kid.

  3. Your comment about a body in a coma reminds me of the drama “Master’s Sun” when Tae Gong Shil tried to get a ghost by a hotel pool back to reality that she is still alive.

    But “Let’s Fight Ghost” is enjoyable thus far. I do wish they speed up the process of discovering the professor’s true self.

  4. She looks v pretty in the first pic, love that dress on her. The yellow dress does not fit her age & its cutting is really weird. I am enjoying her new drama, I hope for a happy ending!

  5. I’m really enjoying let’s fight ghost and I’m probably in the minority that I don’t want the drama to cop out of its premise and not have hyunji dead. I want hyunji to come to terms with her death, with bong tals help, and similarly I want bong tal to come to terms with his mother’s loss and his abilities, through hyunji. I can’t see them as romantic, maybe because of the age difference, at all. rather good friends, family even. on a random note, I also hope the vet isn’t alive in his body somewhere, like the demons in supernatural. it would be too awful. suppose I want the show to be a little darker haha

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