TW Actress Annie Yi Welcomes Second Child at 47 Years Old

It’s a sweet bundle of joy for Taiwanese actress-director-producer Annie Yi, a bouncing baby daughter who celebrated the happy one month milestone this week. Annie went through a pregnancy at the advanced age of 46 years old with her second husband Chinese actor Qin Hao, with two getting married last year and deciding to add to the family which includes Annie’s teenage son with first husband singer-songwriter Harlem Yu.

I’m just so relieved Annie’s pregnancy went through with no complications as she delivered a healthy baby girl last month in Los Angeles via C-section. There’s no end to celebrity babies in the entertainment industry but Annie and Qin Hao’s bundle of joy is worth a celebratory post for how fraught with danger a pregnancy at 46 years old entails, not to mention the happy ending for Annie after going through such a high profile and difficult divorce years ago. The pictures of the new baby are adorable as is the content family she joined.


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