Lee Min Ho Stylish in Black and White Heading at the Airport Headed to LA for KCON

It’s D-minus 2 days until Hallyu superstar Lee Min Ho finally makes his first appearance at KCON, following in the footsteps of Kim Soo Hyun‘s guest appearance last year and the prior year was Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin. There has been an unending stream of Lee Min Ho at the airport pictures, some more flattering than others, but honestly no one needs to go look when taking a flight so it really is part of the job of being a celebrity that we expect our fave stars to look at least presentable. Lee Min Ho always looks fine at the airport, sometimes more dressed down than other stars, but on this flight to Los Angles for KCON he’s rocking the black and white ensemble and has great hair going on. Can’t wait to finally see Min Ho-ssshi in person at KCON LA!


Lee Min Ho Stylish in Black and White Heading at the Airport Headed to LA for KCON — 18 Comments

  1. I used to stan him hard, I still look up his news 🙂 he looks good, even better than sometimes. I’m jealous of you folk who’ve see Seung Gi, Soo Hyun and now will see Min Ho T_T just take a lot of pics for me pls.

  2. Looks like he’s getting into shape for his drama. He looks really good (his height though!)

    He isn’t the best actor but something about him is really charming so I’m looking forward to his drama comeback! Lucky fans who’ll get to see him

    • hmmm… you probably have not seen jang keun suk. that dude is really at different level. i almost don’t recognise him in his recent photos. jks looks like he has morphed into an old ahjumma. sad how how plastic surgery can change people’s appearance in a bad way.

    • @rudi
      I agree with you. I think he looks older than his age and his peers such as joo won, kim soo hyun, ji chang wook, jung II-woo.

  3. This is best he has looked in past 3-4 years honestly. Glad that he’s getting in somewhat shape before the drama shoot starts. He can definitely look better if he wants and try harder.

  4. Not the best hairstyle for him. That makes his face look rounder.

    If JJH and LMH want to look charming in the highly anticipated mermaid drama, they both have to slim down a bit, specifically their faces. Just my honest opinions.

    • How about improving his acting skills? I don’t care about how he looks and he looks just fine to me anyway.

      I wonder if actors especially those who are popular, undertake some sort of acting lessons to hone and work on their weak areas. How do actors improve from project to project or is it something they only gain through experience?

      • hahahaha I try to refrain myself from being too blunt about acting unless it is as off-putting as the female lead of a hyped drama. I used to be overtly critical of a popular actress’ acting range and ended up being ambushed by her lunatic fans. Until now, there’s still a certain maniac who kept stalking me on irrelevant threads with childish comments. LMAO. I’m not here to get into nonsensical fights with callow fans for frivolous entertainment. Let other ppl like you spell out my thoughts for me and perhaps I may be entertained by other comical responses. LOL Now I’d rather be shallow without being serious.

  5. V wide open sleeves… Not as slim fitting as one would expect a young chap with a nice body would like to look stylish in. Ugly Top IMHO… otherwise a bland looking guy at similar height as his bodyguard.

  6. Never seen this guy in anything but read all the insane love comments when his dramas were on (now the same language is used for SJK, auds are fickle). I have little interest in actors’ appearances, ultimately its the acting that matters, but if this were a female actor turned out in an ordinary manner as here I can only imagine the critical, long comment thread on her appearance.

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