Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin Hold Swoony Taipei Wedding Reception at the Palais de Chine Hotel

The Ruby LinWallace Huo wedding celebration moved from the destination locale of Bali back to their hometown of Taipei over the weekend, culminating with the lavish reception at the Palais de Chine Hotel. Ruby donned two different dresses that looked lovely on her and definitely much more obvious that she is expecting. During the Bali wedding she reportedly thanked guests for their well wishes and said they would be a family of three soon. The reception’s highlight was clearly groom Wallace giving Ruby a deep kiss at the chants of the guests that was straight out of a drama. If Wallace looked a little serious at the Bali wedding, reportedly due to his nervousness at the big day, he was all smiles and friendly at the Taipei reception to be surrounded by more family and friends with his now wife Ruby by his side. Another round of congrats for the happy couple!


Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin Hold Swoony Taipei Wedding Reception at the Palais de Chine Hotel — 16 Comments

  1. why?! just why I keep seeing their wedding pictures everywhere?!
    ah, is it drama picture?
    (clearly still in denial mode)
    at least in Vic’s and Masaya’s cases, it’s only announcement no picture of their wedding so easier for me to pretend nothing happen. but this! their pictures are everywhere!!!!
    oh, my childhood crush T_T

    well, they sure look gorgeous and lovely.

    anyway, it’s good that they manage to fly back to taiwan. I heard they keep closing-opening airport in bali due to vulcano eruptions.

    but where is Alec Su?

    • You are preaching to the choir. I am trying to be happy for him but seeing these pictures is not good for my poor heart. I have always wanted Ruby to marry but why did she end up choosing my man?

    • kokoro, lolol & Kinbeauty: I can really feel how heart broken you three are and thanks for a good laugh. Just think that your price charming has finally found his good home & he will be well taken care of. He will live happily ever after with his Ruby & their offspring(s).

  2. Truly so very happy for them. No doubt one of my favorite celebrity marriages. Always enjoy friends to lovers transitions in older couples.
    And yeah, he definitely appeared nervously happy in Bali. Wedding pressure can be very intense for men it seems. Many happy returns for these two… err three 😉

  3. Out of all recent celebrity weddings, this bride looks the happiest. There’s something to be said about her smile. She naturally has that glow that brides have on their wedding day. Perhaps she’s very much in love with the groom.

    • Reading her their Vows and the details of the wedding I can see why she looks so happy.
      He seems to really take care her well, even make sure her BFF would be there at her wedding even she initially wasn’t going to make it.

  4. Based on what I read he seems really love and spoil her.
    Good for her.
    She deserves it.
    You can see they are really happy together.
    I don’t get the fangirl’s bitterness. It’s not like you ever have a chance.
    Be thankful she is a good and capable girl who understand him well and has been there thorough thick and thin

  5. Wallaaaaaaace! Noooooooooo! LOL!

    Congratulations to the newly weds. Safe pregnancy and delivery for Ms. Ruby Lin.

    I remember Ms. Koala came under fire because she reported that Ruby is pregnant, even scolded her for confusing her with Michelle Chen’s baby news. Where are you people? Time to say sorry to Ms. Koala 🙂

  6. My poor heart. Like those above, I almost forgot that he is married now but these pictures make it really heart to instill amnesia. Hopefully I’ll forget again after writing this post.

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