Joo Sang Wook, Kim Hyun Joo and Ji Soo Lead Script Reading for jTBC Drama Fantastic

Kim Tae 

I so want to give this upcoming jTBC drama the benefit of the doubt that it’ll live up to it’s name and actually be Fantastic, because it certainly has a fantastic main cast in Kim Hyun Joo, Joo Sang Wook, Kim Tae Hoon, and Ji Soo. But it’s hard to remain optimistic when the glaring word in the plot synopsis screams out terminal illness and the rest flows from the diagnosis of such in the female lead. Kim Hyun Joo plays a top drama screenwriter hit with the whammy medical news that she has 5 months to live, sending her down the path of making the most of her remaining time which means goal number 1 is rekindling the romance with her former boyfriend now top star played by Joo Sang Wook. She’s super good at her job while he’s got the looks and charisma with no acting talent, which is basically imagining in real life screenwriter Kim Eun Sook with terminal illness deciding to date Song Seung Heon, lol.

Teasers for Fantastic:


Joo Sang Wook, Kim Hyun Joo and Ji Soo Lead Script Reading for jTBC Drama Fantastic — 10 Comments

  1. Yay! I love this cast so much! Casting done right! 🙂 Not really digging the premise, but I’m still going to tune in just because I love the cast so much!

  2. Ji Soo is really hardworking. One directly after another drama. It wouldn’t be long before he reached the leading man status.

    • I’m actually surprised he hasn’t gotten a lead or secondary lead role yet. But I really like how he’s taking his time to shape up his acting skills. It’s nice to see actors working their way up slowly!

      • It seems like he’s everywhere these days, but he is slowly building his resume. It’s good that he’s not rushing into taking up lead roles. Look at what’s happened to some actors/actresses who jump into lead roles with minimal experience. It’s not a very pleasant experience for viewers.

    • I actually like that he’s taking up small roles and brushing up on his acting skills before pouncing onto leading man status.

      He’s worked with a handful of big names, so that will give him lots of experience.

      He will be a leading man in no time!

  3. I thought Joo Sang Wook was Song Seung Hun for a split second there in that group photo. Their smiles can be similar…and those nice big foreheads!

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