Ruby Lin Confirms Pregnancy with Husband Wallace Huo with Baby Arriving Spring 2017

This isn’t an I told you so moment, but I certainly called it way back when news broke the same week that in early July that Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao were expecting a baby and also Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo were expecting a baby. If this was olden days their babies could be betrothed at birth and create Chinese entertainment royalty couple on the spot, lol. Anyhoo, I got questioned and/or admonished for reporting on Ruby and Wallace, like I somehow confused the two baby news, but a month later comes the confirmation.

At Ruby and Wallace’s Taipei wedding reception, good friend Jolin Tsai let slip during her toast “Wishing you guys have a healthy baby!”, and later that night at the after party Ruby told everyone that she was three months pregnant and the newlyweds would be welcoming their baby in early Spring 2017. So there you have it, as if there was any doubt with how much Ruby has been glowing and the lengths she went to conceal her belly in so many wedding pictures. So another round of congrats to the couple as they await the arrival of their first child.

Ruby’s bestie Vivian Hsu got married two years ago and also welcomed her first child son Dalton last year, so this is nice that their kids can grow up together with more company.


Ruby Lin Confirms Pregnancy with Husband Wallace Huo with Baby Arriving Spring 2017 — 11 Comments

  1. Called it 🙂

    Btw, have you checked out Remembering Li Chuan? It’s finally out after 3 years, good gracious. Hoping you would make a post about it since I’ve been really enjoying it and thought it’ll be your cup of tea since you liked the preview 🙂

  2. They always announced it after marriage lol Michelle and then Ruby. Congrats to her! I can’t believe she’s 40 now. Still as youthful as ever. I’ve watched her since My Fair Princess days.

  3. I am happy for Wallace, hope he will be happy and that she won’t break his heart in the future. I wish him a happy family life.

    Buuuttt I still don’t like Ruby Lin.Somehow I dont like her as actress even before I got to know Wallace. So I am not jealious.I just dont like her.

    • Who cares if you likes her? lol Get over it. She has millions people in China love her
      And Wallace is head over heal for her. That’s why he married her lol
      It’s their lives and need none of our approval

  4. Finally the confirmation arrived. I remember last time koala got so much flame for “false report” lol. Congrats to my favorite couple.

    I feel like nowadays getting pregnant before marriage is the norm for c-biz stars. Before Chen couple and Wallace-Ruby, there were Yang Mi, Dong Jie, Li Xiaolu, Zhao Wei, Liu Tao, Zhang Ziyi,… who all got preg before tying the knot. I guess Ruby decided to hold off from revealing her pregnancy to the public right away because she wants to be sure her first trimester is safe.

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