Kim Rae Won Shines with Warm Charm in Latest High Cut Pictorial

I get why Kim Rae Won is polarizing in the currently airing SBS drama Doctors. It’s not him or his acting, it’s his character of Hong Ji Hong that is alternately charming and slightly patronizing. It’s a bit pointless of analyze his character since all of Doctors is basically surface layer narrative on both personal and professional growth whether as doctors or as individuals, something that continues to dog the screenwriter even after so many dramas with great acting talent and wasted characterization potential. I still like Kim Rae Won and his beaming smile and warm charm goes a long way to mitigate Ji Hong’s negative shading traits. All that positive attributes are on display in the latest issue of High Cut Magazine, even if the clothing and poses are silly he’s still a sight for sore eyes.


Kim Rae Won Shines with Warm Charm in Latest High Cut Pictorial — 17 Comments

  1. I looooveee him as hong ji hong, and i think korea loves hong ji hong too, he is super bussy now, with new cf and magazine photoshoot, all thanks to doctors

  2. He exudes a lot of charisma in whatever he is in and has great chemistry with PSH in Doctors. It seems that international fans are the ones that have issues with the bossy or patronizing or whatever you want to call it. It hasn’t really bothered me because both in real life and in the drama, he’s older so it seems natural; not right necessarily but natural for the character (especially given the previous teacher/student relationship) and do we really have to have our characters be perfect people? I had more trouble with the re-meet and instalove.

    The perfect guy issue was actually my complaint with DOTS and SJK’s character….was there really anything wrong with him -nope. He’s God’s gift to all womanhood but for that dangerous job. All the issues landed on the female character as we just waited for her to come around to SJK’s perfectness.

    I agree 100% with Koala that the writer has a lot of acting talent here and she or he provided a well paced drama, but it’s like dessert, it isn’t going to stick with me too long. However, I’m sure the writer is perfectly content with the ratings as is the station and the talent involved.

    • No, a certain section of International viewers never got past their issue with the teacher student dynamic shared by the students in the first few episodes. Those who did has stuck with it and can thankfully say that the issue is in the past and the drama now revolves around adults who are not exactly perfect and have complicated emotional state and are trying their level best to navigate their way in love and life. The section who still keep talking about it aren’t watching it and a small section is even angry that another show running parallel in another network got cut short and are venting it on this show. I personally feel its not right, I myself watch both shows. Ratings aren’t controlled by the production team involved or the actors. It is what it is. The decision for the cut down came from broadcasting station involved and the anger should be directed that way. Again most viewers of that said show from what I’ve seen on various forums aren’t like that but a few are. The other section are the well wishers of a very talented actor who has another interesting and wonderful show running in another slot but hasn’t quite reached the ratings gold standard yet, again it has plenty of time to pick up and strike gold but people don’t seem to have much patience these days to actually wait and watch these days.

      • The funny thing is Doctors was originally a KBS drama many years ago but they didn’t produce it and SBS picked it up and finding the leads PSH/KRW.

      • Now what you are mentioning the other show fans, the one tha was cut short. Please, someone explain it to me what is all this comments about in other forums where I haveseen really heated arguments, always putting down doctors.

  3. actually I find his character kind of different. not everyone’s taste and different from most of k drama male leads but both female and male lead of doctors or even side characters are pretty flawed and vulnerable emotionally which makes drama more relatable (esp for domestic family viewers) like there is no absolute hero to change everything in a blink but their human relationships are warm and watchable without being so much makjang.

  4. Watching Doctors made me appreciate KSW and other actors, checked out his movies and drama, find him to be a very good … Very charming. Yes, characters of both leads are quite not the usual type, maybe the reason why it is the sleeper hit of the summer.
    I’ll probably be able to go back and finish Thousand Days Promise, with Sou e?

  5. As a viewer, I didn’t notice the patronizing simply on the grounds that KRW’s character is a fully-fledged neurosurgeon compared to PSH, and on top of that he’s a teacher as well. Add the fact that he’s 8-9 years older than her and it seems like a pretty clear explanation of why he is “patronizing.” Anyway, it doesn’t matter because Doctors is 100% meant to be a sweet little drama with pretty people and not social commentary on gender/age dynamics.

    Regardless, I love this photoshoot because I kinda love KRW and he owns the whole “dorky and dressed in bizarre clothes but still so attractive” look.

  6. I think his best performance by far was Punch. I loved him in there! I feel like doctors is okay but it isn’t showcasing his true awesomeness!

    • But look at what Doctors is giving him! Something that Punch never manage to do. And more appreciation and love from not only from Korea but other countries too.

  7. I am a PSH fan and I really learned to appreciate KRW as an actor from Doctors. His role has imperfections but so do we in real life and that’s what I love the most. I hope there is a proper English translation of his Highcut interview.

  8. I just love this man so much. I’ve lover him since Love Story in Harvard. He has such a beaming smile. It’s the kind of smile that makes me smile when I see it. 🙂

  9. KRW is my kind of guy.Soooo manly.. and the type of guy that still beautiful even when he gets old. I love him in harvard. If you want a good “embracing scene” it’s from him. You can’t compare DOTs to doctor because DOTs is more on a love story and you keep on guessing what is next that makes the viewers hooked while doctor is not that interesting.

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