Drama Posters for Incarnation of Jealousy Aim For Ordinary Rom-com Stylings

Once in rare instance comes along where I am wholly underwhelmed by drama posters yet I’m still super excited with the impending drama. That’s my reaction when the drama posters came out for SBS Wed-Thurs drama Incarnation of Jealousy, and I just want to ask where the art design team went that handled It’s Okay, It’s Love. Both are Gong Hyo Jin dramas but IOIL was memorable and lively whereas IoJ makes me want to flip the proverbial page. With that said, the level of acting talent leads in IoJ from Gong Hyo Jin to Jo Jung Seok almost makes promotional poster superfluous, they can make any decent drama narrative work so it comes down to writing and directing. In that case I’ll put these posters on the decent but uninspiring backburner.


Drama Posters for Incarnation of Jealousy Aim For Ordinary Rom-com Stylings — 30 Comments

  1. I really like Jo Jung Suk~he is coming back after Oh My Ghost, Go Kyung Pyo (I love reply 1988 heartwarming story) and queen Hyo Jin (my girl crush) after ‘Producer’ drama last year, definitely I’ll be tuning in.

  2. What a gorgeous poster! I’m ready πŸ™‚ ??
    I disagree with you this time koala, I like this rom com poster, for me GHJ IOIL make up is too bland, and I dont like her blonde hair, black hair suit her more as asian girl. but I like her style and make up here, and another casts look super fabulous.

  3. ~Omo~ My Kyung Pyo oppa.. he is totally handsome.. I like his charisma.. I am glad that he is not underrated, I hope in the future he gets offers the first lead role.. writer Nim.. please make my oppa shines.., I like this time his co partner is gong hyo jin, she is very popular and talented, I ship her with my oppa Kyung Pyo, despite I like JJS πŸ™‚

  4. Yessss! I’m ready with this pairing. The poster look amazing, the True OTP. Jo Jung Suk, I love him a lot after watch his movie, he is able to make little moment shine, he can also be overshadowed by some of his co star, but he still able to pull of a good raport with his female costar. Gong Hyo Jin, that level of comfort she shares with her costar is what make her shines more so than her actual acting ability. Gosh… Dont Dare to Dream drama… please come faster!

  5. Christmas come earlier this year.. Prince Go Jung Won plus Queen Pyo Nari plus King Lee Hwa Shin Plus Princess Hong Hye Won plus veteran actors, what a perfect combination! ^^

  6. I don’t know what’s going on with SBS drama nowdays.. both of this drama poster and scarlet heart poster is…. ~ yeah Okay, I will not judge the book from its cover, I’ll watch both of them because of the script and acting.

  7. I miss her with so ji sub, this sogonger still not move on yet, but I will watch this for GHJ sake, I love that sunny posters, hope this get a decent rating.

  8. I just realised this drama starts airing next Wednesday! Very well, with W: Two Worlds sliding into a quite unhappy direction, IoJ might be exactly what I need.

  9. I love the first poster the most! (with the pinky background) it is simple yet sweet, and a very rom-com atmosphere!

    I believe this will be a great one. Hope for the rating will be good too πŸ™‚

  10. I don’t think they want to break the mold with this drama. I’ll just be happy if it is entertaining as the trailers are promising..

  11. Hey you ‘Don’t Dare to Dream’ aka IoJ fans! Which one do you prefer :
    1. GHJ & JJS : NaShin couple
    2. GHJ & GKP : NaWon couple
    3. SJH & GKP : WonWon couple
    4. SJH & JJS : WonShin couple

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