Poll of Current 2021 Korean College Students Rank the Best Answer Me Dramas – First Half of 1994, 1998, 1997, Second Half of 1994 in that Order

Next year in 2022 will be the 10th anniversary of the start of the Answer Me (Reply) series, it’s when Answer Me 1997 premiered in September of 2012. The other two premiered shortly thereafter with Answer Me 1994 and then Answer Me 1988. This week a poll of current college students, which would make them in late elementary school when AM97 premiered, asked them to rank the three dramas. The polling results went like this: First half of 1994 > 1988 > 1997> Second half of 1994. Do you agree? For me it’s far and away 1988, I don’t know why I loved it way more than the other two but I just did. I didn’t even finish 1994 TBH and found 1997 a great start but didn’t stay with me the way 1988 did. I thought 1988 did the best for multiple family connections and the neighborhood interconnected storylines and that really stirred my nostalgia heartstrings. The commentary on this poll had K-netizens majority split between 1994 (for Chilbong love) and 1997 (because it didn’t have a real guess the husband trick).

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