Bazaar China Touts Top C-actresses Attendance at Upcoming Star Charity Night Out

Harper’s Bazaar is holding it’s annual China Star Charity Night Out and with it comes the attendant promotional activities to garner as much interest as possible. It’s fine for fashion to mingle with entertainment and do it for charitable causes, pretty people are the perfect shill to get the public to spend time and money. For the upcoming 2016 event, the net is cast wide indeed as 9 of the most popular and/or prominent C-drama actresses will be making an appearance. Bazaar is hyping it up with promo posters that lend itself to a a visual compare and contrast of how the current It leading ladies stack up in looks and aura. There’s Liu Shi Shi, my personal fave after Bu Bu Jing XIn, along with Zhao Li Ying, Yang Mi, Crystal Liu, Victoria Song, Ruby Lin, Tong Li Ya, Tang Yan, and Angelababy. The only one missing from this collection would be Zheng Shuang, but overall there is a plenty of variety in C-ent which I continue to appreciate.

Zhao Li Ying


Yang Mi

Ruby Lin

Tong Li Ya

Crystal Liu

Victoria Song


Bazaar China Touts Top C-actresses Attendance at Upcoming Star Charity Night Out — 14 Comments

  1. I swear every time I see Liu Shi Shi and Crystal Liu I always think, “How are these two not sisters?”

    Everyone looks fabulous, except for Victoria Song who for some reason looks terribly awkward lol wish they would’ve chosen a better picture for her

    • I have seen some other people say they look similar. I think ZLY has a rounder face, but now that she lost so much weight for her role in Princess Agents they might look similar.

  2. I am really looking forward to this event. A lot of popular male celebrities will also be going. I am really looking forward to their outfits.

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