Lee Jun Ki, Kang Ha Neul, and Hong Jong Hyun Promote K-Bu Bu Jing Xin on SBS Variety Show Running Man

Three out of six hotties isn’t a bad get for SBS variety show Running Man, especially if it’s three goofy and talented actors who have built up a bromance over the last six months playing onscreen brothers. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Bobogyungsim: Ryeo) is about to premiere on August 29th on SBS and the promo circuit is now crossing paths with its same network variety cousin Running Man – male leads Lee Jun Ki, Kang Na Heul, and Hong Jong Hyun will be on the show and recently took adorable selfies together during filming. I think all three are comfortable with variety shows and Lee Jun Ki is especially an energetic good sport so I’m excited to watch the competition and joking unfold with the RM cast.


Lee Jun Ki, Kang Ha Neul, and Hong Jong Hyun Promote K-Bu Bu Jing Xin on SBS Variety Show Running Man — 19 Comments

  1. Wow! Lee Jun Ki is so gorgeous! The other two look pretty handsome themselves, but I was mesmerized by Jun Ki’s prettiness. Lol

  2. Once upon a time, there’s a gal named Lee Jun Ki, who is more beautiful than most of the gals on the earth.

    Wait…what am I thinking about? I just imagine him wearing a wig. LOL

  3. All I can see are the jawlines. And I am not even a fan of any of the 3 actors. However have to admit- that is some good looking cast for this drama.

    • Agree with you. He is born with androgynous look and the sharpness due to the weight loss accentuating his feminine features. How I missed him looking all masculine after military service and I am sad that he actually loves his current look and planning to maintain it. Please Jun Ki…come to your sense and give us back that manly Jun Ki.

      • I’m not really fan of flower boy. So, I’m not big fan of him since the beginning. But I admit he looks so good in hanbok. More charismatic. But in modern style. Nope. Too girly for my taste.

  4. Lee Jun Ki is beautiful. He is simply born beautiful with feminine features. And this whole elfin angular look definitely suits him in Scarlet Heart, maybe because of the hair and costume but not when he is in modern attire, making him losing that masculinity. He was so smouldering in Arang and Two Weeks and I just hope he will gain some weight and regain that manly look.

  5. To me it is not so much about the weight, it is about the hair. If he has a different hair style as he has in other photo shoots, he looks fantastic in modern wear, specifically suits. Notice in the promo for Resident Evil, his hair is swept back. It’s much more masculine….but, you know, he can do what he wants and what is easiest and since he’s gonna be on RM, this must be what worked for him.

  6. I am a big fan of Lee Jun Ki and been spazzing over so many of the breathtaking stills of his released for Scarlet Heart. But to be honest, I hate his current look despite how much I love him. I hope he won’t pull hideous look during the press conference since lately his styling (that goes along with this new slim down image) really irked me. He was smoking during the press conferences of all his post-MS dramas (his Josen Gunman’s press con look was the best) but his recent appearance when promoting his china movie really got me scratching my head. How I missed my old smouldering masculine Jun Ki.

    • Could it be he’s going for a youthful look given that there are a lot of young guys in the drama?? Youth seems to be a huge thing as he makes remarks about his age like he is old….he’s like 35 or something. (Please don’t say that’s old;) Anyway, that’s my guess but I want to fire his stylist.

      • @Kat On one hand, I am so pleased that he did Scarlet Heart because it’s a big production and when they extended the offer to him, it speaks volume of what kind of actor he truly is. On the other hand, I kind of loathed it because it snatches away my masculine Jun Ki. For I understand the PD wanted him to have sharper look and to blend in with his much younger co-stars but his recent appearance really making me mad. You are right, there’s just something so wrong about the hairstyle and he really need to ditch that stylist and please, I really feel like feeding him myself.

  7. Lee Jun Ki’s feminine looks bothered me so much in My Girl but then seeing him in hanbok in Arang and the Magistrate made me see his manly side. He gave off a masculine vibe in Two Weeks, as well. I think it’s the weight loss + the hair that’s making him look more androgynous than usual here. I’m usually not a fan of the androgynous look many K-actors have but I’m not too bothered anymore by Lee Junki because he’s clearly all-man despite his looks. Can’t say the same for other actors like JGS and NMW though (but that’s just my preference). But on a different note, I find Kang Ha Neul the most handsome of the three.

  8. Joon gi looks amazing for his age. I suspect those who want him chubby and boring are all older. I like the look. And he doesn’t look feminine at all. He looks just like everyone else.

  9. Ninja Teacher aint girly if you see him fight! who is calling my teacher a girl! get down here! I might be a ninja novice, but I know a move or two!

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