Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Jumps in Ratings and Takes the Mon-Tues Lead Over Premiering K-Bu Bu Jing Xin

The showdown of the Mon-Tues sageuks has an out of the gate winner – congrats to KBS youth period drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds for vaulting in the ratings for episode 3 this Monday and taking the runaway lead against premiering SBS rival Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Bobogyungsim: Ryeo). Moonlight jumped a cool 7.5% in ratings to hit AGG 16% nationwide, while K-Bu Bu Jing Xin’s first episode aired to less than half of that at 7.4%.

K-BBJX aired a second episode back-to-back with it’s first episode and that episode 2 got 9.3% ratings. Long running MBC drama Monster came in with 10% ratings as it winds down its run. Moonlight’s own first episode got 8.3% ratings but this week the drama managed to capitalize on good word of mouth and SBS drama Doctors ending its run last week. I’m enjoying Moonlight and am totally loving Moon Lovers so it’s a win-win for me to have two solid sageuks to follow.

For those looking for stirring sageuk romance, both Moonlight and Moon Lovers are showcasing exceptional OTP chemistry between the leads right off the bat – Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung are adorable and insanely cute with the banter, whereas Lee Jun Ki is channeling the best period swooning hero swagger opposite IU’s damsel trying to figure things out.


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Jumps in Ratings and Takes the Mon-Tues Lead Over Premiering K-Bu Bu Jing Xin — 191 Comments

  1. I am sad because I was expecting more since Moon Lovers:Scarlet Heart is so good. I guess MDBTC got the edge over its one week earlier premiere. But even then, Doctors premiered at 12% and so the figure is pretty much dissapointing. I don’t understand the domestic Korean audience’s preference but I am still hoping that tonite Scarlet will do a lot better.

    • Well, judging by the comments most Korean netizens think the acting (other than LJK and KHN) is terrible. I don’t expect it to do much better.

      • On Scarlet Heart – I think there are too many princes and you can barely tell them apart save for LJK. Just lounging around and not doing much. And unlike the C-version of it where all of them were good-looking and had character, you get the feeling like you are facing a bunch of delinquents in a boys school. Very blah.

        Still I’d watch for IU and LJK. I like the evil Queen too – at least she has character!

      • The C-version has 40 episodes and therefore had the leisure of time to introduce each prince unlike K-version with just 20 episodes. After all, only two episodes have been aired so far, we are yet to see how the rest of the princes will be introduced to the audience. I think at this juncture, they want the focus to be more on 4th, 8th and Haesoo.

    • I’m really perplexed too. I’m not saying that SH is a good drama, but for a drama with so much pretty there’s no reason to not tune in for the premiere. I expected the first episodes to break double digits.

    • MDBC enjoyed the withdrawal effect from Doctors. That same tender fluffy light hearted romance very much unlike Scarlet which is offering intense darker heavy romance and lots and lots of bloodbath. Seeing that massive jump basically give me the impression that Doctors’ viewers just directly tuning in to something of similar genre to continue feeding their thirst for such genre without even bother to check on Scarlet. We will see how Scarlet fare tonight since some may have checked on episode 2 and then to decide on which drama they choose to stay with.

      • lol No the 1st 2 ML ep were a mess so they have all the reason to pick Moonlight
        Doctors is SBS drama and ML fail to keep the audience from previous drama.
        Acting and directing moonlight is winning so far.

      • I agree with OMG on the preference of Doctors’ viewers for similar genre. After all, how would the viewers know that the 1st 2 ep of ML were a mess, if they didn’t even bother to watch them in the 1st place?

        Based on past drama ratings history, it’s quite clear that the majority of Korean drama viewers do not practise station loyalty i.e. they switch from station to station depending on whatever drama is airing that suits their preference. I’ve noticed that for 2016 so far, most dramas do not manage to keep the audience from previous dramas on the same station. For example, on SBS, Remember’s 20.3% was followed by Come Back Mister’s 6.6%, on KBS2, DoTS 38.8% was followed by God of Noodles’ 7.6%, Neighbourhood Lawyer’s 17.3% was followed by Beautiful Mind’s 4.1% etc.

        However, even if the viewers switched to Moonlight initially based on their preference for lighter romance, they will stay & more will join in to watch as long as it continues to be good like Ep 3.

  2. Yay, congrats to Bogummy and moonlight Cast!! Love the drama although i have not watched ep 3 yet. Hope it will stay good:) I can not comment about Scarlet heart because i have not watched it.

  3. I don’t mind the ratings at all because I’m just happy to have two really good shows for the Monday-Tuesday slots. Although that means I have to squeeze in these two dramas in between work, I’ve never been this happy to watch sageuk.

    I understand that ratings play a big role for the broadcasting companies and fans alike but these days ratings don’t really reflect the true quality of a drama. In fact, they only create wars and unnecessary conflicts between fandoms.

    But anyway, thank you for sharing this ms koala. Was expecting scarlet to top the list but this is a nice surprise.

      • I did see the first two episode and I’m not an anti or hater, I was rather very excited for the drama and I’m not picky with acting so for me I will continue watching the drama.
        But I can still tell the acting was not on par with the other things going for the drama.
        My point is I really don’t think people at korea are criticising IU purely just because she’s IU and they don’t like for whatever reason, to be honest her performance was partially to blame. She was average at best during these episode, you can see what I mean by her performance on the scenes when she was supposed to be terrified of the fact that she went back on time ep1 “with KHN”.
        I think it was your typical korean drama acting of the expression “scared and lost”. It was seen so many that we sometimes don’t even think of it as a bad acting, but I do believe that recently the “Kdrama acting” improved so much that they expect something extra from big projects and that’s why she’s getting criticised for her acting.

  4. I’m currently following Moonlight and were really the underdog going in to the Mon-Tues battle. Since both dramas have a solid original novel on its belts, together with seems like a competent PD for both, hence the prettiness. I think Moonlight have the advantage of having a generally well-liked cast (PBG & to some extent KYJ), seasoned sageuk veterans (KYJ and senior casts), no acting holes and OTP chemistry in terms of visuals and acting, but relatively new and untested leads. While, Scarlet has the pretty and popular boys and girl, well-liked male leads (LJK and KHN), and big-preproduction budget, but relatively new actors in general and/or new to sageuk. But IU should lay off the deer in the headlight stare and the young princes should take it down a notch.

    • Was Moonlight really the underdog, I wonder? Surely the advantages mentioned above for Moonlight re cast, veterans, acting, PD etc. > than Scarlet’s pretty/popular boys & girl, big production budget & newbie actors? I think the Korean audience like KYJ & PBG a lot, KYJ is like their favorite daughter who they have watched grow up, and PBG is a very popular actor since Reply & IRY.

      I think the biggest advantage for Moonlight is that the Korean audience prefers to watch fun & light-hearted stories rather than heavy serious politicking, murder & mayhem. Moonlight is quite similar to the very successful SKK Scandal & TMETS in vibe. On the other hand, I’m kinda sad that awesome serious sageuks like 6FD couldn’t get 16% ratings until its 35th episode!

      • before scarlet aired, ppl were saying moonlight is underdog
        now scarlet aired and get below avg ratings, they say moonlight is not underdog but scarlet


      • Moonlight was really the underdog drama with 2 main reasons: the 2 leads, PBG and KYG are both untested as drama leads. PBG came from R88 which is an ensemble cast, and had the ‘R88 curse’ looming over his head. While KYJ is a very well-known child actress and talent powerhouse, but hasn’t single-handedly led a drama. And the next reason would be moonlight was never known for its big budget, pre-produced, hallyu tag, it was more a youth romance sageuk.

      • I understand where you’re coming from, but I’m really curious as to who are the people who were saying Moonlight is the underdog, Knetz, Inetz or the Korean viewers who actually contribute to ratings?

        Before the dramas aired, it was always KYJ > IU, and KYJ’s acting experience & skills including sageuks is unparalleled for a young actress of her age. She also led in Secret Door for the 1st half of the drama. PBG may be part of an ensemble cast in last year’s R88, but R88 was a phenomenal success, with a highest rating of 18.8%, and is probably the highest rated cable drama to-date. Both PBG a& RJY became very popular trending actors after R88.

        Agree that Scarlet is known for its big budget, but imo pre-production and hallyu tag dramas do not necessarily translate into Korean viewer ratings. UF is an example of a recent pre-produced Hallyu drama which is not doing very well.

        I was checking out Naver & Daum prior to both dramas debut, and the numbers there seem to tell a different story as to the love they were receiving. Prior to airing, Moonlight had double the no. of “hearts” of Scarlet. In terms of Naver TVcast for teasers & trailers, Moonlight had 14k channel subscribers vs Scarlet’s 7k, 11m full views vs 8m, & 120k likes for Moonlight vs 37k for Scarlet. Several of Moonlight’s teasers have more than a million views each!

        As for Daum, before airing, the internet ratings were mostly 10/10 for Moonlight vs a lot of 0/10 for Scarlet. Scarlet had a lot of criticisms for its casting.

        So, was Moonlight really an underdog from the perspective of the Korean audience, or was it just the assumption of the i-netz? Was there a Korean news article who actually claimed that Moonlight was an underdog? I really want to know.

      • @Livi You hit the note. Moonlight was well receive by the K-audience from the very start of casting. I-netz considered it as underdog bcos of the high budget and idols fanbase surrounds with ML ( for me the hype of ML only fall by it’s investment and adaptation even LJK name can’t bring the hype – with his drama records). No wonder why SBS was late promoting it in Korea, they knew exactly what will happened.

      • @Livi
        It is the international audience who think that MDBC is the underdog whereas Scarlet is a sure win judging that it is a big-scale production. Actually, we as international audiences don’t really understand the fanbase in Korea. Based on the numbers given by you, the fanbase of PBG and KYJ way exceeding LJK and IU in their homeland. LJK and IU may be more popular among international audience and that was how the assumption that MDBC being the underdog was derived, when it is actually not.
        I feel sad initially over Scarlet’s lackluster ratings (for the sake of Lee Jun Ki of course) but there’s always a silver linings to everything. I would rather it debuted lower than sliding down in the ratings the way UF did. I am into this drama for the long haul for my love for Lee Jun Ki because I know, he will slay.

      • “korean audiences prefer to watch light hearted stories rather then heavy serious politic, murder mayhem” mmm idk about cause there have been many hit drama’s that have heavy,serious and melo stories whether they are modern drama’s or seaguk.

      • @bila, it’s true that there have been hit dramas which were heavy serious melos, but the majority of very high ratings dramas seem to come from the romance, comedy or family genre over the last few years, for example, DoTS, Doctors, Producer, YWCFTS, The Heirs, Masters Sun, Good Doctor etc.

  5. Goal: hold off on watching both Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and Moon Lovers so that I can binge watch them both after they’re over because I’m 99% sure I’ll love them both.

    Probably of success: low.

  6. I never expect like this before, why this always happen to my jun ki????? After scholar who walks the night… he never lucky with his female lead, ughh!!!! Jun ki… please work with A list actress, I dont care if she older than you but I want to see you success in rating battel!!!!!!!

    • 1) You’re forgetting that it takes a lot more than an A-list established actress (or actor, or director, or anything really) to achieve good ratings.

      2) The drama only aired 2 episodes so far. i.e. it’s way too early to judge which drama will be winning this ‘ratings battle’

    • i think the best female lead opposite lee jun ki so far is Shin Min Ah in Arang & the Magistrate. Their chemistry was so damn great!!>_<

    • I feel you my friend. I feel sad for Jun Ki. I wonder why luck still not with him yet despite him being so diligent and being a spectacular actor?

      But don’t blame it on IU. She was amazing so far in the first 2 episodes. My mom initially complaining over her casting but when she watched the episodes last night, her view on her changed totally. When I told her over the lackluster rating, she convinced me that such a great drama will eventually pick up the ratings, so she basically restores my faith here.

      The massive jump in MDBC is kind of extreme. Very seldom a show jumps that much in ratings so I am saying that they receive the advantage from premiering one week ahead and Doctors audience pretty much tuning in to MDBC to continue the light hearted and warm feeling of the drama. But with Scarlet Heart trending on naver and so are the casts that are IU, Ha Neul and Lee Jun Ki, doesn’t that shows that the drama has intrigued some interest and who knows what could happen tonight, right?

      International audience (based on ONE TV Asia fb) are raving over the show. So don’t lose hope yet, W and MDBC also premiering in single digit. I am sure Scarlet has more awesomeness to share.

      Hwaiting MLSHR.

    • You should give it a try. PBG and KYJ are very good and so are the rest of the cast. I wasn’t expecting anything from it, just thought I would give it a try before Scarlet starts. Now, I am looking forward to this week’s eps.

    • I love Moonlight, you should really give it a shot. It’s fun and lighthearted but there’s also a serious undercurrent giving meat to the drama. I hate court politics and while it does have some of that, it’s concisely portrayed so that most of the time you’re just looking at the pretty leads’ funny hijinks.

    • I’m surprise with the rating jump,the story seem so so n done many time i don’t like girl in man clothes story even the succesfull coffee prince, but seeing rating jump plus i have nothing to watch make me wanna try it

    • Hi @nada, yes, you should give it a try. MDBC is worth watching! The script, the directibg, it’s pacing, acting, and good visuals are all well balanced. It’s very apparent why it’s #1 in the rating game in Korea for a Monday & Tuesday drama. PBG looking super handsome prince is just a bonus. Man, he looks good on a hanbok!

  7. Is that phenomenal or what? 7.5% jump? Some dramas can’t even hit this number, let alone an increase of this size. Dots did 7.9% from ep 3 to 4 but Dots had so much more hype, budget and everything so kudos to Moonlight for its feat.

    I was betting on Scarlet Heart to beat Moonlight from word go despite the latter having a head start. First week ratings are based on anticipation of drama and size of fanbase. I never thought the collective fandoms of Scarlet Heart’s cast would be beaten by the number of viewers won over by Moonlight.

    A silver lining in the dark cloud is that there is an increase of a good 1.9% for Scarlet’s 2nd episode. If people like what they see, the drama might just give Moonlight a good fight.

  8. The thing between the two dramas is that they have different criteria for being a “hit”.

    Moonlight follows a 2-3% rated drama (Beautiful Mind), has rising stars as leads, not 100% pre-produced and so-so PDs so a 10-12% rating is a big achievement in itself.

    As for Scarlet, the hype, the publicity, the material, the budget, the star-studded cast, PD and just the over-all pedigree of the production calls for a higher audience rating and acclaim these premiere numbers.

    • I don’t think Scarlet really has a star-studded cast. Wasn’t the drama being bashed by k & i-netz for its singers/idols/models casting, and the writer doubted for her track record? On the other hand, wasn’t Moonlight’s cast being highly praised for their great acting skills, and how lacking the netz considered Scarlet’s female lead compared to Moonlight’s, before they aired?

      It’s also kinda interesting that a light & romantic Moonlight followed a low-rated serious drama vs a serious & dramatic Scarlet followed a high-rated light, romantic & heartwarming Doctors.

  9. Whoa. Total surprise. Although, if you think about it, the older audience that watched Doctors would probably like Moonlight better.

  10. Not surprised. LJK is great but Kim Yoo Jung is on a completely different level compared to IU. IU may be similar to the c-actress in looks, but her acting is subpar. They should have a hired a more capable actress and not an idol. I’m not saying idols can’t act, but actresses like KYJ are just too good.

  11. I like Moonlight a lot so I am quite happy that it’s doing well. I think the doctors crowd would like moonlight much better than SH. I liked the c drama but I didn’t love it like a lot of other people did. I don’t know much about the kdrama although I really like LJK. The rest of the cast is really quite meh to me. I actually think a lot of hype is detrimental to any drama unless you are a KES drama – which all hype is good.

    SH – I wonder how bad the acting is. I will have to see for myself. It can’t be worse than Heirs right? The storyline is heavy.

    Anyways, moonlight is a current favorite of me – not really sucked into it or anything but just like the breezy watch.

  12. I actually am not totally surprised by this. Moonlight got 8 plus percent it’s first week out up against doctors coming to an end. That was a a sign right there that those two leads have traction. And getting that head start and word of mouth worked really well. I hope moonlight continues to succeed and also hope Scarlet Heart gets some love because, while a little uneven, I liked the first episode. Also, I thought IU did quite well.

    • Kim Saeron is also 16 or even 15 and an even bigger age gap with Yoon Shi Yoon but Mirror of the Witch is great. I think as long as the writer could write their romance beautifully, they didn’t need too much skinship or anything. Even I’m amazed with myself that I could finished and love the drama when I have the same judgement (about she’s too young) at first.

  13. That’s really great – I’m so happy for Moonlight!

    As for Scarlet Heart, I think it aired two episodes last night? Because I can see that the second one’s ratings are 9.3%. IU’s decent enough, though she should lose the wide-eyed expression when she’s freaking out about the time travel – it is a bit awkward. And yes, all the other princes aside from LJK and Haneul, are a bit awkward too.

  14. I feel happy for MDBC… and sad for Scarlet Heart…

    I love both shows and want them to be successful. Can we just divide the rating equally? LOL.

  15. I haven’t start Moonlight yet but I’ve read the recaps of the first 2 episodes, it seems cute, fluffy and good to me so far. I only managed to watch SH:Ryeo up to IU appearing out of the waters in the bathhouse this morning on youku before heading out of the house and well…i don’t have a good impression so far. There’s already a hole in the scene transitions (eg. Baekhyun somehow disappeared from the waters when IU came splashing out, i mean the previous scene showed him swimming out to the waters for goodness sake!)

    I’ll still watch both dramas though (perks of being an i-dramafan), but I have to accumulate a few episodes and watch in one go coz I’m simply too overloaded with both chinese and korean dramas atm.

  16. You think Scarlet is good??? Really??? Are we watching the same show??? Apart from LJK & sometimes KHN, the rest of the main cast were terrible. Awkward line delivery, questionable acting skills, IU’s deer in the headlights expression (I mean, I understand she was suddenly thrown into this timeline but to maintain the same expression throughout both eps is a too much don’t u think?). Your puppy, Ji Soo isn’t doing so well either. I understand this is the first sageuk for many of the main casts, but it’s also PBG’s first time as well & he was great in Moonlight. The editing was choppy as well. This is a 100% pre-produced drama & you’d think with all the time & budget they had, they’ll edit the drama carefully but instead, the flow was off, it was all over the place. The cinematography was great but that’s just about it. I’m not hating at all. I’m just stating the obvious. I actually look forward to watch this drama after seeing the preview & sincerely thought it’ll grab the no.1 spot against moonlight but I guess I expect too much. I’ll continue watching but who knows when I’ll drop it

  17. Lucky me, I have both dramas on TV. More drawn to Moonlight as well though certainly didn’t expect that huge a difference in ratings.
    Moonlight is fluffy with cuteness overload from PBG and KYJ. Helps that PBG is baby-faced, not really sensing the age gap between them.
    Scarlet feels uneven, LJK and KHN are the standouts so far. Hope the story improves.

  18. I think so far both dramas are good in their own way. Moonlight is the light youth romance with incredible casts and awesome OTP chemistry. Meanwhile Scarlet Heart is a bit more leaning towards melodrama though so far there’s still lot of funny moments. I have to be honest though, while IU and Baekhyun might be okay in terms of acting for me, it’s both Junki and Haneul that gives a more awesome performance. I have nothing to say for Junki the sageuk veteran. His eyes already shows mix of emotions and stirred my heart. I have no hatred towards IU and I think she did pretty good. As for Baek, I kind of think that Baek fits 10th Prince, maybe he needs more time to warmed up since its his first real acting role (i don’t count exo next door).
    Anyway, congrats Bogum and Yoojung! Hope the ratings for both dramas would be much better in the future.

    PS: Anyone willing to spazz with me on how awesome Junki looks in black? *sigh*

    • Jun ki in black is something to behold. I am totally with you there. How someone prettier than a lot of woman can pull off also looking like a total bad guy, I don’t know.

    • Lee Jun Ki is a goddess. That man is smoking hot. I was literally screaming everytime he popped up on my TV screen. In the C-version, it was the female lead’s tendency to avoid 4th Prince that intrigued his interest in her but in K-version, IU’s Haesoo obviously attracted to him and that was why she ran after him into the forest (apart from being slightly nosy) but who could blame her…. as Lee Jun Ki is sizzling hot badass smexy. I am out of words to describe him.

      • I don’t think Haesoo is attracted to 4th Prince, she’s quite scared of him. She ran after him to return the hairpin. But if it was me, I wouldn’t run after someone who was holding a bloody sword in his hand, however sizzling hot he may be, LOL.

  19. As someone who watch the cdrama and read the translation of the novel didn’t really like the actress in the cdrama first two eposide were really cringy. I hate when people try to rewrite history the actress who did the original didn’t fit the character till later on. I’m sure moon lovers will improve as the show goes on. Don’t really know who IU not a fan of kpop but she did okay. I haven’t start moon lig

    • Lol my computer went crazy. I meant to say I didn’t watch moonlight yet will probably wait till it’s over. While I like bo gum the teasers and preview didn’t really draw my attention.

  20. I love moonlight and glad that it takes the lead in ratings because they so deserved it. it was unexpected things to happen because I think when SH premier the would take the lead and kinda worried moonlight will have small ratings. its PBG magic happening and KYJ cuteness and by episode 3 she makes it as a boy. can’t wait for tonight episode. never new Monday and Tuesday will be this excited.

  21. I am beyond surprise that Scarlet debuting at that low percentage. I watched the first two episodes and loving them to pieces. There is no need to mention about Lee Jun Ki because LJK is aside from being so incredibly hot, he is a superb actor and Kang Ha Neul is also great. But IU, she took me by surprise as she was really mesmerizing and because of her, I adore Hae Soo so much.

    I think the acting by the overall cast was good. I still have hope that it can still pull in the numbers despite the slight jump for the second episode. Who knows what might happen tonite? The naver polls showing that the drama gains a lot of interest except that it does not resonate in the viewership ratings. As an international viewer, I don’t understand the taste of Korean audiences but I tend to see them having the stigma and prejudice towards big budget production and over prettiness and have high tendency to root for the underdog.

    I wonder how Scarlet Heart faring in China and within the international audiences. I hope that SH doing very well outside Korea and maybe those good reviews will eventually get the local audience watching.

    So far, Ilove this drama to pieces and I have faith in it because of Lee Jun Ki most of all. The man is a stellar.

    • I doubt SH:Ryeo will fare well in China, the comments I saw on articles in Sina website consist mostly of the usual nationalistic comments or sarcastic remarks on why Sina still dares to post Korean news with the recent ban etcetc. There’s still fans of course, but seeing as how SH:Ryeo is adapted from the Chinese novel and drama, it’s given that it will not receive well with the general public in China. There’s even a comment describing the drama as buying their product for cheap, repackaging it then selling back to them for profit.

      • Seeing how Moon Lovers attracted 100 million views on Youku….. those comments sound like they belong to a vocal minority heh. But of course the question is whether the show can retain such a large audience. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      • @Saph 100m is a good start, I wouldn’t consider it as a large audience for China, but still a an above average result nonetheless especially since it’s a korean drama and it’s only been out for 3 days. Let’s hope it can continue this streak.

  22. I haven’t watched SH yet. But Moonlight has been really interesting and fun to watch so far. The young OTP slay. PBG is a bomb, imo.

  23. Wow this is such good news to wake up toooo! โค๏ธ I’m happy for the underdogs or should I say under-“puppies”, if you get what I mean. Hehehehe

    Congrats Moonlight!!!! KYJ and PBG are awesome sauce!!!

  24. A lot of people are watching MDBC for Park Bogum, who has been absolutely spellbinding so far. Coming in with low expectations, I did not expect to be blown away by the acting, scoring and directing. My only prob is of late they have been pushing it with romantic music when Yoojung’s char is still a guy. Also KBS re-aired last week’s eps (at least ep 2) right before Ep 3 came on.

    On the other hand, Moon Lovers has been promoting like crazy, has practically a model cast (there were a lot of bare bodies in the first 10 min) and Lee Junki. I watched both eps after MBDC and the directing and camerawork was terrible. The acting too. Idk why all the princes need to do everything together, it feels like a weekend drama but with princes?? It feels slightly campy and overcrowded and idk if the actors received enough direction because there are so many in each scene. Netz said Lee Junki is carrying this show, feels like a show for middle/high schoolers. LJK and Kang Haneul are good; IU (her character needs to be more situationally aware…), Nam Joohyuk, Hong Jonghyun (needs to lay off the eyeliner) are ok; Jisoo is not suited for sageuks. Yet this drama will prob do well bc of all the cast. Will continue to ff through this show for now.

    I think that Mon-Tues will be highly polarized – MBDC vs Moon Lovers. Haha it’s only just started.

  25. Well, I’m not really surprised. When Moonlight’s 1st episode aired, Doctors’ ratings dropped from 20.8% to 17.8%, which seems to imply that some of Doctors’ viewers switched to Moonlight for its premiere. Doctors’ finale episode at 20.2% also had no negative impact on Moonlight’s ratings for its 2nd episode. Moonlight also had high ratings of 6.2% for its re-run on Sunday (compared to its ratings of 8.3/8.5% on Mon/Tue), which shows that there is actually a lot of interest in Moonlight.

    Imo, the audience watching Doctors are more likely to switch to Moonlight because they are both light (not melo), heartwarming & romantic in nature.

    • There is a show going that affects Doctors rating… not only Moonlight…
      But you have to admit most Doctors fans are going to the drama now so they should thank Doctors for ending last week

  26. Gp obviously prefers watching JY than iu who was horrible ,and and only delu exo fans could stand the baekhun’s horrendous acting.

  27. Well I am not tuning into the LJK and IU drama cos’ the 2nd lead died. And the female lead died. End of story.

    Not to mention I don’t like some of the other male actors.

    Moonlight is cute, has unexpected depths and touching characterization. And it doesn’t hurt that the Crown Prince and Ra On are insanely adorable separately and together. And good acting from everyone. I also love all the supporting casts acting as eunuchs.

      • Why would I like a drama where the female dies and almost everyone does? Not to mention time travel dramas where one of the OTP is left to grow old and die alone SUCKS.

      • Eh……she mean’t she don’tknow the fate of BBJX characters. And since BBJX = Scarlet Heart, you spoiled the ending.

    • @D – really? If they were so into Moon Lovers they would have read the synopsis. And I am actually hoping they don’t follow the Chinese drama. That was beautiful but traumatic. Besides for time travel dramas…. somebody always die in the past. To be reincarnated. Barring QIHM. It’s not a spoiler spoiler. Besides we had BB what’s the other 2 alphabet the sequel. I am not sell good about spoilers but the hype surrounding Moon Lovers has been so huge it surpassed UF. And has been going on FOREVER.

  28. Sooooo happy for the entire MDBC team!!!! Wow what an awesome morning to wake up to!!!! Hope the ratings continue to rise!!

    As for moon lovers, I’m surprised at these turn of events. What with all the hype coming into this week. And especially for Junki who really can’t catch a break. Won’t comment on the drama itself as I’m passing on this one. Never really liked IU as an actress and apparently, based on talk, she still hasn’t improved and the other actors are problematic as well.

  29. Scarlet Heart was underwhelming for me personally. They tried very hard to make it different from the C version but in doing so made it into a huge clichรฉ fest. The best part of C version was the relationship s shared by the brothers. 4th had 13 the, 8th had 14, 10 and the concubines were lovely, Kangxi emperor was affectionate yet strict father. Here they made Lee Jun Ki’s 4th a total lone Wolf with a crazy mother, indifferent father and insensitive brothers. The royal family dynamicis are so overdone, I wanted to cry at that. They abandoned the best of the C and took in the worst of the Sageuks.

    • Please take into consideration that C-version is based on Chinese history whereas K-version is based on Korean history. If you watched Shine or Go Crazy, Wang So is really an outcast. His mother really detested him and even wanted him dead. So, that gives the logic of why 4th Prince here is so different than the C-version.

      • No offense but too bad then, crappy royal moms and outcasts aren’t all interesting….it’s so common that it felt like I am watching something I’ve seen before. It could have been slightly innovative, No. What do you think?

    • Honestly it’s still better than that mess of a drama KBS is airing on Wed-Thurs slot.

      Still, that and now this is proof that pre production and hype can’t buy you good ratings.

      • True, the Korean viewers will continue to watch whatever they like, whether pre-produced or not. I’m thinking pre-production may be a disadvantage, since they can’t take into account the viewers’ opinions & tweak the storyline accordingly. What’s worse is that the 2 currently airing pre-produced dramas are not expected to end in rainbows and sunshine.

      • I don’t understand why so much issue over pre-produced dramas and why people think that they ought to be good or that if one failed, the rest are branded to be likely heading to failure?

        Other countries like Japan had long practiced producing pre-produced dramas and the end products vary. The only perks of pre-produced drama is that the quality could be better polished in term of editing and so on as well as giving better schedules for the actors to work with instead of the current live shoot system in Korea where the actors had to work long hours, sometimes days without sleep and always towards the end of the drama, the actors looked haggard and blotchy.

        Its their loss over the prejudice towards pre-produced dramas. Alas, sorry if this offend anyone but I think koreans tend to be really shallow in term of their mindset.

  30. I always love Lee Jun Ki, but I cant watch his drama because of female lead. I watch scarlet and it is true that IU acting is hopeless, there are too many cringe scenes and this PD is someone who direct IOIL? I couldn’t belive it, I give up for scarlet ๐Ÿ™

  31. I don’t get the hype over the two series lol.
    Moonlight is just typical saeguk drama with the female lead turns to be a boy than fall for the prince. It reminds me Song Joong Ki-Yoo Ah In drama years ago. Nothing new. Kim Yoo Jung is pretty decent but Park Bo Gum is just so-so. His saeguk pronounce is still awkward.
    Scarlet is just terrible. Not only acting, the editing also sucks. I wonder is this really the high budgeted drama? Lee Jun Ki’s expression is also the same as I saw him in Arang or Jeseon’s Gunman.

    • Do you really watch moonlight? If you watch it than you know skks n moonlight is very different story. Skks about girl who is disguise as scholar guy n moonlight is a story about crown prince n his eunuch(crossdressing eunuch) also his relationship with his father the king. Better u watch the show n then give comment…becoz from the comment looks like you are not watch it n just conclude that the story is same…please be wise commentator

      • N u said pbg n kyj acting so so…please watch then comment. His sageuk tone is perfect even korean people said so. Kyj with her experience in saeguk for almost her life u said it decent. I was confuse what is your standard of great then. Koreans approve their saeguk tone is good.u can see all the comment were good.

  32. IU not the worse actor in scarlet
    in terms of crap acting, i would say:
    baekhyun > jisoo > hong jong hyun (eyeliner, yuck) > IU

    and the drama, it’s so bad. they remake and have bath scene with all the princes? like wtf? that is so weird
    and lee jun ki with mask, he look ridiculous and so out of place

  33. Once again, SK audience knows what is good acting vs bad acting. SBS has put so much money into promoting SH. Good luck. Hope you won’t be another UF. Idols just shouldn’t act. On weibo Chinese are slating LJK black mask look. The original was so pretty, what a shame.

    • I’ll be honest and say I am generally not a fan of idol actors’ performances, but to say idols just shouldn’t act is a little far-fetched. Doesn’t help that quite a lot of established actors/actresses you know now used to be idols too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just some names: Yoon Eun-hye, Jung Ryeo-won, Hwang Jung-eum…. even the latest kdrama romcom darling Seo Hyun-jin debuted in a SME girl group.

    • Those Chinese are jealous that he still looks dashing with the mask on. More than 100 millions viewers on Youku speak a different tone than those full of negativity.

    • LOL What an overstretched generalization about idol acting. There are many crappy idol turned actors such as CNBLUE JYH in heck boring Heartstring. But there are also quite a few stellar talents like Im Sawan. Besides, C BBJX’s 4th prince was one of the ugliest male lead in the drama history, no comparison to LJK. LOL. I do care a lot about leading men’s looks. Call me shalow if you want.

  34. SH’s character was so lacking. Like upper comment says, they’re like school boys delinquent. Unattractive,,,,!! IU was ok, those big eyes are acceptable since she was transported back in time and know nothing, but lee junki character was so blah!!!!!! Nothing compared to the original bbjx. I am sad ?

    • You obviously likes politician and not a warrior. You have just watched two episodes and judged his character as blah? Wow, I salute you being a clairvoyance here. On a positive note, I take it that his character is a blah but not Lee Jun Ki the actor. That man is a spectacular actor and beyond. He is the most amazing thing in Scarlet Heart.

      • Have you seen the original bbjx? If you’ve seen it,, you will says his CHARACTER is blah here in k adaptation. Yeah yeah,, a fan is a fan no matthew what. Lets agree to disagree ??

      • Yes, i have watched the c-version. And I don’t comment if I have not watched it in the furst place. And I agree to disagree with you.

  35. i love scarlet heart..i think iu acting is good..not bad at all..also for the other prince..i hope that the rating will climb up…fighting moon lovers

    • Dear, we are international audience. Our preference are not same as Koreans. Regardless how the ratings will turn out tonight, I think the drama is GOLD and Lee Jun Ki is epic.

  36. Moonlovers/scarlet are just like a bunch of school boys. Blah…and all looks almost the same. Can’t tell who is 7,9 & 14 princes.

  37. And one more. I really can’t stand with the ugly hair style. In the bathing scene, LJK has an ahjumma hairstyle. Boo…

    • There’s a reason why he’s so thin (hint: hostage). And the 4th prince is rather bold, arrogant, cruel & ruthless by his actions.

      • I just realized, it’s a two different era. Both have it’s own uniqueness.Anyway, I never had liked chinese 4th prince. He is evil. In Scarlet, LJK is a total win for me no matter how ridiculous he look.

    • Bald and arrogant, just like C version. LOL. The male hair style of that C dynasty is the most horrendous in the history.

    • You maybe on the minority because majorly (or because I am his fangirl) think he is rawking that hairstyle and emo look.

  38. Scarlet Heart seems like an amateur compared to Moonlight in terms of the acting. Jinyoung is an idol but he out-acts the actors in Scarlet Heart.

    • Wow. Jinyoung acted out even Lee Jun Ki? That’s amazing to know. So idol in Moonlight is ok but idols in Scarlet are not ok. Haters will always hate. That’s pretty shallow and contradictory statement.

  39. So happy for Moonlight.

    Wasn’t planning to watch this but urgh Park Bo Gum that handsome boy is irresistable. And I thought I won’t get withdrawals because reviews said the drama is very light and full of fluff – but then it turned out to be the perfect kind of fluff that makes you want more, so I am really not surprised that after a good first week, people are anticipating the second week.

    The real rating battle would be next week though, now that both introductory week is over.

    Anyhow, I’m not trying to be negative but it’s good to see talent wins over marketing budget.

  40. Well, I liked but didnt’ love the first two episodes of Moon lovers. What’s up with those awful headshots aka zoom ins? I have never been so bothered by that, it’s like watching Empress Wu all over again except that one got censored/cropped due to the half-exposed bossoms that were deemed inappropriate. No excuse whatsoever to making us suffer through it in this drama too, I can’t imagine what the director is thinking. Also the princes are so childish (totally agree that they are like a bunch of modern schoolboys). They are also styled badly, especially the garishly bright clothing (OMG Ji Soo’s pinkish outfit in one scene!)… the contrast between them and 4th prince was overwhelming, was that really necessary?

    So far the directing and editing feels like it’s done by an amateur, consider me seriously surprised at that. No cinematography in sight so far. Usually pre-produced shows has and is able to achieve a higher quality than dramas that are filmed live, but it seems the production has totally squandered that particular opportunity. Now if you compare it to Mooonlight drawn by clouds, that one is a stunning visual feat where all the various factors come together even if the story itself isn’t super compelling (although still has potential there)

  41. (continue from previous post)

    I’m not saying one drama is better than another since they are so very different, but I’m not exactly surprised that Moonlight drawn by clouds is doing better. It makes me sad that the premiering episodes of Moon lovers are a bit of a mess, but my expectations were probably too high to begin with as I loved BBJX. Still I have done my best to not compare the chinese version with the korean version and the complaints I have would still stand nevertheless.

    About Hae Su in Moon lovers, I like her in general but also found her to be a bit all over the place. She’d get extremely sad or extremely cheery, there was a serious lack of natural progression from sad/despair to regaining her spirits again. The whole thing happened so fast it was like flipping a coin or something…

    On the upside though, I absolutely LOVE the interactions between Hae Su and 4th prince! So swoony and what great chemistry they have! Here’s to hoping we’ll get more of that ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good luck to both Moon Lovers and Moonlight drawn by clouds, I will stick by both shows and see where they take us ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. I just finished the first episode. It wasn’t good but it wasn’t horrible either. Could be because I read so many negative comments that I expected something much worse. Whatever it is, it does not explain the lower than expected ratings for the first episode. I still hold the view that first episode ratings are drawn from actors’ fanbase and viewers who are hyped up by the promotions. It seems that LJK and IU don’t have that many fans or fans who will tune in no matter what. Otherwise, it should have started with double digits. I thought the promotional trailers were good and interesting, all those pretty posters and not to forget the absolutely gorgeous magazine spread.

    The problem with adaptation from a novel and a remake or different version from a very successful drama is not just the unavoidable comparisons. There is also a lack of excitement or thrill of not knowing what’s going to happen. In BBJX, I do get that none of the characters can escape their fate but since it was a drama, there was still some room for the writer to make it suspenseful and interesting. I don’t think Scarlet Heart’s writer or PD is as masterful as the one in BBJX.

    More than the acting, I found the storytelling and directing to be lacking. Let’s take the way they handled the relationships among the princes. It was done so well in BBJX, you can almost see the coalitions, the best of brothers pairs and simmering tensions even when they were just hanging out together. In this one, scenes of the brothers are more reminiscent of a childcare centre.

    The acting from the actors playing the princes didn’t help either. While the princes in BBJX were full of youthful energy, they still had this princely aura. I say this even of the most exuberant 10th Prince. Here, it is so sorely lacking.

    I was cringing all the way during the Harem Princes bathing scenes. If show is going to give more fan services like this, I can’t hold out much hope for quality.

    Veteran actors are usually good but I am disappointed with the King and Queen here. Hong Kong actor Damian Lau was in a league of his own as Emperor Kangxi. For his age, he was as charismatic or even more than the younger actors.

    Strangely, I have less of a problem with IU than most people do.She didn’t blow me off but it wasn’t bad at all. My concern is whether she can deliver the gravitas since the story will surely demand that at the later stage.

    Kang Ha Neul is the only bright spark in this episode. I was surprised at his chemistry with IU in the library scene. I never got smitten by Ruoxi and the Eighth Prince in BBJX so I am glad there is hope in this one.

    LJK had so little to do in this episode but that looks to change in ep 2. I hope they can give him more than just bursting with angst whenever he appears. I know he is a different character from the 4th Prince in BBJX but give him layers instead of a emo dude with terribly distracting fringe.

    • You think his fringe is distracting? I think his emo look is HOT. LOL.
      I put it this way, Lee Jun Ki is a seasoned actor and basically most of his fans are around the same age as his who have less tendency to stalk whatever their favourite do. They may love him but may be opt to watch his dramas when they have the time. Unlike PBG, he is young and most of his fanbase consist of youngsters that have high tendency of becoming die hard fans to support him all out. With regard to IU, she is not so favourable in Korea but appealing to international fans, though but international fans are not the ones deciding on the ratings.
      I on the contrary find the first two episodes of Scarlet Heart as amazingly good. But I got to admit that the music with a touch of modern feel really kills off the excitement, just to quote on how that EXO’s song bothered me when it appeared during an intense moment between Jun Ki and Ha Neul at the end of episode 2.
      IMO Lee Jun Ki is a scene stealer no matter how little he was being given to do. Just two episodes and my heart bleeds for his Wang So. That speaks volume of what a brilliant actor he is.
      I just think that Koreans enjoy giving big-hype drama a hard time. To them, over prettiness always lead to negativity, such a mindset which I couldn’t comprehend. Yet I wonder why the love PS so much.
      I enjoy Scarlet more than MDBC (the show is fine but I am kind of outgrown the recycle girl cross dressing as boy lovestory) and whatever the ratings result tonight, I am in for Scarlet till the very end.

      • Omg, yes! Crossing girl somehow always stirs a spot the teenagers or the 18-24-er. But I completely agree, Scarlet Heart is definitely gone to a slow start. As an avid lover of the original one, it’s hard to capture the bigger picture. Also, I like IU as the girl who doesn’t understand anything. Tong Hua was very good at making Ruoxi seem smart, but I highly doubt any one in our modern was THAT adept at Chinese literature/history. Especially the part where IU couldn’t even remember who was the king after Taejo. Pretty accurate.

        While admittedly, I don’t like how the close up shoes of her big eyes, I do feel that they’re making an effort to create the chemistry between 8th prince character (totes forgot his name). Hoping this drama is close or at least close to even with Moonlight.

        Because regardless of the heaviness in the first episode, I like that they are portraying Korean history as it was based in Korea. You can only remake the ideas so much. The idea of the show is a remake, but the show should have its own character and uniqueness based off its culture.

      • @OMG
        Moonlight is not just an easy watch, it has more emphasis on friendship, family. I wasn’t expecting that but the father-son scenes nailed it and I am a total goner for that show. Also the pair works, its like a cute breezy rom-com that handles some heavy themes with extreme ease. Give Park Bo Gum some due credit, he always was good but his shifting emotions from care-free to confident Prince who can take it all make me so happy for him. I know his fan-base is younger ones but he damn well earned it. He isn’t some idol group-member trying to make it big, he has some legit experience points on his resume that are valid.
        that shower scene in Harem, I though it would be funny but It made my skin crawl. It was a fan-service gone wrong for me. They should have followed the C-version for the intro of Hae-Soo, it was subtle but effective. Also, the princes like you said feel like a part of a day-care and lack that princely aura. I don’t know if it is an exact depiction of Goryeo but if it is then fine but if not then they should’ve given them a little more grace. They lack grace for being Princes and some of them bitch like little mean girls openly, none of that is appealing to me.

      • @Gem
        I agree with you. I think people who think Moonlight is an easy watch aren’t watching the drama. Even when it was light and cute, there was always this underlying tone of darkness. The major difference between Moonlight and Scarlet Heart is that Moonlight is a better written, better directed drama with better acting than SH. Even though I was watching the politicking and heavy themes, the scenes flow with ease and the acting superb.

        I am not a fan of PBG but I have always thought he’s a good actor. Moonlight will surely put him in the league of bona fide actors if R1988 had not already. Anyway, he’s not the only bright spark in Moonlight, almost everyone is good there.

        I already knew of the harem princes bathing scenes from the stills. I just didn’t think it would be this bad. I get that they wanted to show off the actors’ bodies but to have them pimp and pump those muscles, it was way overboard. Sometimes it’s this little things that tell you that the production has poor taste and raises doubt over quality.

        I don’t want to compare but the C version did a much better job in introducing the princes and I found it easy to follow their alliances and conflicts. Where the princes are concerned, its a triple whammy of bad writing, bad directing and bad acting.

      • @Gem
        Don’t get me wrong, dear. I am watching Moonlight also although Scarlet is my first choice. I made such statement because that is how I feel about that drama but ones can always choose to disagree. Like I said, it gives me that tender fuzzy feelings but I am kinda tired of that girl cross dressing as boy kinda thing. The vibes is the same as when I watched Coffee Prince, YAB, SKK Scandal, Painter of the Winds. There are too many redux. Cute banters no longer appealing to me.
        And when I said that PBG’s fanbase is massive in Korea, I never meant to undermine him at all. He is such a sweetheart and a genuinely good young actor. But you see, I was a teenage fan girls once but now than I am in my 30’s, my approach towards my bias is not the same because my priorities are different now. I watch drama when I wanted to but still supporting them. Very much unlike when I was a younger die hard fans who would strive to get even the first VIP tickets for a fan meeting, if you get what I mean.
        Being a LJK fan, I respect the fans of others too. I give opinion only after I have watched the drama, not simply giving comments and try to sound like a sore loser.

      • But for your information pbg mostly fanbase is not youth but mostly ahjumma n noona in theirs 30-50. You can see the chart of the mdbc comment in naver. So if you say the massive fanbase from youngster i think u are wrong. Just giving information that mostly of his fans not young generation.

      • @hasy: Rouxi is as realistic in her Chinese setting as Hae Soo is in her Korean setting. I’m not from China, but I have watched a fair number of dramas exploring that certain period in Qing dynasty. I can’t imagine how many dramas on that historical period have been made and aired in China, that is not to mention it may have been taught a lot at school.
        A typical Chinese may not know that much, but Rouxi had referred to dramas a lot when she observed the events that were unfolded before her. She just happens to be an avid historical drama fan and people like her are not rare in real life.
        I like the historically ignorance touch that the current writer uses to depict Hae Soo though. I remember reading a line that says she wants to change history in one of the previews, so I’m really curious as to how the writer would approaches that in her work.

  43. the story narrative for moon lover feels disjointed and awkward. Not as smooth as the original. Why the heck is the writer doing a information dump on the start of the show, its very old school and not many people will enjoy having the show introduce in this setup. And all the awkward solo parts of the princes with no purpose. Best way to start the show is to start it presuming everyone knows the characters as they are, but you introduce their role slowly thru the plot as and when appropriate.

  44. Both drama good.
    But junki voice killin me, bogum innocent face melt me
    IU acting is good, so do KYJ,
    Both has different story, soo I will watch both, I hope the rating will not hv many differences;
    I just dont want one of them hv bad rating, ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Scarlet Heart’s rating isn’t bad at all. It’s highly likely that ep 3 breaks 10%, it is already very near. People are just surprised that it premiered with the lowest rating of the group given the hype.

      Why aren’t subs for ep 2 up yet? I read some comments that ep 3 was good and now people are praising IU and Baekhyun for their acting. Is it true?

  45. no surprise. IU sux at acting. only one that is worth watching is LJK.

    even he cant safe this mess up drama with so many bad acting. leading the way is IU herself.

    moonlight going kick moon lover butt. PGB was smart to drop moon lover. why waste his acting in a drama were the lead woman is so bad at acting.

    • Park Bo Gum (you even type the initial of his name wrongly) is not offered for SH in the first place.
      Blossom Ent has a great affinity with KBS..
      Other than Wonderful Mama (SBS weekend drama which did rather bad because SBS is not predominantly strong for weekend dramas), he has not worked in any SBS weekday dramas.

  46. It is win-win for me too. Am watching moonlight for PBG,and moon lovers for LJK. But I worry for moon lovers’ trajectory moving forward as LJK is out-acting the rest of the cast (am still awed by his many expressions in the bathing pool scene with IU). Except for KHN, 3rd prince and the queen, the rest of the moon lovers cast seem to belong in a gag concert rather than a sageuk. The lower ratings may reflect the uneven casting. Moonlight is more even in the acting stakes, both PBG and KYJ have the ability to switch from silly to serious and back again in a heartbeat. I am worried if IU would be able to do better as the drama progresses. No offence to IU fans, she is a hugely talented singer but her acting is really unconvincing. It is a real pity as LJK is really rocking his role in moon lovers in spite of that distracting fringe, barely serviceable leading lady and uneven supporting cast.

    • Yes please! LJK needs a good co-star.
      Park Shinhye gets alot of flack for her acting but imo she’s a good actress and has improved heaps.

    • Why did he choose to work in this drama ? He needs to work with actresses like Song Hye Kyo, Gong Hyo jin or Park Shin Hye Who are well loved and know how to choose projects.

    • I was thinking the same too. Despite how Doctors receiving mixed review, the drama still become a sleeper hit which I personally think because she is so loveable by Koreans. Being a LJK’s fangirl, I am not saying that he doesn’t have the star power but oftenly his leading ladies (no offense to IU because I honestly love her performance in Scarlet) not very likeable and so as his co-stars which in end, people always feel like he’s the one carrying the show.

      • It’s great to hear that PSH is appreciated for her influence. She has that Midas touch that makes her partners really hit it big after working with her. I guess what KRW said is for real, that other actors and now even directors are wishing to work with her, latest being director of Lets fight ghost. Know topic is about those 2 dramas, just wanted to say , as a PSH fan, it’s nice to hear she is appreciated. Girl power fighting! ? Have yet to watch ML, but have seen Moonlight….funny moments and glad for the child actress,wonderful to see how she has gracefully grown up, just like PSH. I’m sure Korean audience have a soft spot for these child actresses.

  47. I’m watching Moonlight and Let’s Fight Ghost and I love both dramas. I can’t believe the female characters are so young and yet so much more talented than many actresses in their 20s.

    I tried watching Moon Lovers (because of Lee Jung Ki and Kim Kyu Tae) but, unfortunately, I got bored (the drama is just not engaging enough; in this case I tend to blame the writer rather than the actors). Oh, well, I’m not yet sure whether I’ll continue watching it or not.

  48. just how many bad actress LJK going to pair with till he say enough is enough. he need actress like PSH SHK OYO were he dont have to carry the drama by himself. his drama will alway flop with lead actress that are bad at acting.

    • Does he has any say when come to his leading lady? Normally he was casted first unless he decided to pick a drama with a leading lady that has been confirmed. On this case, he was the first one casted for Scarlet Heart.

    • Same here. He is the best thing about Scarlet Heart. How is that possible an actor that superb not rewarded for his talent and hardwork?

  49. Dear Jun Ki.. you should work with jeon ji hyun, gong hyo jin or ha ji won… may be they are older but with their acting talent, they bring the rating…,next if you play with not so good actress I will not loyal with you again. Tbh your drama is meh ๐Ÿ™

    • If you don’t wish to be his fan anymore then that is your choice. He never decided on who he worked with and it so happened that his dramas not doing very well. I appreciate him for his acting talent, no matter how crappy the drama is, you can always count on him to give splendid performance.

  50. This is funny. Not too long ago, people were saying things like Song Hye Kyo is too old, Jeon Ji Hyun too ahjumma and Park Shin Hye riding on coattails of her male co-stars. Now, they are calling for LJK to work with these actresses to bring in the ratings? Granted they may not be the same people but this makes LJK look pathetic which I am sure he isn’t.

    I don’t think it’s the actors’ fault that the ratings aren’t going as expected. If I were to blame anyone, I’d blame the writer and PD. Going by the 1st episode, my suspicion about the direction of this story seems right. Alarm bells rang when I read news of who’s casted for all the princes except LJK and KHN. It looked like the kind of story where form is more important than substance. Then came the stills of LJK rocking it in his all black ensemble complete with a cool mask and rocker fringe, emoting like no other. What I am going to say next won’t sit well with LJK’s fans…While I am not crazy over LJK’s looks, I do find that he looks good in saeguks. However, any show that plays up his looks, overemphasizes on how cool he is and gives him all these scenes which are like fan dreams come true, is likely a drama not to be taken seriously. In other words, not a hit.

    Rather than LJK choosing his co-star, how about him choosing a well written drama and one which views casting actors who can act more important than looks or popularity? Although it may not guarantee high ratings, at least he will be in a worthy project with a worthy partner.

    • While I appreciate your insight but the later comment not sitting well with me as LJK’s fan.
      First, there is nothing much can be done about his look. Lee Jun Ki and beautiful just always come together. I don’t see in Scarlet that they tried to accentuate his good look other than draping him in blacks to make him looks outstanding and gives out a cold mysterious aura and simply because he is born beautiful, the whole things got blown out of proportion that Lee Jun Ki looks super hot. Same with his look in SWWTN. He was given the typical vampire make up (pale skin, contact lenses, red lips) and again, people raved that he is super good looking. As for that, I don’t see that those dramas trying to play up his good look at all.
      Regarding the well-written drama, aside from Scarlet, the rest are based on live-shoot system. He has tried to be smart and selective, choosing Scarlet because of PD Kim Kyu Tae who had impressive records so far and because the drama is based on good original source by Tong Hua and the team behind the Princess’ Man for Joseon Gunman. So, tell me, what is there that he has not done to ensure that he works in a good drama?
      With regard to his co-star, that I agree with some comments that it is high time that he should put this element into consideration when come to choosing his drama despite that we know, he has no control over who his leading lady is. Normally he gets casted first as the case in Scarlet, Joseon and Arang. Maybe this time, he should select a project with a confirmed leading lady. If you noticed his track records, none of his leading lady has bigger appeal than he himself other than may be Shin Min Ah. In the case of Scarlet, the drama basically generated a lot of antis even before its released first because of IU and then the flower boys (though I think everyone gave decent performance). And for that reason, people always commented that he is the one ended up having to carry the entire drama.
      And that is why I am saying, LUCK plays a big role in one’s career choice. I believe LJK had exercised all diligent and care in his career decision but its down to luck and timing. He may entered into a project knowing that it is in the hand of a good PD, and the drama still tanked. For that, I say some actors are fortunate that after exercising such qualities, their choice happened to be a success. But that is life, not all hardwork being recognized and may be LJK doesn’t have the luck just yet.
      Problem is, in SK, they merited the actors based on drama popularity. There are many actors whose talent and performance is sub-par compare to his and still rewarded handsomely. I guess that is why many of his fans wanted his drama to have ratings hit because he is a genuine talent.

  51. Just watched ep1 of SH. I like how the scenarios mostly deviate from C original, specifically LJK’s 4th prince. In all my honesty, I favor LJK’s version way better than C version. In real life, I also admire warriors way more than barking politicians. Hahaha..that’s no coincidence why I appreciate the hero in the K version more. I don’t have strong opinions about the overall acting of the K version. So I feel disconnected with those who are critical of the acting and I don’t attribute the lower ratings of SH to poor acting of the cast. I think they’re decent as far as ep1 went. But I do feel the directing is a bit lacking, not comparable to the artistry displayed in the C original.

    Anyhow, here’s my take about the lower ratings. Did any K remake of other dramas ever have high viewership in S Korea? I can’t think of any other than Boys over Flower. Think about K remake of the hit T dramas “Fated to Love You” and “In Time with You” etc. The ratings of these remakes either went flat or a plunge. This is my conclusion: Drama remake is not down the alley of the majority of K audience at all regardless of the cast, the production, and anything esle. Lesson for actors to learn: avoid any remake projects.

    LJK should get out of sageuk for a while. This guy is hawt in everything. LOL. So please give fans a fresh look next time. I don’t mind him shirtless or showing 6 pack for fan service. I’m shallow though. LOL

    • On one hand I agree with you but question is…..if remake or adaptation is not their cup of tea since the plot has already been laid out…but what about recycle genre and manhwa adaptation? As for MDBC, cross-dressing girl (recycle genre, although I know the story is a lot deeper than that so don’t kill me just yet) and adaptation from a manhwa where people already have a clue on how the story goes?
      The only thing I can figure out is that, manhwa is a piece of writing brought into life by a drama adapation whereas in the case of Scarlet, the same story (though actually an adaptation and not a remake) with different set of actors and different settings.
      LJK may be decided to do Scarlet knowing that it is in the good hands of PD KKT (whom he cited as a renowned good filmmaker) and giant investment including from NBC which by right, have every ability to elevate the drama even further.
      I still like him in saeguk though and I mean, Goryeo saeguk, not Joseon. Most importantly, I hope he will star in a quality project and not get caught in a situation where he is pinned between he is lauded over his own spectacular performance while the rest of the elements in the drama being bashed heavily.

  52. Am watching ep2 now. Argh! The camera shots…what the heck was wrong with those close up zoom in’s? So annoying! They could have done better with cinematography like DotS given this was pre produced.

      • I was surprised to find I had qualms about the directing and camera work rather than the screenplay. Everyone said the writer had unimpressive (if not poor) track record. But I ended up not being disappointed at the narratives so far. Instead, I found many shooting angles and random moves dang annoying, lacking aesthetic.

  53. What the crap! Here was I enjoying the ending scene of ep 2 when the OST blared and took me out of the moment.

    If I am going to judge this drama on its own without making comparison to the C version, I would say it’s not all bad. Palace saeguks make my head hurt with all the politics and conspiracies but I am also a sucker for grand, beautiful sets Throw me good fighting scenes and I’ll be won. This could have been a lot better if the directing and camera work up to par. Not just the horrendous close up shots which marred the narrative and I also had grievances with how the martial arts and dance scene was shot. It wasn’t a total fail but if you have seen your share of such scenes, you’d know it can be much much better. Another thing – was anyone as confused as I was on who’s who behind the masks and costumes? I know they wanted the reveal of 4th prince at the end of the sequence but surely it could have been better dealt with?

    I also found myself wishing there were only Lee Jun Ki and Kang Ha Neul in the drama. *Sigh*

    • Me too. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is not captured by that court dance. I personally don’t find the PD’s take on it cinematographic enough, yet he seems to delve into it a little bit too long.
      I think part of what makes the attack scene confusing is because of the rigid concept of Wang So as black/ emo character, hence his donning his usual black outfit kind of blends in with the assassins (though I wonder why really because he was wearing the red outfit just like his other brothers in the rehearsal though?

      • I am not going all technical about cinematography and camera stuff. I just know a good thing when I see one and enjoy it. This PD does not seem to know when to zoom in and when not to. For example, when they were dressing up Queen Yoo, they could have zoomed in at the right parts to show the intricate details, elaborate hair accessories, beautiful fabric whatsoever. Instead it was just all zoom out. For the dance and martial arts scene, first and foremost, the dancers weren’t as synchronized as I’d like. It could have been very grand and usually dramas/movies make a big deal out of it.

        I know Nirvana In Fire was in a league of its own but gosh, the direction and camera work there was da bomb.

      • Wang So took the place of the Crown Prince in the dance, and wore the latter’s black outfit over his own red outfit. The Crown Prince was supposed to lead the ritual dance and hence wear the black outfit, which also made him an easy target for the assassination attempt.

      • @Livi: thanks for your correction, I was all eyes on LJK during the rehearsal so didn’t pay attention to the CP.
        If choice of clothing were ruled out as a potential confusion then maybe the angle of the camerawork could have been better though? I understand the need to shift the camera quickly to hide the flaws in martial art performance of the other princes (similar to what they did for Moo hyul in 6FD) as well as up the tensity of the fight but I still think it could have been done better to highlight LJK.

    • Haha….Agree with you. That EXO’s song really is crappy and that was the center of discussion in MLSHR forum, where most want to strangle the music PD for that horrible choice of modern music in saeguk.
      I love the intro music, though.

  54. advice for LJK dont pick a drama till u know the lead lady dont sux at acting. feel bad for him to see his drama flop so much. this the three time his drama flop cuz of lead lady.

    • Apart from Scarlet and Scholar, which other drama are you referring to? Nam Sang Mi is good and Joseon Gunman is not a flop, Park Ha Sun is fine and so as Shin Min Ah.

      • @Del I think what joey meant was that by now, he should have a drama that makes his career skyrocket to its peak, but yet, he hasn’t because of his leading ladies. It was only The King and Clown that made his popularity boost up.

      • @Narrot, @Del is just asking which is the 3rd drama Joey’s referring to. And it’s not nice of Joey to say that the lead lady’s acting sux or to lay the blame of a non-successful drama on the leading lady, because there may be many other factors involved such as story/script, directing, editing, music etc. And you forgot about Iljimae.

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