K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Sets Fastest Record by Breaking 300 Million Views in 3 Days on China’s Youku

The disappointing Korean domestic premiere ratings for the first three episodes of K-adaptation of Bu Bu Jing Xin may take a herculean effort on the production team to reverse. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Bobogyungsim: Ryeo) is mired in just 7% ratings but there’s good news over the strait in China where the drama has broken 300 million views is just three days. It’s far and away a new record and one that is unlikely to be beat by another K-drama as Moon Lovers had the built in recognition with C-viewers since it’s adapted from a popular C-novel.

I’ve rewatched all three episodes and like it even more, it’s so different in tone and details from the C-drama version, making it a fresh watch in all the ways that work for me. Those still undecided should definitely check it out with an open mind, it may or may not work for you but will likely fall somewhere in the middle – not as bad as those critical make it out to be, but also not a complete success in narrative, acting, or directorial fluidity.


K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Sets Fastest Record by Breaking 300 Million Views in 3 Days on China’s Youku — 203 Comments

  1. after 3 episodes, i decide to quit watching this. prefer Moonlight of Park Bogum and KYJ. probably bcuz i compare this to C-version. I watched everything related to BBJX, so this one is kinda disappointed.

    But well, perhaps later, i’ll give it a try again…

      • Moonlight is pure light, comedic fluff if you like that type of drama which is actually subjective personal preference then go for it, there is seriously no basis of comparison for the two dramas. Why people thumb down one drama to show the superiority of another a big question

      • Whoever you are grow up …….hahahahhahahah….buzz of if that’s your thoughts…….. heeeeeeeee

    • I didn’t like moonlight because i don’t like its brand of humour. Too slap-sticky. But what I really enjoyed were the sweet moments like when she offers him chicken and the ensuing conversation. If it had less of the comedy and more of the heartwarming stuff, I would have stuck to the show. But i had to let it go. Too many shows too less time.

    • koalasplayground lets tango…… good for you, your eyes don’t deserve it. don’t bother. you are very think, an adaptation ”Make(something)suitable for a new use or purpose; modify. why compare mennnnnnn…….that is lame in fact genuinely foolish please…… quit at lest up grade your standard before you start posting comment on public page. If you like Moonlight that much we don’t need to know delete your comment and get off………… why bother ……..

    • I’m really happy for you all that you like Moonlight and that it is much better & so cute. But I scrolled up again and re-confirmed that this post is about another not so cute drama, so it seems that maybe you guys have lost your way?

    • Sorry yui, you cannot convince everyone especially me to give up watching moon lovers because We are into lee jun ki. I personally have no interest in watching moonlight or c- version of bbjx even though you or others try to convince viewers by saying they’re better than moon lovers…

  2. Once all 20 episodes are out, I’m binging this without a doubt. I don’t need it to be perfect, and as long as there’s something that draws me in, I’m good to go.

    In this case, it’s 100% Lee Jun-ki. Ooh baby ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I am following scarlet heart ryeo and plan to binge watch moonlight. I really like scarlet heart ryeo but really hope for them to speed up the romance line between haesoo and wang so. I know it just started but I cannot wait for the otp.

    • No that is not so. if was why the increase from 100m to 300m. please analyse a bit if it was bad even 100m would have left.. My dear don’t get it twisted. Use it a bit.

    • Actually, it’s great that they are tuning in and watching it whether for comparison and curiosity sake or otherwise. Let’s hope that they will continue to compare and be curious for the remaining 17 episodes and break more records!

  3. I blame the editing…
    Those close up ruin the overall story…every time they in shook, excited , speak, the EXTREME close up …
    I can even see Baehyun blemishes, IU fake eyelashes glue, KHN pores.
    It just too extreme close up.

    • The narratives are actually interesting since all the historical setting is different from C version and it feels unpredictably fresh. But whenever I immersed myself in the plot, all of a sudden those random zoom ins just disengaged me and woke me up to reality, specifically causing my indigestion while I was eating. LMAO.

      I wonder if a certain editing staff member was drunk or on high when he/she worked on the job. LOL

    • They have apparently understood the complaints and are re-editing the show so we can hope for better edited episodes now. The show has so many beautiful moments and scenery that are not emphasised enough due to bad editing. Like the area which is supposed to be the common bath area and we see IU travel through it at night. That set looks so pretty, its like a huge park full of clouds but the editor just quickly cut through the scene without letting you linger there.

  4. 300 million?! I’m so happy for Lee Jun Ki.

    Does anyone know the comparable viewing figures for other kdramas that got popular on Chinese streaming/have been streaming recently?

  5. Since I’ve never watch the C-version so I can’t make comparison with K-version. however so far I like it, I like everything on it. Even IU’s and Baek Hyun’s acting which being criticized. I enjoy the drama as much as I enjoy Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

  6. I like this drama, it’s entertaining and I do think people were over critical about it. Even with some minor flaws in IU’s acting, it’s entertaining. It’s always hard to follow the original because of preconceived ideas and expectations, but I am enjoying this drama.

  7. It all turning to the flavour of each viewers , who is like , go head,who do not like will stop. and all criticism,blame or suggestions we are, are not useful. anyway ,all finished in edit. and honestly,all of this drama criticism,reducing the interest me to watch this drama ,
    which is not as wow they’ve promised.

  8. I tried to watch it but everything seems forced in this drama and dosen’t flow and feels just forced all together.

    Most of the characters in this drama are out of character

  9. I would say there is alot of mis-castings in this drama. Forget about the idols the actors themselves are mis-casts especially Lee Jun-Ki..

    Kang Ha neul is the only one who fits into his role

    • While I respect your opinion. I disagree when you mentioned that the one greatly mis-casted is Lee Jun Ki. IMO, he is the best thing about this drama. At least I know Koala agrees with me.

      • I honestly feel like his out of place in this drama and all this tough thing is not suited for him.

        Example Park Bo-gom who is more of a puppy can act out mean characters way better. Is it maybe the height or just the energy or whatever it is. His not convincing as a brutal man or aggressive individual

      • I also agree Lee Junki is the best thing about the drama. Everyone else is nowhere near as appealing. I’d have to say he is not miscast, more like his character is completely different from the C-version. It’s not the miscasting of the actors, but more like the setup of the characters is just completely different…which I also dislike. The other princes do not appeal to me at all..

      • Are you saying Lee Jun Ki can’t act out mean character? And then PBG can acted it better than him? My my….I am at loss of words. Dear MDBC fan, just stay out of this article. I think it really hurt you that this drama is doing great elsewhere except Korea and then it hurts you that they do not agree with you that SH is terrible and MDBC is better. Please stay away for your own good health.

      • @Kizuna, I understand that your comment about LJK is because you have not yet watched the show. Actuallly, the comments on some of the international sites are that he is very convincing as a brutal & aggressive individual, and are praising him and Kang Ha Neul for their great performances.

      • (cont’d) In addition, LJK is well-known for his high energy action scenes. And I don’t think height has any bearing as to acting performance.

    • ???????????????

      Without LJK, the whole K adaptation would come to null. He’s the major reason I’m watching the remake. I was never the one for ANY remake, not popular K Boys over Flowers, not even my fave Jang Hyuk’s Fated to Love You. But I found LJK’s 4th prince intriguing and I love it so much how his character totally deviates from the 4th prince in the C original. The 4th prince in the original completely turned me off and I skipped most of his scenes. LOL

      • I share opinions with K’nets on this one. IMHO you should check out Moonlight then you would realize what I’m talking about..

        It’s day and night and actully exposes Moon lovers. I don’t know what it is but everything sort went right for the Moonlight production and this is an opinion shared by both I’nets and K’nets.

        @Drama2016 I would strongly recommand to watch Moonlight

      • @Kizuna, I’m also watching Moonlight and I love almost everything in it. PBG is a bomb and KYJ is drop dead gorgeous. But my comment about SH is independent of how I think of other dramas. I’m just speaking for myself. So it’s my personal preference that I consider subjective.

      • BTW, I’m more than happy that PBG has a stellar performance in his first drama as a heavy weight male lead. He’s under the same agency, Blossom Ent, as my bias SJK and they’re close to each other. He showed up many times in SJK’s fan meetings as a special guest after DotS. I’m glad Blossom has all these promising acting talents.

      • I gave Moon lovers second chance because I stopped at 1st episode but the second episode was better and I see what you mean about LJK his actully decent. So I take back my comments and perhaps might even watch it until the end.. Thanks at drama2016 because you convinced me keep up the good work

      • Here comes LJK fan. I know a lot of whatever that I’nets and K’nets not liking Moon Lovers but it baffled me that they are in the opinion that Lee Jun Ki is actually the most mis-casted star in this drama?
        Because as far as what I have read, the criticism apply to so many aspects except Lee Jun Ki and Kang Ha Neul.
        You are obviously a MDBC’s fan. I get it. You like the drama and want people to watch it and enjoy it as well. On the contrary, I don’t enjoy it as much as you obviously do but that’s down one’s personal preference.
        But like @OMG….I have to strongly disagree regarding that statement on LJK. Even when everything is not right about this drama, Lee Jun Ki is till the single best thing about Moon Lovers.
        I love his version of 4th Prince so very much.

    • And this is how you know there is no objectivity to this “Criticism”. Its just hate … PBG is a good actor, a very good actor. But if you say that PBG is a better actor than LJK and that too in a historical, then I don’t even know what to say… You love moonlight, we get it but please don’t rundown the other show pretending to be objective or neutral. And don;t give lame “reasons” like height (wtf????) or aura or whatever.

      • I can’t speak in the OP’s defense but perhaps what they meant was PBG can give off a ‘sinister’, ‘villain’, ‘merciless and heartless killer’ vibe? I have never seen LJK in anything in which he plays the bad guy (and would really appreciate if someone would suggest one to me b/c I really like his acting). In SH I don’t fear him at all, instead I feel for him more, but I also agree that LJK is not miscast because he’s not supposed to be heartless. It’s just that in certain scenes where people are supposed to show their fear and prejudice toward him his co-actors didn’t succeed in making their fear come across (the scene where the people ran away when he entered the city and the reactions of the 3 young princes when LJK entered the room didn’t convince me that they were mortally afraid of him at all). I watched Shine or Go Crazy and must admit that though both actors playing Wang So are very different in appearance in certain scenes I can feel there is something similar in the way they portray the character so that the viewers can sympathise and feel for them, which I think are successful performances.

    • @Kizuna, Mazuna, Maduna, Dumumuna,, what the f…k is your name again? are serious baby? hahaha are you on drugs?, or in the heat of passion…hahahah.. eeeeehhh… miscast you say? where are from? seriously …….infact he fits like a glove…. actually he is the only one in k-land that can pull off that role….. infact like a very thin condom hahahahhahahahh………….. Listen if you don’t like the drama don’t watch. no infact don’t talk but to go as far to say such an amazing pro like him is miscast, someone cast in resident evil…. like are serious…..you’ve crossed the line. run back. Madam actress make your cast lets see……. why do I need to know your foolish cast……keep it to yourself….buzz off b….t…. don’t make me

    • Kizune has not watched any movie / tv shows that have lee joon gi in it probably. She only watched 1st episode and already skeptical. Tssk tssk. It’s not a wise move to judge people based on first impression, when u meet them only for a few minutes. Like how u only see lee joon gi acting in few mins of first episode. I understand that kang ha neul got more screen time on first episode, so u get to see him more but it does nor mean that lee joon gi is so bad like that u said. I am a fan of high quality actor and he is a veteran in this case. U know how old is he? How he has been acting as actor? Probably u haven’t even born when he started acting. Bruhhh. U are crazy. I have watched moonlight too but i will not like keep asking people to watch show that i only like and talking bad about another show. If u r like that, i would also say that moonlight is a gay show. I dont like it at all. Cliche drama. Cross dress. I saw many drama like that. Nothing new at all. Blehhh.

    • Kizuna you have to think wise before posting future comments like these. Watch and analyze first, babe.. Because the reason of people watching SHR is mostly LJK. He is a pro. You cannot just compare him to a newbie.

  10. I am so happy for Lee Jun Ki most of all.
    And the end of the day, it’s all about preference and I agree with Koala, I love the drama even more after re-watching it. And those critical ones sometimes can be too nasty and exaggerating with their comments.
    I have watched the C-version but the K-version resonated more with me, probably due to my eternal love for LJK. And I love his version of 4th Prince so much more – apart from the sizzling hotness, he is also very vulnerable which makes him easy to root for.
    Since PD Kim Kyu Tae has finally come to realize the blunders that he made for the first 3 episodes, I really hope that he would instead focus to do better editing for the yet to be released 17 episodes, instead of the director’s cut for the re-run.
    Please dear PD, do justice to all the hard effort that had been poured into this production. I am sure that once those glaring flaws have been smoothed out, the end results would be far more satisfying.
    In the meantime, I am over the moon for Moon Lovers and for Jun Ki.

    • I also hope that the PD will re-edit all the remaining episodes too. It’s ridiculous to waste all the beautiful scenery & sets, wonderful acting etc. by pesky stuff like inappropriate music or too many close-ups etc.

      I think he tried to be experimental and as usual, the K-audience don’t fancy the results, just like in the case of Producer.

  11. This is good news to the production team. All the pre production is paid off in the C market. I’m sure a lot of C fangirls will be mesmerized by LJK or KHN or both. LOL. Yeah! Bring higher popularity and fame to their stardom outside S. Korea. Low domestic ratings may be shrugged off.

  12. Scarlet Heart is the not so good drama in 2016, it will hurt a lot the casts, especially IU, she will dissappear from K dramaland. I dont know about Jun Ki, I hope he still get a toles with a good co star ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think the biggest mistake that led to the failure and low rating for the Moon Lovers was the wrong actress had been chosen to play the part of Lady Hae Soo.

      IU is totally wrong for the part – from her unimpressive, plain physical appearance to her acting inability. She barely passed the test even as a member of the supporting cast in “Dream High” and as the 2nd lead actress in “Producers”, then why on earth was she chosen to play Hae Soo, who is the main character of the story and who is expected to carry the entire drama along with LJK? IU is clearly no leading actress material and does not have what it takes to be one. I understand that the network has invested a lot of money in the production, so the executives had to know that they were taking a very big risk when they made the decision to cast IU in that critical role, particularly when getting the right actors to play the right parts can often determine the success or the failure of a drama.

      The network took a huge (and senseless) gamble on IU and they LOST! In order for the drama to succeed, it has to have the basic ingredient: both the main actor and actress should be of the same caliber besides having chemistry and compatibility so they can complement and bring out the best in each other. In this case, the heavy-weight veteran (LJK) is being mistakenly paired up with the inexperienced light-weight (IU) – since LJK and IU are a total mismatch, the result is a disaster in the making!

      Liu Shi Shi was selected as the female lead in the C version of “BBJX” which became a phenomenal success a few years ago. She proved to be the perfect choice for the role and convincingly pulled off as the charismatic, witting and gorgeous Rouxi who captured every man’s heart. In addition, she was also lucky to have been backed up by an amazing supporting cast. Her wonderful performance was so favorably received that ultimately earned her the “Best Actress” award. On the other hand, the k version unfortunately made a very poor decision in choosing IU as Hae Soo and suffered a very different outcome and therefore the drama is doomed to fail.

      While the majority of the viewers criticized IU for the sub-par performance, the bigger problem for me is actually her physical appearance. Not only does she lack “screen presence” and the “aura” of a leading lady, she is simply not convincing as Hae Soo who is supposed to be an enchanting beauty and the object of every man’s affection. In fact, rather than appearing as the beautiful and charming Lady Hae Soo, she looks more like one of the palace maids and gets easily lost in the crowd!

      I’ve always believe that a lot of times, the success/failure of a drama or movie depends largely on whether or not the most-suitable actor/actress had been selected for the right rle. The decision can actually make or break the drama and determine the outcome. I also believe that in choosing the right actor for the right part almost always (well, almost!) guarantees the success of a movie/drama since finding the perfect actor for the right role is the most difficult and tricky part for a production.

      There is a famous Chinese saying that goes something like this: “No matter how exquisite the peony (flower is, it still needs to have the green leaves to bring out its true beauty:. LJK is a superb actor, but he alone cannot do the job, not even with the help of KHN (the 8th prince, who happens to be very likable and delivers a highly respectable performance). Apart from the lead actress, LJK also needs the collective effort from the rest of the cast in order for the drama to succeed.

      I truly believe that a more suitable actress of LJK’s caliber to play his love interest inte drama, the result would have been vastly different! There are so many other beautiful, experienced K actresses with great acting skills who are much more suitable to play that role, I am still scratching my head so to why IU was picked? By the way, I wonder if the lovely actress, Han Hyo Joo, who was LJK’s leading lady in “Iljimae” had ever been considered for the role? She would have been a great choice!

      I read that LJK took this project based on his faith in the director’s reputation. Unfortunately in this case, I think his confidence inthe director has been grossly misplaced. As a loyal LJK supporter, I blame the production executives and my heart aches for LJK.

      Thankfully, all is not lost as the drama is doing much better in China and did not suffer the same fate as it did in Korea – Amen to that!

  13. I am glad for Lee Jun Ki as it adds to his popularity in China but in Korea, its been disappointing for good reasons. I re-watched all 3. The director and editors, what the heyy dude, so many frames ruined with bad camera-work and incoherence in narration. This drama, it works for Lee Jun Ki and Kang Haneul only. Also, over-dramatization to the point of making it silly. For example, why make Lee Jun Ki’s opening shot as if he is The witch king of Angmar chasing Frodo Baggins. I laughed out loud at that. That bath scene done for fan-service was plain cringe-worthy that was followed up by more bath scenes that are silly. Not the best drama out there for the promotion.
    On a side note, I saw Lee Jun Ki in running man, this guy needs to head to tvn for a modern romantic comedy asap. He’ll finally see the ratings gold then.

    • “The Witch King of Angmar chasing Frodo Baggins”

      Thanks for the laugh, I had a long day.

      There are some conversations up there about whether LJK is miscast in this drama. I don’t think that’s the issue. He is doing fine as an angsty Wang So with a thousand lifetimes of hurt bottled up inside. Problem is the drama over-dramatizes his scenes, his character and everything he does.

      For a main character, I don’t think the writing is developing Wang So enough. Contrast it to what Moonlight Drawn By Cloud does with the main character Lee Young. I find his character intriguing, complex, his weaknesses and strengths are shown and therefore this character becomes someone who you can smile along when he laughs and cry when he cries. His relationship with the present Queen, his misunderstanding with the King, his father and memories of his deceased mother are all so well done. Scarlet Heart had the same if not more opportunities with Wang So and his terrible parents but so far, they have not exploited the potential.

      I praised Kang Ha Neul because I think he’s doing a lot more with his character than what’s written in the scripted or directed. I don’t see that in other characters. His is not an easy role to play because the character is the calm and quiet sort. Then there’s the situation of him loving two women at the same time. Yet I cannot deny the chemistry between him and IU.

      I hope I can see more of what’s going on in Wang So’s mind. The fighting scenes were very exciting and all but ingenious manoeuvring can be thrilling as well. A thinking man is sexier than one who merely acts or reacts.

      • I don’t know how the writing will be for the future episodes but right now the issue is ‘screen time’ .. Someone calculated that WS is like there for 10 minutes in the first episode. Though the next episode gets better but we actually are spending very less time with him overall. I think its less than 40%. Thats why you find the lead of Moonlight better developed because the show there is not juggling a mammoth cast. And thats why KHN’s character in moonlover shines because we have spent a lot more time with him. Also, if i remember correctly, the way the story is structured, we spend more time with the 8th prince in the first half and 4th prince in the second half. So Give it some time.

        In terms of personal relations we have seen largely 2-3 scenes of WS – with the queen, the king, and the bath scene. The fact that a large number of viewers can empathise with him despite him doing all the violence in the show is an indication that the writing and the acting is doing something right. It is touching a chord with the viewers.

        You won’t be able to enjoy the show if you keep comparing the two. For example, if we look simple in terms of ‘historical setting’ the whole premise of moonlight will fall apart because it really is not a saguek in the true sense of the word. Its a light, campy youth show. Everything is over exaggerated for fun. so enjoy each on its own merit ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Wang So gets ample screen time and my problem is not how Jun Ki handles it. His character is heavy handed and brutalized to the point that we should be grateful that he is not a Criminal Minds variety Unsub. My problem is so far how this makes it meaningless for me to be invested in all else. There’s all the other princes in the mix but why on earth should I care about them instead of this tragic and flawed main lead. Even Hae-Su is a pointless heroine in this context so far. I am sure it’ll change with time, God I hope it does cause this is supposed to be as much hae-su’s journey along with Wang So. The characterization in itself is interesting but with 20 episodes they could gradually establish it instead of packing it in 3 episodes. It’ll easily turn away viewers.

      • Agree with @KdramaCrazy

        And since you guys going on and on with the comparison to MDBC, this has really gotten on my nerves.
        MDBC does not have that much characters so yes, theres ample screen time to flesh out that character played by PBG.
        In contrast, LJK’s Wang So have not been given that much screentime yet for the audience to really discover him. As per C-BBJX, the first half focus more on 8th Prince and that is why KHN shines here. The first 3 episodes only meant to introduce Wang So and yet to flesh him out. I just find this comment is just to undermine LJK.
        And comparing LJK to PBG and to even think that he out-acted LJK is something my sane brain could never comprehend. I get it you guys love PBG but drawing such conclusion is ridiculous and over the top.
        If you like MDBC so much, go ahead and watch it to your heart contend. And if you dislike SH for whatever your reason including LJK, then dont even bother to watch it.
        This posting is about SH’s success abroad and not MDBC being the rating leader, which you wish you to rave about on and on.
        No matter how much you criticized, the show still doing well abroad which means it may not appeal to you but it appeal to so many out there.

      • @KdramaCrazy
        I don’t consciously calculate screentime but I did noticed that Wang So had very little in the 1st episode. However, there was more of him in ep 2 and 3. Again, I didn’t count time but it did feel that way.

        I am bemoaning the fact because I’d like to see him more than what’s presented so far. I didn’t complain about 4th Prince in C BBJX because I wasn’t interested in him, hahaha.

        I think @Gem has a point there. We want more depth with the tragic and flawed hero instead of just him riding into the sunset or chopping up monks like Kill Bill. Surely, those supposedly funny scenes involving Baekhyun and other princes can be sacrificed without pain for more Wang So.

      • @Gem

        Yes he is brutal but it was those times. I think it might be disconcerting because majority of the sagueks we have watched are joseon era which are more about political outclassing your opponent rather than cutting their knees …. literally. Its set in a more brutal, violent, times where rather than diplomats we had warriors.

        Its interesting you think that too much is packed in 3 episodes because one of the complaint i saw a lot was that people said that not much happened and they could have condensed the first 2 episodes into 1. And i was wondering what could they possibly cut out? The show is pretty fast paced at it is. So i guess to each is own.

      • @KDramaCrazy & @Heidi. Agree with both of u. The pace is just right.

        @D & @Gem. As mentioned by @Heidi, the first 3 episodes are just to introduce Wang So. I believe that depth of his character will be shown in later episodes. The first few meant to emphasize more on 8th so that we can see his connection and relationship development with Haesoo. If you find KHN mesmerizing here then the writing striked since it is meant to be that way and I am glad that LJK let his co-star and other characters shine before sttealing the attention once he dominates the screentime.

      • @D

        Firstly the basic setup of SH is very different from MDBC. SH features an ensemble cast where all the princes will get their respective spotlight. The 1st 3 episodes were focusing on developing 8th prince’s character & relationships with HS & his wife, with some screen time given to the other princes and of course a bit more to the 4th prince, with a lot of killing, fighting & action scenes thrown in.

        On the other hand, MDBC is mainly focusing on Prince LY and his love & family relationships. We had 4 episodes of developing LY’s character & relationships and after appearing for more than 3 hours on screen, it’s quite natural that his character and relationships should be reasonably well developed by now. If not, then I don’t know what the show is doing.

        Compare the time spent on LY vs 4th prince. He has appeared for not even one hour on screen in the 1st 3 episodes, so naturally, his character is at a different stage of development. It’s only the 1st week and the drama is still setting up the background, so we need to give the drama time to develop all the characters’ potential. After all, a drama is supposed to show us character growth during its course, or else we’ll be complaining that the characters never changed from beginning to end.

      • @Gem

        I think the whole point is that Wang So is supposed to be heavy handed, brutal & ruthless initially because of his background, and I believe that his character is supposed to evolve gradually during the rest of the drama. Love will change him, but I don’t think it will be overnight. So brutal for the 1st few episodes, growing into a better person over the rest of the drama. But ultimately, knowing history, the ruthlessness will always be there.

    • I equally LOL at “chasing Frodo Baggins” analogy. SH is not disappointing to the point it’s merely a copycat of the C original; SH still has it’s own unique storyline and distinctive main characters such as Prince Wang So. It’s disappointing in the sense that the directing and the editing somehow ruined the flow of could-be fantastic storyline. I still LOL @ those super closeup zoom ins every time thinking about that. I scratch my head having trouble getting the points for the editing team to do so. It’s part of the directing. This so-called famed PD is not as credible as he’s expected. Perhaps he did average decent jobs to shoot modern dramas in the past, but couldn’t get the hang of a sageuk. For artistic and aesthetic purposes, the PD, the camera crew, and the editing team should all go to China and take lessons from their historical dramas. I do think cinematography is a very fundamental and critical element to be considered for a top rated historical drama.

      I agree. LJK should just forsake sageuk projects for a while and do a modern rom com. He’s dang hawt in modern attire. When he danced and sang live on stage, I couldn’t really tell him from the hottest and most trendy idols nowadays. LOL…I’m speaking as an avid Kpopper.

      • In all honesty I think this PD does a splendid job doing long shots (e.g. LJK riding the horse in the sunset, IU drowned in the lake, IU and KHN walking in the snow), but it seems that he isn’t aware of his forte and likes to dwell into his shortcomings (extreme close ups) instead. The weirdest of all is his zoomins. It’s so blatant I can’t help but cringe. The effect it left on the screen is not smooth zooming in but it’s like you’re doing a zoom-in on an older model digital camera.

      • Reworded: the PD doesn’t seem to take full advantage of his forte. I shouldn’t have said he’s not aware of his.

    • @Lea

      What you saw as a silly opening shot, I saw beauty in the horse-riders galloping across the plains with the gorgeous moon eclipse in the background, which contrasted with HS’s sinking into the cold waters, drowning, under the very same moon eclipse across a thousand years. I hope you noticed the amazing scenery at the end of horse ride overlooking the city.

      The bath scene with 4th prince and HS was not silly as it served the purpose of letting her see him without the mask, and also showed the audience how scarred his body was. He sure didn’t live the life of a royal prince. Anyway, LJK’s acting was superb here. The other bath scene wasn’t silly either because it showed us the relationship between the Queen & 3rd prince, and possibly hinting at something which I shall not elaborate here.

      When you watch a show focusing on frames, camera work, music score etc. I don’t think you enjoy the show.

      • You missed the whole point. Him riding through the land while people were creeping away in fear could might as well be Middle Earth instead of Goryeo. That eclipse was shot beautifully, I’ll say that. And camera-work matters. Whats with all the zooming faces, its zarring, it breaks my concentration and only Lee Jun ki can deliver subtle nuances worth being highlight in those shots. I still think the bath scenes were silly excluding the one with Jun Ki. The first scene with all the princes in the same bath house had a weird flow, it felt staged and I felt the actors were uncomfortable. It was obvious. The scheming of the Queen in the bath, why do you need a bath house to do that, why?? I stand by what I’ve said. As for music, it matters alright. Music can change altogether how you perceive a particular scene. I find the technical aspects in a whole lot of way lacking. Not the cinematography, they aced it but editing does suck.

      • @Lea, I’m so much entertained by your reference to Lord of the Rings, my favorite film and novel of all time. LOL

        @Livi, of course camera work, editing, and BGM are part of a film directing to make viewing experience enjoyable or unpleasant. Otherwise, why would reputable drama awards bother to include these categories? If only acting and narratives alone matter, well, let’s all just read the novel or screenplay.

        I don’t appreciate the directing of SH that much as some fan do albeit I like the acting and enjoy the flow of the story. I don’t think ppl critical of certain aspects of this drama haters or bashers even though criticism may hurt fans’ feelings, but sincerely feel sorry for a flawed remake (or adaptation as some staunch fans insist) of an iconic Asian historical time traveling drama. Since SH was hyped way much more than other remakes and the same as Uncontrollably Fond (or should I say at least by the blogger Koala), more attention with higher expectation has been garner and naturally (also unfortunately) more criticism comes forth after it started airing.

      • @Lea, Sorry I don’t get what you mean about Frodo & Middle Earth since I didn’t watch that.

        And I do agree that some of the zooming in shots were annoying because they were overused and also over-zoomed and looked kinda weird.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the princes were uncomfortable in the bath scene, since it was probably filmed early in the production when they were not familiar with each other. But it did serve a purpose which was their first sighting of Haesoo. Surprisingly, you could also see the character & nature of the princes just from that bath scene, 3rd beats up his servants, 8th is the peacemaker, 9th is trying to ally/suck up to 3rd, 10th & 14th are playful and close to each other, 13th is princely & treats the servants well. Of course, the same could be achieved not using a bath scene, but since I’m watching another show with lots of hot guys in swimming trunks spending a lot of time in & out of the pool, it didn’t bother me.

        As for the Queen and her liking for frequent baths, maybe she just likes to smell nice? Nah, I think it might be a psychological thing, she feels dirty because of all the murdering stuff she’s masterminding & plotting and thinks that bathing can cleanse her. A bit like a murderer who keeps washing his hands because he keeps seeing blood on them. Totally my speculation of course.

        I don’t mean that frames, camera work or music score are not important, and agree that they do enhance a viewer’s enjoyment. But when I’m watching a show as action-packed and eventful as Scarlet Heart which is not in my language, I’m too busy reading subs, trying to understand what they are saying, watching the story, the action, the acting, the interactions, admiring the scenery etc, that close-ups and inappropriate songs don’t bother me too much provided they are not used too frequently throughout the episode. Actually I find the music background is quite good, I just don’t like the songs but since the song appears at the end of the show, I don’t mind too much.

      • @Drama2016, Of course, all the stuff you said matters, it’s just that some matter more than others. For me, it is more important that the show has a good story and they manage to tell it reasonably well. You can have the best actors, directing, camerawork, music but if the story drags & goes round & round the bush with getting anywhere in several episodes, sorry, I drop the show. Generally I find that the novels are always better, and the movies or dramas can never do full justice to the novels e.g. Harry Potter.

        I can’t comment on directing since I am just an ordinary audience with no knowledge of film or media.

        It is fine for people to criticise the flaws of the show, but not hate or bash it which we seem to be getting here. I mean someone actually commented LJK is miscast because he’s not tall enough and has no energy? That he is not tough? Then she says she stopped at Ep1, and we all know he appeared like for 10mins(?) in that episode where he gave us a gorgeous galloping scene across the plains, slaughtered his horse & performed some really nice horse-riding skills for us to screencap and gif.

        What’s worse is that she says the knetz agrees with her, when I’m reading Naver comments saying the opposite!

        Re why adaptation & not remake, it’s not insisted by staunch fans but stated by the production team itself. For me, it is an adaptation because the Korean production bought the rights to the novel and adapted the drama to Goryeo history based on the source material in the novel. They did not remake the C-drama because the C-drama was not original source material. Of course, since both C-drama and K-drama were based on the same source material ie the novel, there will be similarities.

      • @Livi. The point is the show could just as easily have established the basic relationship dynamics and introduced the heroine with everyone’s clothes on. But it chose not to because, fanservice.

      • @mugwump. Fan service is a part of K-dramas and practically every K-drama I’ve watched has a brooding shower scene, some even showing off their bare butts. Or a scratch my back scene at the bathhouse. At least, these guys kept their pants on. And I did mention in my comment above that the same could have been achieved by not using a bath scene.

        Some people liked it, some people didn’t and I’m indifferent.

    • @Lea on What nonsense is that? comedy, he has done some…. the difference is challenging as an actor….. Frodo baggins ohh please………don’t. I mean you are the one dramatizing everything….. editing fine but not terribly bad. get a grip please……

  14. I think it will be better if Jang Hyuk, Cha Seung Won or Lee Seo Jin play 4th prince. I mean he has more mature and manly aura just like Nicky Wu. And the female lead is played by Moon Chae Won, Oh Yeon Seo or Han Hyo Joo. They both can play cute and mature lady at the same time.

    • Are you kidding me? Wang So took the throne at the age of 26 and are you expecting an ahjusshi to play Wang So? Those are respectable actors and I agree that they share similar aura with Nicky Wu but IMO, Lee Jun Ki is just perfect for the K-version of 4th Prince and despite that it is an adaptation from Tong Hua’s novel, the 4th Prince in Moon Lovers is designed to suit Korean history.

      And I know those actresses that you mentioned are better actress than IU but there’s a reason why she was casted, partially because she is youthful looking since Ruoxi is supposed to be 16 years old.

      • Man, after going hammer and tongs at every single thing about the show people have run out of things to pick faults with. Can’t keep repeating the same thing over and over again. Gets boring.

        So today we are picking on LJK. An actor whose 90% of work is sageuks. Suddenly he is also not good enough or miscasted or getting outacted by someone doing his first historical. I don’t want to point out the scenes where he is so fantastic to debate my view because I know this criticism is not even logical by any stretch.

      • I agree Lee Jun Ki is phenomenal here and nails it but I doubt Jang Hyuk would play the same role twice. He did Shine or Go Crazy after all. I personally feel that its time Lee Jun Ki steps into modern era in Korea. I am in no way attacking him for his acting skills but two sagueks in a row and both received mixed response with dismal ratings. I really would like to see him flex his awesome acting muscles in our timeline and I think its about time he did that.

      • Jang Hyuk played Wang So in Shine or Go Crazy, and I don’t think anyone kicked up a ruckus.

        Also, Wang So took the throne when he was 24. If you really want to be nitpicky, Lee Jun-ki himself is 34 and not exactly a spring chicken either.

      • tbh I checked out Joseon Gunman in my early days of K-drama because of the amount of love LJK gets in all the drama sites – and specifically here – and I found him too OTT and forceful for my tastes. I checked out of that drama pretty fast and now I keep my own counsel instead of relying on sites.

        LJK was great in King and the Clown. Can’t say the same about dramas. I rarely comment on dramas I don’t watch because to each their own etc. and sites like this are to gush over one’s biases. But criticism should not be shut down, comments are open to everyone and everyone has their thoughts and preferences. There is rarely an universal opinion on actors anyway.

      • @KdramaCrazy

        I’m beginning to visualise the anti-fans opening a word document filled with anti comments, and copying and pasting a comment based on the mood of the day. After while, it just comes full circle and they repeat the same thing over and over again. LMAO.

      • @Junny, it’s true that LJK is already 34. Fortunately, he looks a lot younger than his age. In my biased opinion, he still looks like he’s in his late twenties. Despite his youthful looks, he still had to lose 15 kg (33 lbs) so that he will look even younger and not out of place amongst his younger co-actors. Now that is what I call acting dedication & professionalism.

      • @Karuna

        If you think this site is filled only with fans gushing over the biases, then I think you must be very new to the Playground.

        Constructive comments and criticisms are fine and everyone is entitled to their thoughts & preferences, but senseless comments should be shut down. Maybe you would like to share with us the merits of Jennifer’s comments?

      • @Livi not new to KP. Read it for a bit when I was new to K-drama then re-started after a break. In my opinion the fan wars are now really tedious and ruining the site.

        Jennifer only said which actors she preferred in the roles. That is no crime. Its neither mean nor nasty. Some people may like another actor in the role – so what?

        Shutting down contrary opinions whether it be LJK or Moon vs Moon is kind of pointless.

      • @Karuna, What is the point of saying she prefers another actors over LJK when her reason is that they are mature or manly? So she’s trying to insult LJK by saying he’s not? And her choices show clearly that she has not watched or even know anything about the Korean adaptation because the 4th prince is currently 17 years and becomes king at 24. Do these guys look anywhere near that age? Nicky Wu is 45!

        BTW, her comment is a copy and paste comment. This same comment has been repeated throughout the threads since the casting was announced. So yes she’s bashing the actor and maybe she’s doing what you find tedious, i.e. trying to start a fanwar.

    • So now Lee Jun Ki is at fault for this drama not performing well? My goodness…those criticals of this drama really can find even the most illogical reason to further undermine this drama.
      Jang Hyuk did not kicked up any ruckus for Shine or Go Crazy because that drama is far from under the watchful eyes or ammassing attention. If you want someone of similar aura with Nicky Wu, then why don’t you just stick watching the C-version or will this drama turns out to be better off accepted should LJK not in it? The drama tanked not because of LJK.
      And why the heck are you people even bother to come here and throw your criticism when this posting is about the joyful news over the achievement accomplished abroad by SH?
      Because you disagree that the drama is doing well in China and outside of Korea? Because the drama should also be receiving lackluster reception as in its homeground? Because this isn’t suppsed to be news and that we have to agree that this drama is not deserving of this success and have to agree that everything sucks including Lee Jun Ki? Because reception abroad should be the same as in Korea?
      Please, get a life and move on from there.

      • Yesssss thank uuuu..n especially those MDBC fans literally trash evry SH post!!!!!!disgusting n i dont even like PBG after all of this..he’s boring n can’t be compared to lee jun ki!! There i said it!

    • @Jennifer, Yes I agree that CSW & LSJ are suitable to play the 4th prince in the C-VERSION, because Yongzheng became emperor when he was 45 years old. However they have both played as kings, I don’t think they would like to be demoted to playing princes again (Just kidding).

      Meanwhile, JH already played Wang So in SOGC, I doubt if he would want to play the same character again.

      Furthermore in the K-version which is based on Goryeo history, the 4th prince’s role will cover from 18 to 28 years old, so I guess your opinion is because you are watching the C-version instead of the K-version?

  15. Does anyone know what C record breaking views like this do for the drama and all involved? I see money ringing in for business partners and potential for CF deals, endorsements, fan meets etc for actors. In Korea, does it translate to more or better opportunities for the actors?

    I always wonder what happens if a Korean actor is more successful in China than in Korea.

    • From what i can gather success abroad won’t mean much in Korea in terms of CF or future roles in Korea. Domestic ratings matter a lot. Even awards usually go to ratings leaders. Plus positive goodwill builds around you. You get to pick up projects of choice. I hope the show picks up because LJK deserves a ratings hit and not just critical acclaim.

      • Silly awards in Korea that recognized popularity instead of quality. And they can come up even with the most nonsensical categories just to reward the popular ones.

    • In the normal course of things, popularity in China would mean lucrative drama deals and cf opportunities. They could make more money there which is why popular stars go there. However because of geopolitical reasons this seems unlikely this time around.

      Jim Soo is already set to be in Fantastic so whether he does a historical anytime soon, I don’t know but I don’t see any long term issues for the actors. The idols…hmmm, not so sure.

      I agree with others, awards in Korea are a joke. They r huge popularity contests. I am not a big fan of US award shows but it quite often happens that people win and I have never heard of the movie they r in.

  16. I like it. I love it. Its fun to watch. It has the light fluffy feeling. Every cast for his/her role is a joy to watch. I can’t wait for the next episode so I watch the 3 episodes again. Every repeat I notice some that I missed before. Loving it. Its similar to C – BBJS yet the different. I’m hooked. Lee Junki is the man. Perhaps IU’s character will develop to a more mature woman as the story progresses whileshe Scarlets/maneuvers her way among the Princes who love her romantically, as a friend sister or a nuisance.

  17. Can anyone enlighten on the character of Wang So? Wiki isn’t very helpful, many kings invoked fear but there were various ways of achieving that.

  18. I have been watching Asian dramas for about 3 years now and it is interesting to learn more about the business and how things work. I, like Koala, can see and agree with some of the criticisms. This is especially true for the poorly constructed first episode, but the 2nd is much better and the 3rd is fantastic. (Apparently I don’t mind close ups that much !) That action scene (Epi 3)with the sword play, knife work & music was wonderful. IU, while not giving Meryl Streep a run for her money, has actually been just fine. I’ve seen many a poorer performance where no one has batted an eye, but she certainly has a lot of anti-fans in Korea so her getting this part surprised me.

    There seems to often be a pick and choose mentality among netizens for their criticisms. I enjoyed DOTS as a fun, cheesy, romance drama but why all the hate for SH when the music direction in DOTS was horrible and don’t get me started on the slow motion camera work. The story narrative and some questionable acting was also in play. But it’s okay in that drama and not this one. I am just using DOTS as an example and – again – I finished and overall liked it, flaws and all. I enjoyed Doctors but have a lot of complaints about that one as well. So I don’t mind the criticism, I just don’t get the hate and piling on because it makes me think it’s not about the drama, it’s about the mob mentality.

    The ratings will be what they will be, but I am glad to hear the news from China for the production. This was created, staffed and pre-produced specifically for China (does this explain IU being hired?)so yay for 300 million views. Of course, ratings in Korea matter for careers and advertising so I hope things look a bit up but, from what I’ve seen, once the piling on starts it gets really hard to overcome.

    Oh, and I’m surprised to see some of the comments about Lee Jun Ki because as far as I can tell, every person involved should be on their knees thanking him. He’s thank good in this.

    • Before judging the “mob mentality” of the Koreans I think you should watch their much earlier dramas and you’ll understand then why they like what they like (because not the current teenagers make the ratings high).

      • Just because I have been watching for 3 years doesn’t mean I haven’t watched the classics. A Jewel in the Palace is one of my all time favorites. By your point I should be comparing DOTS with Winter Sonata.

        Also I made it clear I do understand the criticism, just don’t like the piling on when a lot of other dramas have the exact same issues.

      • I don’t think @kat is referring to the ratings when she is talking about the mob mentality. The ratings people are the silent viewers. The mob are the ones on the net making the noise and using the low ratings to justify all nonsensical so-called criticism. And it is a mob. its clear to anyone.

      • Oh and about the current teens not making the ratings high…r you sure about that because there are a lot of teenage girls getting parts with older guys these days.

  19. So happy with LJK & the other casts for this wonderful news.
    Everyone has different drama genre preference.
    I was watching 4 other dramas before moon lovers.But when i began to watch ML, i dropped all the other dramas i was watching. Oh, i almost forgot, except with W of course.
    Im not a fan of sageuks & bloody scenes but because of LJK, i survived watching it till the end, the raw & the subbed versions of the 3 episodes in just 2 days
    Honestly, i enjoyed every bit of the 3 episodes, esp.the last one.?
    It is intense & exciting with a little bit of funny scenes.
    There is no boring scenes.

  20. Hello Koala sis! i can’t help but comment. you know how i was a fan then of the C-version (you introduced me to it!). i can’t help it too and be biased because of the original. i am just like that. although i am watching Scarlet but it’s Moonlight I watch live and watch first.

    One of the problems, IMHO, with Scarlet is that there are so many characters but they were not fleshed out in a sense that you have no connection with each of the princes. Again, pardon my comparing with the c-version but even if there were a lot more princes, each were, even for a tiny bit, given such character recognition that each prince stands on his own merits. Even the baddie 9th made me look forward to his scenes.

    Anyways, Scarlet has its own merits and LJK is surely the main man. Even with the few minutes he was in, he did carry the drama. I’m sorry to say this and i don’t intend to offend fans, with him around, the other casts seems like by standers. Despite this, i’m still seeing this through the end.

    • Its been only 3ep out now how do u wish to flesh out a bunchhh of characters in 3 ep?that would b amazing if they can do that n beat a drama with 2 or 4 characters only.
      My first time writing comments coz all the non sensical haters is getting more disgusting n not logical at all!we don’t even care to trash MDBC news!!stop doing it to SH if u hate it why bother watching or trashing it!! It fails bcoz of stupid comments like yours n not their quality. Even MDBC is boring n un original n people praise it just for the sake of trashing SH!!

    • Like Koala mentioned above…rewatch it with an open mind. If you keep comparing it with the C-version then there is no point watching it after all other than seeing bunch of prettier faces.
      How they approach the adaptation is meant to make the viewing experience more refreshing rather than going on with the similarity of the pace of the original C-version. This is after all not a remake but an adaptation.

    • @nonski, the Chinese version also didn’t manage to flesh out all their princes in their first debut week. And actually, there were NOT a lot more princes in the c-version, they’re the same. And the K-version has a more outstanding baddie 3rd prince than the C-version, who I can’t even remember who he is. But yes, HongJH, I’ll be watching your future shows.

      I have to say that I’m really puzzled that Kang Ha Neul’s marvelous nuanced performance as the 8th prince is relegated to the level of a bystander. SMH,

  21. People are angry that too many comparisons are made between C BBJX and Scarlet Heart and more are furious about those made between Scarlet Heart and MDBC. It is inevitable, comparisons will always be made. Having watched C BBJX and currently MDBC as well as Scarlet Heart, I am telling you it is difficult not to compare. You can’t just tell yourself to stop comparing and enjoy the show on its own merit when you have already watched an earlier version.

    I have less problem with SH and MDBC because they are totally different stories. However, since both are aired at the same time and saeguk, some form of comparisons are still unavoidable.

    Comparing and pointing out flaws doesn’t mean we are anti-fans or something. Save for some, I find most comments here valid and come from people who are still watching and hoping that SH will become better. I think common disappointments were in the writing, directing, camera work and music. Except for the princes, I tend to see harsh criticisms of leads LJK, KHN and IU as coming from people who have a prejudice against the actor or perhaps they just aren’t into him/her.

    Remakes generally find it tough to succeed. Fans of the original are typically dead set against any remake of their favorite show or nothing in a remake will ever please them. It’s hard to win over such viewers. I have watched remakes like Fated To Love You, A Witch Romance and Tomorrow Cantabile. While in many cases, I prefer the original, I never thought those remakes were failures.

    For better chance of getting a hit, a remake must win the audience from word go. Unlike other dramas, there’s lesser chance of slowing getting into the groove and winning viewers gradually. People are all eyes to see what to make of the drama. If there’s any flaws, they will be pounced upon immediately.

    K version of Fated To Love You started low but managed to win over viewers. I enjoyed it in the beginning but dropped when the kdrama tropes turned up full force. Still, the drama held steady till the end. However, Fated To Love You might not be a good example because I don’t think k viewers are that familiar or care much about Taiwanese dramas. I may be wrong.

    Tomorrow Cantabile is a better example of a remake which drew much negative response from fans. Recently, I read somewhere that Shim Eun Kyung was turned off from acting for a while. Tomorrow Cantabile immediately came to mind. I did find her performance in Tomorrow Cantabile nowhere as good as Ueno Juri but she did find her footing after some episodes. However, it was too late. Drama tanked after the first week.

    As someone who always hope to find her next crack drama when she starts on one, I am keeping fingers crossed that Scarlet Heart will be better. Usually after the first couple of weeks, I naturally stop comparing with the original. If I continue, it also means I would probably stop watching soon.

    • I appreciate this reasoned response. I think it is interesting though that if we go by the 300 million views, the Chinese audience doesn’t seem to have this issue. Well at least not yet anyway.

  22. I am suspecting those that are criticizing the KBBJX by comparing it to the other Moon drama is trying to subliminally make the viewers watch the other Moon drama. Anyways, Lee Jun Ki is now getting criticism? He is the best thing that happen to KBBJX. He is the only one that is getting my attention.

    It is also not fair to compare the KBBJX to the CBBJX as well, CBBJX had almost 2x more episodes than the Kversion, therefore more time can be given to the individual characters. I like that the KBBJX is a bit different and that they change up the characters and situations.

    • Not gonna disagree with you, just want to clarify a bit.
      C-BBJX takes up a total of 26 hours 25 minutes (minus OST time which often takes up 4-5 mins of each ep), so in essence it’s only 6 hours 25 minutes longer than K-BBJX. There are several parts which are not relevant or adaptable to Goryeo so they can be removed. In the hand of a good writer I think condensing 26 hours 25 minutes down to 20 hours is feasible. I also don’t think that comparisons between characters in the two shows and the storyline is fair, but I think that execution of plot, treatment of characters and their roles in the bigger picture are among some comparable points. It is up to one to make such comparisons, though. It’s fine if you don’t and it’s also fine if you do.

      And FYI, so far in the past 3 eps I’ve noticed a few details that have been borrowed from the C-BBJX drama rather than from the novel itself. So saying this version is the adaptation of the novel rather than the C-drama is not 100% correct.

      • @Hye Mi, Even though 6 1/2 hours seems like a short period of time, but taken in the context of a 20 episode drama, it’s an additional 30% or almost 1/3 of the show, which is not an insignificant percentage. A lot of plot and events can happen in 6 hours or episodes. After all, some of the commentors in here seem to think that all the many characters in an ensemble cast should be fully fleshed out in the space of 3 hours!

      • @Livi: That’s why I said a good writer can condense it. If you have watched the C-version you may (or may not, I don’t know) agree with me that the pacing is much slower than a typical well-packed Korean (or any other country, for that matter) drama, which means within the C-drama itself they may not have needed all those 6 1/2 hours to move the plot forward where it is by the end of the show. There are characters in the original novels that have been removed so the allotted time for their story arcs can be spent on other characters in this adaptation (at least the first wife of 8th & the whole Mongolian clans and their relations with China, and perhaps the maid that Rouxi made friend with, but I’m not so sure about her because she’s the last straw to Rouxi and 4th’s relationship, so maybe she will feature in this show too & other eunuches who were killed in the process of 4th’s ascending the throne).
        I also don’t think that within 3 hours all the characters will merit a proper introduction. I can’t say for the previous posters and I might be wrong in trying to read their mind, but perhaps they mean a glimpse of each’s personalities has not been provided for some of them. This may be attributed to writing, or acting, or directing, or a mix of them. I think we kind of know bits and pieces of 4th, 8th, 10th, 3rd & HaeSoo, not much for me about 9th, 13th & 14th. Their roles so far are only to provide more info on 4th by talking about him (case in point: 9th), providing comic relief or fan service, or serve as a device to provide sneak peeks into 4th’s inner struggle (14th). I mean, the hints to their personalities are there, but this group (13th, 14th & 9th) didn’t convince me as the ones they’re selling (I don’t know what general impression to have on 9th at all; 13th hasn’t appeared as a sophisticated person for me just yet-he’s just like his character in School 2015; 14th hasn’t convinced me as someone who is loved by everyone-he’s more the time-travelled Chasik from Page Turner to me). But then, maybe it’s just me. Imho the writer could have done more with their characters (or even more importantly, Haesoo) with the time spent to zoom in to their abs at that bath scene. I’m actually more interested in HaeSoo than any of the younger princes and would appreciate more screen time for her tbh but either the writing and editing has missed one very good opportunity to help us understand her thought process, which helps explain her actions later on.

      • @Hye Mi, Firstly yay! for the removal of the bratty Mongolian princess. But I think they have replaced her with a general’s daughter who I hope is not so bratty.

        I think we have been given a glimpse into the princes’ characters & personalities, some more so than others. But that is normal for an ensemble cast as I believe the story will take turns to focus on each prince and his story.

    • I agree with you. It seems they want everyone to share the common ground that the other Moon drama is better off than Moon Lovers.
      And drawing comparison really irked me. If they derived so much satisfaction from watching MDBC, by all means watch it but there is no need to go around bashing this drama and worst of all criticizing by pointing out the most illogical point that is LEE JUN KI when he is the best thing about Moon Lovers and even hailing PBG as out-acted him. Please save that praises for PBG in the postings on MDBC ya?
      And many here are confused between a remake and an adaptation. If they wish for the drama to even follow the pace of the C-version, I don’t see the point of doing a K-adaptation in the first place. It’s not like we can’t accept criticism on Moon Lovers because the drama does come with flaws though those flaws also most commonly shared by other dramas, except being amplified in the case of Moon Lovers due to it being a grand production.
      But please be logical with the criticism. Finding fault in LJK, indicating that his character has no depth comparing to PBG’s character in MDBC when only 3 episodes have been aired, with less leisure time to introduce so many characters really sound immature. Most of the criticism are just meant to paint an even worst picture of the drama than it actually is.
      As a fan of Moon Lovers and Lee Jun Ki most of all, I find so much happiness knowing that many sharing the same love towards the drama regardless of all those mean comments.

  23. LJK and whatever about this K remake are still a hot commodity in dramaland. LOL…Just look at the number of comments and the bulk volume of opinions on each related thread. hahahahahaha Nobody would even care to say anything about an irrelevant actor or drama.

    • It’s a preproduction drama with a lot of investment and big popular cast.
      Everyone has been hyping up over this drama.
      That’s why it’s shocking how underwhelming the rating is.
      This is like Heirs all over again but Heirs did so much better in Korea

      • Other than Koala’s blog, I never read any comments or reviews on other sites. But here’s what I came across when I first time googled the review of SH. There are comments attributing low domestic ratings to THAAD and backlash from K audience thanks to nationalism spurred by anti K entertainment on Chinese side. I wish I could copy paste some comments but Koala’s blog doesn’t allow that. This is something to reckon with albeit I never thought about this possible relevance to such low ratings in S. Korea.

      • @Drama2016, Thanks for the info. Honestly I did consider that as one of the possible reasons because it’s not that the K-audience dropped the show but rather that they didn’t even want to watch it in the 1st place. And there’s so much news recently about the K-artistes getting dropped from Chinese productions. Tit for tat and all that.

        Regarding the hype, I think it was more international that domestic. Even the 1st trailer we saw was from China. Korea itself did not release any trailers/teasers/posters etc until about 1 mth before the premiere, whereas some other dramas get their stuff released much earlier.

    • The comments on other web for SH is also many many times more than MDBC n many ppl say they enjoy it n its not as bad as what the critics said it was.but i also see many MDBC fans on SH comments trashing n promoting their “beloved” series,if u hv confidence in ur series then promote it on its own page duhhhhhh. Dont bash SH like an insecure brats!!

      • I don’t get all your reaction to my comments. I feel that some SH fans are over-sensitive. My comments are mostly compliments and about my liking of SH. Read carefully before you got worked up like an emo just bcos this thread is inundated with a lot of criticism. Don’t mix up positive comments with critical ones. LOL…Or should I rephrase my initial statement? Here you go as you wish. LJK is hot and popular. That’s my point. Geeezzzzz. SMH.

      • Where did she bash it for you to call her brats?
        She said the hype was expected from the cast and big production just like Heirs. Where is the lie? I knew it’d like this among ifans when I saw the casting news- with IU is the lead and all the young and pretty new actors.

  24. @Kizuna
    Sorry, mmmmmmm…before you start comparing PBG and LJG respectfully 1. watch the drama 2. understand both characters.
    PBG is stern LJG is a brute common sense.

    • Lol I have to agree I can’t imagine Bo Gum as warrior at all, LJK is seaguk senior and rocking the style of course same goes for him I can’t imagine him as cheeky prince…simply put they are perfect for their roles and have completely different acting style so comparison is invalid at this point.

      • Yes but they seem to think PBG acting is perfect n better than LJG (which is delusional) . N LJG can’t act as a villain?what?!!r we supposed to hate n feel no pity or feel sympathy to our main hero n then after 19ep of his stupidity n brutality n mean cold act he’s supposed to realised his wrong doing n redeem himself n we n our heroine is supposed to forgive him n love him bcoz watever reason??bcoz he looks like a puppy???!!what stupid storyline is that? Ppl hatred has become so stupid they can even make a stupid drama abt comments comparing SH n MDBC. I think SH is not bad n enjoyable so whats the problem its not like MDBC is the next big thing n innovative story line.
        N PBG prince also married n in love with his eunuch. Plis the haters overlooked that n bashing SH for their married princes watever.its an ancient practice for political reason or love or lust watever just get used to it.

      • Well I can’t agree with delusional part because we all are fan of a particular actor thinking he is one of the bests. Still it’s rather unfair. Saying Bo Gum would be better in that role is not different than saying MDBC is doing better domestically just because of Bo Gum which suggests if Bo Gum was lead of SH it would change things which is not true at all.

        Can’t comment on married princes but there are many sageuk that King has a queen and also has love line with leading lady.

      • Ones are free to think if PBG is a better actor than LJK because that is subjective. But to compare the developmemt of the two characters based on their acting is totally unfair. PBG had more screentime and therefore by episode 4, viewers can see the depth of his character whereas LJK appeared very little in the first 3 episodes with most screentime given to KHN and therefore, it is not fair to say that there is no depth to his character because his of his acting in which he did not perform the way PBG did. Criticism is welcome but be logical and rational.

      • @Hu I agree, narratively speaking we will see WS’s character development widely from HS’s eyes and when it’s handled well that’ll be truly beautiful love story, you just need to have faith and wait.

  25. I really enjoyed the Chinese BBJX and was worried that the K-moonlight lover would be a pale version of it.

    That was what happened with the Fated to Love You : i liked the TW version and disliked the Korean version notwithstanding that JangHyuk and Jang Nara were starring in it. In fact, that led me to dislike JangHyuk as an actor esp that horrible laugh that he used again n again in another 2 dramas (both sageuk, can’t remember the titles).

    So, I’m glad that K-BBJX seems to be sufficiently different from C-BBJX that i do not make mental comparisons with the Chinese version as I watch it.

    BTW, the korean title is “moon lovers: Scarlet Heart: RYEO” – what does the “Ryeo” mean or refer to?

  26. why people so suprise the drama is full of flower boy for chinese girl to watch. pd know korean is going to tank so he cast buch of bad acting to boost view in china.

  27. despite all the buzz regarding high china streaming, domestic rating is still important.People turning in out of curiosity because the c version was a huge success. I’m still not convinced this is a high quality product based on many mixed reaction. Just wait and see after a few more episode.

    • Even as a fan of the drama, I admit that the drama is not perfect and comes with few underwhelming aspects which should not be there due to it being a luxury production but some criticism are just exaggerated that paint it to be so bad that it actually is. I am saying that maybe the general tuning it because the drama appealing to them regardless of all those criticism. So far the drama receiving lots of love among the southeast asian audiences based on very positive reviews on the social media page of One TV Asia.

      • @Hu

        Thats the problem. The criticism has become so so stupid that we, people who like the show have to preface every comment with “i know there are flaws”

        …. Like which show out there does not have flaws? Pick one. From the highest rated to the most popular. Can these people come up with one show with no flaws? Even the moonlight show, which so-called objective viewers are using to bash this show. Does it not have flaws? But no one talks about them.

        People used baekhyun’s acting to trash this show. His is a minor character (at least till now). A really miniscule character. And its not as if has lots of screen time either. he was just there for comic relief for what like 2 scenes. But look at the Hate. Someone would think that he is the lead ruining the show. Ever heard a minor character’s acting been dissected to such an extent?

  28. After the initial excitement died down, I watched the episodes with a critical eye. The original is my favorite drama but has its own faults much like this remake. However, I’m enjoying it so far – it’s the same setup in that there’s a bunch of princes, a throne struggle and a time traveling female protagonist but apart from that, it’s far more different than it is similar – the events are different, the characters of the original have different personalities (though the same underlying defining quality) and there are new characters and changed relationship dynamics. Comparing the two is probably inevitable but so far I think that it holds its own as a drama. I wish more people would give it a chance, regardless of the “terrible” idol acting and bad editing.

    Addressing that “terrible” idol acting – I’ve seen far worse. Also, while IU is not Liu Shi Shi, so far Hae Soo is not Ruoxi either. The characters are different personalities altogether and I think IU should be given a fair chance to show her talents as Hae Soo a bit more. In my personal opinion, the actor who was 10th Prince in the original is kind of on the same level with Baekhyun. If anything, there are more experienced actors in the drama who are doing worse than the idol actors but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt to see if they’ll improve.
    After all, consider there are only 3 episodes out. I hope this drama does well in the long run.

  29. lee jun ki fans are so delusional and annoying af
    they think that dramatics and intensity = good acting

    oh pls, kang ha neul is the better actor
    i know, truth hurts

    • Whose truth is that? Your truth? So only your version of truth is true? Please get a grip of yourself. Nobody comparing LJK with KHN. If you think KHN is the best actor than that your perrogative. Let LJK fans enjoy his acting and the arguement only stemmed for the reason that some criticized that LJK is the most mis-casted of the bunch and that his acting is sub-par compare to PBG when he had not been given enough screentime yet for his character to be fleshed out. You are indeed the delusional one.

      • @heidi

        Relax. This is such an obvious ploy that is boderline pathetic. When they realise that using PBG to trash LJK will boomerang on their favourite, why not use an actor from the same show? More effective na?

        A lot of people like KHN more but i don’t hear anyone saying that LJK is a shitty actor. This is an over reach by all stretch.

      • o pls, i’ve been saying this since ep1 before you guys started comparing park bo gum and lee jun ki
        lee jun ki is past his prime and he’s been serving flops for awhile now
        kang ha neul is still fresh and looks like a man

        mark my words, the second lead syndrome is strong in this one and within a few eps or so, they would all be raving about kang ha neul. lee jun ki who?

      • Point taken that LJK has passed his prime and KHN is still young and has a promising career ahead. Having said that, you are entitled to have the second lead syndrome and so do we, being the fans of LJK to rave over our bias. But with all due respect, there is no need to bash LJK just because you want to make KHN appearing superior.

      • Oh wow, all these annoying people. First they try to start a war between PBG and LJK fans, and now they decide to switch to KHN.

        I’m actually quite amused that someone with a username of “Truth” only spouts lies. Haha.

    • @truth on

      flop drama you say? according to who the Koreans? Their counting is a little bit off. everything they go on about is useless and way too repetitive for any taste, then it means their ratings don’t count.haha KHN is a better actor and LJG fans are delusional? hahaha I couldn’t agree more ooooh yes yes I know you are just thick. how? I just think you need a doctor get a grip I think you have lost part of your brains should I help you? I love to help people like you, you know. ma dear dramatic KHN crying almost made me destroy my tv felt it was not up to scratch.
      Not a bad actor but not as great as LJG. get help you need it.hahahahahha

  30. I saw first two episodes and agree the show is very awkward. From storyline, acting, editing even OSTs don’t match. Wonder, is this really high budgeted? For me, Kang Ha Neul takes the cake. Because I saw Lee Jin Ki in the same again and again with the same hair style, make up etc. He should stop doing saeguk and try modern drama for once.

    • As far as i know this is his first foray in Goryeo saeguk. His last saeguks are all in Joseon setting where he wore his hair in top-knots. I don’t remember him wearing this hairstyle before except the closest being The King and The Clown and that was 10 years ago. I take it you like KHN and you are not fond of LJK but the statement you made rather not so true.

    • lol .. which LJK shows have you even watched? Of all his sagueks 99% are Joseon era. So what hair, makeup etc etc are you talking about?

      And his character as a brutal, violent man is something that he has not played before. Even in SWWTN, where he is a bloody vampire, violence is something he avoids at all cost. You don’t have to watch his shows to be a pretend-critic. Just google for like 5 minutes so you at least sound informed.

    • LOl, you saw Lee Jin Ki? who’s that? and in the same hair, makeup etc? And you saw the 1st 2 episodes? ROFL. Since LJK has only acted in Joseon dramas so far, are you sure what you saw wasn’t the other drama set in Joseon era with Joseon prince? Sorry, honey, try harder next time.

      Oh and next time try copying & pasting from a comment after they announced that the drama is not set in Joseon era.

  31. After so much criticism received by this drama and as someone who support and love it dearly, i really do welcome most of them and admitted to some like the choppy editing, incoherence storyline, unsmooth switching between scenes, ill-fitting music and not so strong acting but now that I scrolled down the thread, it baffled me that Lee Jun Ki also being drag into the mud. And apart that he is my ultimate bias, I finally draw the conclusion that it is not worth stating the facts cause it’s clear that some just want to bring down the drama in order to elevate their preference and find every reason to hate even picking on the most illogical reason.

    • while I am not a fan of both LJK and PBG, I agree comparing between these 2 actors is a bit too overstretch. LJK has been known to be an outstanding actor from the very beginning, whereas PBG has a long way to prove he is a worth to be called an actor.

  32. What prevents me from liking PBG as I like Joo Won, Song Joong ki, etc. is that his fans totally lack class to be gracious when winning. Yongpal and DOTS smashed their rivals much harder than PBG’s. Yet we hardly saw JW’s or SJK’s fans invading other drama threads, spitting poisonous comments everywhere like this. I could enjoy Yongpal and appreciate JW’s acting even though I was rooting for LJK’s Scholar last year. But sadly PBG’s childish fans don’t make me feel the same with his drama this time

  33. All i see MDBC and PBG fans tring to bring down the drama and actors to make their drama and bias looks good. Psstt this behavior is so outrageously despicable coming from pampered low IQ dimwits

  34. @kim and @minny don’t be over sensitive and make assumptions please. Whatever said for your bias won’t change that he is doing great, if you regard every comparison comment as trashing and generalize Bo Gum’s fans when you have no idea of as long as you don’t see such comments under the communities they share …say Soompi threads… what makes you different then? See above I defend LJK as Bo Gum’s fan and it’s a bit shame some of you take this on personal level very easily and that comes of a bit offensive in comparison to debating about acting.

    • My oversensitiveness sits well with the overly childish behaviors from some of PBG’s fans here (not you, but sorry I have to say this). This thread is about the oversea success of Moon Lovers. It shouldn’t be a place to come jerking off about the oh-so-almighty PBG or Moonlight to begin with. In Soompi, these unrelated comments would be removed and the poster would be warned or even get a ban. I know they have the right to post whatever they want. But the others also have the right to condemn it as the lack of social etiquette too.

      • Unfortunately so… This is what happens when brodcasting stations pits the shows against each other. Look at all articles and threads there is always mention of other show, while it’s every fandoms desire to remain civil it isn’t very unlikely.

  35. Lee Junki is a very talented seasoned actor/performer, recognised for his outstanding performance since the start of his acting career. He is like a smooth gem, a joy to look at & touch…touched by his superb performance. In Moon Lovers, LJK’s facial expression… one eye, his lips, facial muscle, his voice…they paint a thousand words that captures ones emotion.

    I watch both Moon Lovers AND Moonlight. I enjoy both of them in different ways. Moon Lovers is more attractive to me with the different characters/princes. The dark & light of it all.

    Although I know the plot of K-BB & story like the C-BB, I still find every scene a thrill…a surprise. Its Goryeo kingdom so its different to C-BB.

    Its not fair to compare a very talented seasoned actor with an actor who is still at the early stage of his acting career. With talent & experience, the bland performance becomes more effective & convincing. Every twitch of a muscle is an act. Like LJK.

    • Agree with what you said about LJK. It’s ok for the fans to think PBG is a better actor. We all have our bias.Just there is no need to go so low as to bring down LJK in order to make your bias looking superior. And no matter what, LJK deserves to be recognized for his own merits.

  36. i have to say i wanted this be a fantastic sageuk drama unfortunantly its average at best and started out on the wrong foot. it may have a good story but that means little if the the director and writer cant make the drama narratively tight and engaging. its good to see the editing and music being fixed but the damage is done. tbh both moonlight and moon lover fans can be equally annoying, as seen with moonlight fans in this comment section and as seen by me with moon lover fans constantly trying to put moonlight down as well as everyone taste especially the korean audience but moon lover fans from the different comment section i’ve seen can be a bit too much. i agree some of the criticism are a bit extreme but generally. every show has flaws like someone was saying here but its whether the pro’s outweigh the cons, bad shows have pro’s as well but the cons are too much for it to be considered good, not saying moon lover is bad but its ok. though since its a adaption of the original of course its doing well in china but would it do as well with the same cast but not a adaption or hyped as one. but at least its doing well there then here in korea, which was a shock considering the hype for this drama, i do feel sorry for the cast specifically lee junki, he does not have good luck with his projects

    • Agree over you comment on luck. Despite him exercising extra care and being very hardworking, luck is just not on his side, just not yet. Some other actors just simply fortunate with their choices and this statement in no way undermining their other qualities that contribute to their success.

  37. I think one of the reasons why Chinese BBJX was a huge success is because the writer set her story during the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi’s reign. Most Chinese know who Kangxi was and most would have read the plentiful historical accounts about his sons and their struggle for the throne. IMO, the writer ‘invites’ the reader to imagine what’s like to Ruoxi and questions if one has the power to change history if you were to travel back in time. It was thought provoking and the adaptation helped to bring the story alive onscreen.

    In comparison, I wonder if Korean viewers are less aware of this part of history which Scarlet Heart is based on? The writer has also missed opportunity of making Hae Soo someone who knows her history. I am not blaming Soo but without knowing history and the fate of the princes, a huge part of what’s originally BBJX is missing. Of all skills this character could have brought back in time, it turned out to be make up. I am not sure where it would lead.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying Scarlet Heart must replicate BBJX. I am watching it because I think it can offer me something new and exciting. However, I just felt that the show did not fully capitalize the unique selling points of the story. Without them, SH is in a danger of looking like just another saeguk or romance drama.

      • I did some research in IQIYI
        Descended- 42 billion views
        YFTS- 36 billion
        Heirs- 3.6 billion
        Oh My ghost- 4.5 billion
        I think those pre-made dramas with simultaneous china screening will maximize the no of views thatโ€™s why korean broadcast has been do, to capitalize the effect. But for SH – 300 million views after 3 episode for korean drama is not bad after all. But SH is not screened on Iqiyi which has broader audiences, probably it could better on this streaming site.

    • @Chloe, you can’t compare with a Chinese drama. Firstly a Chinese drama is broadcast in their own language whereas a Korean drama is broadcast in Korean language. Obviously less people would watch a foreign language drama where they have to read subtitles. And don’t forget there’s still a lot of anti-Korean sentiments going on, especially recently because of THAAD.

      Look at the numbers provided by ilians. Even the fully completed DoTS has accumulated views of 42 billion (awesome number BTW), as compared to Mystic Nine’s 80 billion.

      You are comparing apples with oranges.

    • Aw yeah! Is The Mystic Nine that good? Is it a prequel to the Lost Tomb that was a flop in almost everything including acting, directing, and screenplay?

      • That’s exactly the point! The gazillion number of views tells me nothing about the quality of a show and whether I will enjoy it or not.

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  39. bad acting by lead woman bad acing by exo memeber bad media play by pd is what make korea hate this drama. just watch it will fall to 2% before it all over. IU EXO fan in korea better start to watch the drama to help with rating.

    • Why have to sound so hateful? If the drama is really that bad and getting worst, then may be it would be deserving that the rating going as low as you predicted which is highly unlikely. But in this drama, there is Lee Jun Ki. Even if he has not been a hit maker as during his heydays pre-MS, audiences in general can still count on him to deliver great performance. He is not unlikeable by koreans like Jang Keun Suk which was why “Pretty Man” which also featured IU as the lead tanked badly.

  40. @Livi: To continue our discussion above. I find it easier to keep track in a separate comments b/c the texts have been building up there in the original post.
    First it’s just my impression but it does look like the general’s daughter is much more restrained in her reactions to her surroundings, from what I’ve gathered in the trailer, so let’s pray that’s good news.

    Re. the princes’ introduction. If I have to be nit-picky I’ve got to say that the C-drama actually did a better job in introducing the princes. By the end of ep 3 the C-drama managed to give a general impression for all the princes that were playing a role in the plot. Apart from 4th, 8th, 10th & the Crown Prince, 9th came across as spiteful, 14th as upright and much smarter than 10th, and 13th as witty and observant. By the beginning of ep 4 in the C-drama 14th was also established as loyal and caring to his ally. But I just base my comparisons on the first 3 eps for both shows, which means a generous 45 minutes have been given to K-BBJX to do whatever else it wants with its story.

    Having said that, my whole point in comparing the first 3 eps of both shows is not to belittle the latecomer, rather to say that I understand where the previous poster is coming from when they expect a better general impression of each prince. In this case I blame it on acting and directing. Since people’s interpretations to acting is subjective, at least we can agree to disagree. I’m still glad for you b/c you’ve taken more from the younger princes’ introduction than I or the original poster has. Anyway, since their introduction is the least of my concerns atm, I actually don’t mind it at all that they haven’t been introduced in a better way, though it’d sure be better if they had.

    • @Hye Mi, I just re-watched the 1st 3 episodes of BBJX, and it looks like I have a different viewing experience from you. I couldn’t tell that 9th was spiteful as he hardly had any lines. My biggest impression of him was Ruoxi saying “so he’s the poisonous snake” when she first met him. 14th looked good but he appeared even less than the rest. 13th appears to be capable and smart as he is assisting the CP and he had quite a lot of screentime. They also appeared in a bunch most of the time and I had trouble distinguishing them except for 4th, 8th & 10th. Maybe because they look similar to me.

      1st 3 episodes – Imo SH has done a good job with the extra 45 mins. More time was given to the characters of Crown Prince and 3rd prince. Crown Prince is upright and decent and 3rd prince is arrogant, ambitious and unscrupulous. The character & story of 4th prince is more developed than that of 4th in BBJX and the characters of 8th and 10th are about the same. 8th prince relationship with HS has progressed a lot further than in BBJX. We also have Princess YH who is obviously smart and capable and a force to be reckoned with in the future.

      The storyline in SH is also moving a lot faster as we are already in the power struggles for the throne, what with the poison & assassination attempts on CP, the investigations & lots of action. It is also clear that the 2 Queens are enemies, which sets the potential for future conflict.

      On the other hand, nothing much has happened in BBJX as of episode 3 in terms of plot except for RX causing a lot of trouble, getting into fights, upsetting her sister etc. I was quite surprised that she wasn’t as smart & careful as I remembered and was too reckless for her own good. She was so notorious for her behavior until the emperor heard about her exploits. I think she was only smart & careful later.

      Ultimately, I don’t think there is any point in comparing the 2 versions anymore, as SH has obviously taken a different approach. They have sped up on the plot and the lovelines, which makes sense as the story starts in 942 and the throne will keep changing hands within the next few years. BBJX starts in 1704 and it will be another 20 years before 4th becomes emperor. So the plot & time line will have to be different to fit the respective countries’ history. It is also meaningless to compare the characters in BBJX and SH, as SH has added new characters & removed others. Furthermore, the princes in BBJX are a few years older than those in SH, so naturally they should be more mature. For eg. Yinzhen was 26 vs Wang So’s 17. And if 4th & 8th are 17 years old, 9th, 10th, 13th & 14th should be even younger which accounts for the school boy behavior.

      • @Livi: My impression on 9th wasn’t b/c of what RX thought at all. I actually got it during that scene where the CP intended to give away a much treasured present from the Emperor to himself as a birthday gift to 10th. 9th said something to the CP combined with his sneer which hinted at his spiteful nature, and during that conversation I also got glimpses of what general impression I’m expected to get about most of the princes standing there. But yeah, since I said at first that our impression and interpretation of acting is subjective, let’s agree to disagree.

        I still stand by my opinion that there are still comparable points between the two versions, but it’s up to one to make such comparisons. I’m not complaining about how different the characters between the two shows are, actually. Nor am I complaining about the pacing of the adaptation. (Well, what’s the point of removing the first wife and all those ruckus between RX and her and between her and RL anyway?) The point I wanted to make is that when one has had the luxury (according to one’s opinion) of better performance of one show, it is difficult not to be disappointed with something less than that. Just as many people are not happy with the C-version and are actually happier with the K-version. There is nothing wrong if they re-watch the C-version and decide that it’s disappointing because they’ve enjoyed the luxury of this adaptation. In trying to read the OP’s mind I was just trying to understand where they were coming from.

        And I wasn’t even comparing between RX and HS, tbh. What I referred to as ‘an opportunity missed’ in this adaptation was the writer’s borrowing the ‘attempt to return’ from the C-drama (this is not from the novel itself) by returning to the site of accident. I’d have appreciated some glimpses into HaeSoo’s inner thoughts when she was trying to drown herself in the pool hoping for the portal to open up and bring her back to the 21st century, but either it wasn’t in the script or the director decided to remove it. That detail is actually one of the most important reasons for why HaeSoo would act as HaeSoo later on, because first, she realises that she can’t come back even if she tries, and second, life here is real, instead of surreal (the second I believe will be addressed in later episodes, so I’m in no rush). These are two compelling reasons why HaeSoo will need to adapt, and will grow more melancholic as time goes on, but it seems the first has been missed. I hope I’m wrong and the writer would return to address it later, though.

      • @Hye Mi, Re 9th, that actor has a sneery face in the first place, and since what he said to CP was that he thought it was ok for 10th to accept the present, his statement is innocuous by itself. He may not have wanted to offend CP by going against his wishes. On the other hand, since we know he is a poisonous snake thanks to Ruoxi, he could have wanted to cause trouble for CP. But if we didn’t know because of Ruoxi’s statement or because we knew even before watching that 9th is the bad guy, that we would not have thought too much of his statement.

        I agree that there are comparable points since they are from the same source material. But what is the point of all these endless comparisons, does it help to improve our viewing enjoyment? Like what a lot of commentors say, let’s just forget the old and move on. And this is what I intend to do as I want to watch SH with a fresh perspective.

      • @Livi: If 9th kept a sneery face, then isn’t he doing his job of giving an impression of the character? Anyway, my first impression on the princes in BBJX wasn’t based off of RX’s voiceover. That conversation between the brothers is meaningful to me in and of itself. As I said, our interpretations of acting are different, so I’ve suggested that we agree to disagree.

        I’m not here to convince you to make comparisons. Just to point out that for adaptations and remakes, comparisons are inevitable for many people. It was like that for Fated to love you, Tomorrow Cantabile & BOF, and now it’s SH. Moving from an original to a remake or adaptation is like moving between cultures. Some adapt more quickly than others. Good for you that you’ve moved on and can now enjoy the new adaptation, but it’s difficult to expect that everyone will adapt at the same pace as someone else. The show has been out for barely a week, it’s expected that comparisons and criticism will be out in full force, but when the show settles into its 3rd and 4th week, those who can’t bear it will probably have dropped completely, & those who haven’t adapted will have likely accepted things as is and enjoyed the show. Maybe we’re different in that instead of seeing comparisons as pointless, I understand them as a natural part of the adaptation process, and to some lesser extent, a method to understand and appreciate the merits of each show. That’s why I don’t tend to take others’ comparisons personally, whether it is in K-BBJX or C-BBJX’s favour, and they therefore don’t affect my enjoyment of the show in anyway.

        I know I’m in no place to dictate how you should enjoy the show, but if I may, I humbly & tentatively suggest that you turn a blind eye for now on the comparisons. Maybe one or two weeks later when the excitement dies down you’ll find a healthier discussion with fewer comparisons made. Ofc it’s completely up to you to make such a decision. As of now, I’d like to back out of this argument in peace :). Thank you for your insights into the old and new adaptations, anyway. Really appreciate your time & explanations of your own interpretations.

  41. Seeing all this hullabaloo in the comment sections of this drama, surprisingly, I started to watch the first episode of the Chinese version (I’ll save the Korean version for later). It’s quite nice.

  42. 4 eps in, rating is pretty much settled down around 7-8%. I don’t think SH has much chance to pick up domestic ratings later. Looking at domestic vs. Chinese market reactions, SH is very similar to Uncontrollably Fond. In other words, these two pre produced dramas are considered success outside S. Korea albeit tepid performance at home.

    • Are the ratings results out? I have always thought they are released the following morning.

      The second week is crucial to most dramas, usually this is when a jump happens.

      • Also based upon some online comments, Knetizens seem to be severely critical of Baekhyun and IU’s acting. I wonder if language matters a lot when we judge acting good or not. I don’t understand Korean. Therefore I can’t tell the way they talk in sageuk out of place or not. But it seems that’s one of the complaints from Knetizens.

      • Oh mine. Mad bad. It was for ep 3. LOL…So there’s still hope that the rating can pick up. Hahaha..good.

      • An actor’s pronunciation, intonation and everything in the way he/she delivers the lines matter a lot. When it comes to period drama or movies, it becomes more difficult. I guess this is not so apparent in Hollywood movies or American dramas.

  43. I feel bad for Scarlet Heart, and for Lee Jun Ki….

    ๐Ÿ™ WHY AND WHY HE ALWAYS CHOOSE THE BAD FEMALE LEAD???? the rating so down, may be next week the rating will be 2 % only. Sigh!!!

    • He didn’t get to choose his female lead. He was the first actor confirmed for this drama. In fact, he never get to choose his leading lady.
      Episode 4 definitely steps up its game, and rising in its momentum. It just happened that the drama not appealing to korean audience. Low ratings does not mean the drama is totally unwatchable.
      I’m not speaking on behalf on other international viewers but coming from southeast asia where we got to watch from ONE TV Asia, the drama is receiving so much love.
      I happened to read a comment from a korean who claimed that the drama is not so much heard of in Korea and that it is more tailored to suit the taste of international instead of domestic audience especially China which pissing off the koreans, further escalated by the ongoing THAAD crisis.
      They in general feel that even their drama watching is at the mercy of China which in the end they decided to boycott the drama, just as how they plan to do to Saimdang, which will feature the original Hallyu queen, Lee Young Ae.
      So, I try not to bother anymore. I prefer the drama that off to a slow start and picking up its pace and getting more interesting rather than as of late, where a lot of dramas lost their ways towards the end like Doctors and W.

      • OMG to what you said OMG. I cannot imagine that the Korean audience would not check out Lee Young Ae’s drama. That is practically heresy she is so beloved for A Jewel in the Palace. And her comeback after 10 years!! I so hope that is not true. I get that pre-produced is for the Chinese censors, but this one isn’t a re-make from Chinese source material so I hope that isn’t the case.

        I am watching in the US at DF and the comments are 99.9% positive. This is doing very well in China on the site that has it so at least they are getting their $400,000 per episode’s worth. (I am not comparing it to hallyu dramas, but other Korean dramas that site has aired and SH is a huge success by that barometer from what I understand.)

        I am with you; I just plan to enjoy my drama.

        PS: Doctors should have been 16 episodes.

    • The rating not decrease and not showing any sign of improving judging that the other moon drama is close to approaching 20%, with a speed even faster than Doctors.

      In my opinion, it certainly does not deserve such a low rating. Even crappy drama like UF (apologized for that) receives better reception, so my conclusion is the appeal to korean audiences is just not something we can understand or that straight forward.

      I also feel bad for the casts especially Lee Jun Ki but nothing much can be done. The drama in fact shaping up even better but it does not matter anymore, Scarlet Heart can find solace elsewhere.

      I am still happy the drama is doing so well internationally.

  44. With regard to the 300 million, I have figured out that that is indeed a win for the site in China that paid serious $$ for this drama. Their next two most popular dramas (I have to go by what is given as I don’t read Chinese so, there is that.) are Uncontrollably Fond and Pinnochio. From what I understand (again relying on others) UF got close to 70 million in under a week so even if we take away a 100 million (because they aired 3 episodes instead of 2 episodes) from SH that is still 200 million in 3 days on one site. As of yet, I’ve not heard of it being on multiple platforms but, again I don’t read Chinese. SH doesn’t need to beat other hallyu dramas, it needs to bring eyeballs to the site and it does seem to be doing that thus far. The 10 million investment from the US company seems to have done well in Asia with licensing agreements, but the airing station and advertisers are probably up a creek because in my experience of paying attention to these things, when this happens the ratings don’t usually rebound. (I mean Come Back Mister really was a solid drama!)

    I have watched through episode 4, and I really like it. Also liked the C-drama and am happy with the changes they made. I will no longer start off a sentence with…”well, I know it has its flaws” because it is apparent that the audience in Korea didn’t watch the first episode and there is so much buzz about the other drama that the writing is on the wall. I assumed this was the popularity of PBG as well as the actress who is very popular as well and a happy go lucky drama. I think that has a lot to do with it though the whole THAAD thing might have come into play.

    Since success in Korea is probably not going to happen, I hope for continued overseas success. Also wish the two other dramas well. I don’t understand people who kinda seem happy when something doesn’t do well because if these dramas don’t make $$, they won’t be produced, and I don’t want any rumors floating around again about “no compete” schedules meaning they won’t compete with each other which means less dramas for me to watch. That rumor seems to pop up after a year or so of low ratings on the big three.

    With some reflection, career wise I think it hurts IU the most and I hate that because I think she is doing a pretty good job. But she seems to be getting a lot of grief. LJG is there to bring China to the table and he did. It’s already known that his name alone will not mean automatic success like back in his Iljimae days. This PD who is so well respected is gonna take a hit for that very uneven first episode and some of the editing.

    So now I think I’m pretty well done with this whole thing, and I am gonna watch my dramas and not ponder too much more about it! Happy viewing to everyone regardless of what you are watching. If someone has a better understanding of the Chinese ratings, feel free. I am just finding my way. Ha!

    • I am still unclear what Chinese ratings do except for justifying the purchase of rights to air the drama. Numbers are subjective especially when you see them in light of other dramas, not just Korean dramas aired on the Chinese site.

      When THAAD thing happened, I was kind of glad. I don’t particularly like K actors doing C dramas or Korean productions producing dramas with the Chinese viewers in mind. I don’t mean it in a xenophobic way but let the Chinese do their thing and the Korean theirs. I am neither Korean nor Chinese. I watched both dramas and enjoy their distinctive flavors. Until someone can do a collaboration right, I will stick to my stand.

      I do not know to what extent was SH tailored to suit the Chinese audience but I hope kdramas will stop doing this. Hundreds of millions views are a drop in an ocean for the Chinese. Even if it were to do well by their standard, bear in mind that the Chinese churn out tons of dramas every year. Their own showbiz, new faces and talents will increase exponentially. Forget China, focus on quality and regeneration. I am sure the results will follow.

    • It seems the drama is getting a lot of hate in its homeground. Despite the more positive feedbacks received for this episode, they do not translated in the ratings. When comparing with other remakes or adaptations, SH is not bad compare to others. If compare with other pre-produced dramas, I think UF is horrible. So, I think it’s down to timing. PBG is pretty much the male version of PSH although I must say MDBC deserving of its success. It’s a waste since the drama is getting better but I think those who love the drama should settle with how the reception going to be in korea and just continue to support it.

      • Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that they are on the same level in term of their acting ability. I am referring to their appeal. They are the nation’s favorites as at now. Example Doctors is a mediocre drama yet receiving so much love. I can’t say that about MDBC because it is deserving of its success, though I don’t think SH deserves to be a massive flop either.

  45. Okay…this is abysmal. Considering the hype, being pre produced, starring the king of saeguks and popular youngsters, this is in ‘fail’ territory now. I feel bad for the actors,even for Baekhyun.

    Lucky KBS! Dots had a massive budget but can’t say the same for MDBC. Yet they can achieve this kind of ratings. Well, SBS had Doctors so I guess it’s not all bad.

    I think ep 4 got better but ratings are not reflective of current ep. Korean viewers must have not liked last week’s eps that much.

  46. I am KSH fans, I dont know why IU getting hate like this, Knetzz is really scary me tbh.., I feel bad too for LJK, I think he is good actor.

    I admit I feel glad that in drama producer KSH has GHJ as female co star, …, so.. the rating is not flop even with IU or mediocre script, KSH, GHJ and CTH are save the drama.

  47. Pretty much a rating disaster and Iโ€™m afraid it wonโ€™t recover . I hope they learn the lesson
    about making adaptation as it does not work anymore. I feel bad for LJK seriously this guy should stop acting sageuk just step back to do modern drama like time between wolf and dog, which is one of my of all time favourite. Itโ€™s good that KBS is winning Mon/Tues competition when it was all about SBS a few weeks before especially when UF is tanked.
    There is no hate toward moonlover, itโ€™s all about the drama with winning formula and moonlight is just too good in all departments. No need star power if you have engaging storyline and credible acting.

  48. To whom that whining about want to watch LJK playing the role in modern time, well just wait for his first action role in Hollywood movie, Resident Evil. He will look so badass in this movie. Kyaa. But I still love to see LJK acting saeguk coz he got the natural talent that not everyone have. So i’m proud of you, LJK! Fighting ?

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