MBC Weekend Drama Happy Home Costars Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo Confirmed to be Dating in Real Life


Leave it to two well matched same-age K-ent veterans to bring back some of the celebrity relationship thunder that’s been stolen by Chinese entertainment this summer. K-media is buzzing over the newly confirmed dating relationship of actor Lee Sang Woo and actress Kim So Yeon, who recently costarred as a romantic couple in MBC weekend drama Happy Home. The drama aired in February of this year and recently wrapped its run in the middle of August, and the couple has confirmed that the romance blossomed on the set. This is the first publicly confirmed relationship for either star, as far as I know, and both are born in 1980 and have the dongap thing going that Koreans love. A hearty congrats to them and hopefully this opens the flood gates for K-ent to drop many more happy dating bombshells this fall.


MBC Weekend Drama Happy Home Costars Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo Confirmed to be Dating in Real Life — 27 Comments

  1. waw congratulation :). I love them both but i had no idea that they were in a drama together . Something to check out .Hope it’s a good one .

    • Because it’s a weekend drama, the drama focuses on alot of characters and the problems they face. The only two characters that I was interested in are: Hae Ryung (play by Kim So Yeon) and Mi Soon (play by Kim Ji Ho). I had to dropped the drama because I couldn’t stand her immature brother’s character but I do plan to marathon it since it is now completed. I hated the brother and his mistress. And I also didn’t like the other family’s problems/story. I find it a tad boring. But, overall, I do plan to go back and finish it mainly for Hae Ryung’s story and also to see Mi Soon’s revenge. Both gals are strong and endearing. I was blown away by Kim Ji Ho’s portrayal of Mi Soon and I hope to see more upcoming dramas for her.

      // As for the dating news, I’m so happy. I remember watching the early episodes of Happy Home and thought to myself: “Wouldn’t it be cool if they date each other?” And they are. They have such oozing chemistry in Happy Home. Congrats! 😀

    • Prepare to pull your hair out while watching, as the writer throws one ridiculous set back after another, and the characters doing the most bone headed things, over and over again. It was not a pro-women drama at all.

      Happy for the couple though. With this being the first public relationship for both, it must be a serious one. Maybe wedding bells soon 😀

  2. When I first watched Happy Home, i silently wished that they could date in real life as they are really looking good together.. And today, i’m one of the happiest fans.

    Wish them best wishes and blissful life together..

    • I must admit that it’s refreshing to see a same age couple . I love both of them since years . They remind me of eugene and ki tae Young couple ( Creating destiny drama lead couple). It’s the second couple this year to date after drama end (Cha ye ryun and Joo Sang Wook). I’M HAPPYYYYYYYY.

      • … I have nothing against the age gap in couples. It’s very common in my country as interacial, same sex weddings. Love is what matters ! But i just find them too great.

      • Heeheehee, Lee SangWoo is even Ki TaeYoung’s doppelganger (and vice versa). They both look so alike that even Ki TaeYoung’s little baby-kid stared at him so hard when they met, probably unsure if he was her dad.

        Is he going to share the same fate as Ki TaeYoung now? So adorable!

  3. woww this reminded me on how Eugene and Ki Tae Young got hitched too… Weekend drama :):):) This should be a good place for veteran actress to meet their other half xixixixixixixi

  4. Congratulations. LSW has never admitted to a relationship before. I wonder why it’s public so fast. But I am so happy to hear it that I hope it’s marriage serious. They look so good together.

  5. Omg this is such great news!! I have always loved these two individually. Can you just imagine how goddamn beautiful their babies are going to be..I know I’m jumping too far ahead, lol. * fingers crossed*

  6. I like Lee Sang Woo since watching him 2009’s “The First Wives Club”. Never expected of this coupling but they look good and happy together.

  7. So happy for the both of them! Kim So Yeon one of my favorite actress. She can be shy but damn sexy:) Lee Sang Woo is just damn handsome:)

  8. i knew it!!! i knew they would date in real life after watching the drama,i dont know why but i just got a feeling, im so happy for them!

  9. From the first kiss in the drama, I knew Lee Sang Woo was into her. From the BTS scenes with the fellow actors teasing Kim So Yeon about him and her reaction to said teasing I knew she was into him. So it does not surprise me to find out that they were dating. What has somewhat surprised me is that 2 known private/shy persons have made this public, I guess they have their reasons. I wish them all the best in getting to really know each other as a couple and sincerely hope the relationship works out for them. Now that we are aware, I would like to ask k-netizens, paparazzi, obsessed fans/anti fans of both actors and others that I may have missed to respect these adults decisions to have a relationship and their privacy wherever they are. Remember before they are actors they are Lee Sang Woo the man & Kim So Yeon the woman individuals who actually like each other. Good luck

    • Ooooh, do you perhaps have a link to the BTS scene you were talking about? It’s cute that they’re dating. They look good together and I hope they last.

  10. They are not really dongap though…. Lee Sang Woo has an early birthday i.e. he is 1 school-year earlier. Thus, Kim So Yeon calls him “oppa”.
    It is refreshing to see a celebrity couple so goodlooking and similar in age. So happy for them.

  11. Love KSY since her debut, even in the show “yesterday” . Sweet nature and kind even to the staff which can be seen at each wrap up of filming.

    She has always been asked if she has a boyfriend and her answer is no.

    They both have waited for the right love and love came to meet them. They are made for each other

    사랑해요? So happy for both of you.

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