KBS Drama The Man Living in Our House Casts Su Ae, Kim Young Kwang, Jo Boa, and Lee Soo Hyuk

Nine years isn’t super long but it feels like forever when one is stuck in the world of intense melodramas. That’s the case with K-actress Su Ae who is making her drama comeback this fall with the KBS Mon-Tues rom-com The Man Living in Our House. She’s been doing dramas consistently but all her works in the last nine years have been melodramas that range from revenge to thrillers.

The Man Living in Our House will be Su Ae’s first romantic comedy since 9 Ends 2 Outs (2 Outs in the Bottom of the 9th Inning) back in 2007. The drama is still looking for her titular Man living in the same house after Yoo Seung Ho passed on the role followed by Yoon Shi Yoon also not inking the offer. The third time might be the charm as the offer is out to Kim Young Kwang to play the younger man romantic interest opposite Su Ae, with Jo Boa and Lee Soo Hyuk in talks as the second leads.

The Man Living in Our House is adapted from a webtoon of the same time, telling the cohabitation romance between a flight attendant returning to her deceased mother’s house and finding a man younger than her claiming to be her stepdad as he married her mother right before she died. Directing will be the PD of Joseon Gunman and The Princess’s Man, while the screenwriter of Flower Boy Next Door will be adapting the webtoon into the drama script. The Man Living in Our House will follow Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and afterwards comes the flower boys in Shilla drama Hwarang.


KBS Drama The Man Living in Our House Casts Su Ae, Kim Young Kwang, Jo Boa, and Lee Soo Hyuk — 15 Comments

  1. Poor Soo Ae. After years of great leading men she is now paired with KYK. I mean dont give me wrong he is good looking but thats about it. So many things wrong with this casting.

  2. I thought when i read the news about this drama earlier the female lead found a man in her age as her step father now it change to younger man????actually i like the premise but i prefer “man in her age” why kdrama often describe nuna romance, are many korean man like older woman???

  3. I liked Soo Ae in Mask (it was a shock to me when I saw that she didn’t receive any awards for her performance in that drama).
    I don’t know much about KYK. I remember he was in White Christmas. I’ve also seen him, I think, in several dramas I dropped… I’m not sure about his acting style.
    By the way, the plot seems a bit foolish (not that I mind).

  4. Can someone, anyone, explain WHY the lead would not just be Lee Soo Hyuk?! He can act circles around Kim Young Kwang? What the heck?! Why is he never the lead?! Why Kdramaland?! Darn you! On a side note, how awesome would Yoon Si Yoon have been in this role – OMG! I didn’t even know it was offered to him. Too bad! I guess it would have maybe been too similar to his role in Flower Boy Next Door and he wants to branch out more.

    • I am waiting for Lee Soo Hyuk to be the male lead in a drama. He has done excellent work even when the writing has been lackluster.

  5. Now I don’t want to have any presumption based off the so-so cast before a drama is produced and aired. Look at the hype and then the abysmal flop of intensively marketed UF and now SH. These two dramas seemed to overstate the “star power” of their main casts. On the other hand, nobody gave a dang to Cinderella and 4 Knights before it’s aired. But look at how this underdog has been doing decently on the domestic cable TV and has become so popular on several online streaming sites to the point it even topped the viewership among all the Asian dramas uploaded at some points. More ironically, the once heavily hammered and dissed 2nd lead for his bad acting in the prior project, Ahn Jae Hyun, steals the show and hijacks the OTP ship from Jung II-Woo. LOL

    So unless I dislike the main actor/actress very much, I’ll give any drama a chance.

    • Exactly what I was thinking?! Not fond of both lead actors… Man…. I am sooooooo disappointed. The story sounded interesting, but I may have to pass on this one I f there isn’t at least one male lead I like.

  6. It is a very sad day, that Kim Young Kwang once against cast as a lead. Even worst this time, since I like the leading lady, Soo Ae. It should have been Lee Soo-Hyuk in the lead instead.

  7. How come Kim Young-Kwang gets another lead spot when he messed so badly in D-Day? Lee Soo-Hyuk should have been the lead with Soo Ae. Lee Soo-Hyuk has everything that Kim Young-Kwang does not have. He is a good actor, sexy hot, and with on-screen charisma. My heart goes out to Soo Ae. After having such wonderful co-leads such as Ju Ji-Hoon (Mask), Kwon Sang-Woo (Queen of Ambition), Kim Rae-Won (A Thousand Days Promise), Lee Jung-Jin (Two Outs in the Ninth Inning), she is now given this Kim Young-Kwang. I wish she could step away from this production.

  8. I personally think Kim Young-Kwang is one of the good model turned actors in the Korean Small screen. I came across his acting in the drama Pinocchio for the first time which caught my attention. Soon after I watched the movie Hot Young Bloods. The characters he played were totally different and showed some unique acting skills. I think he has the good looks as well as the talent to become the lead actor of this drama.

  9. I saw kim young kwang acting in gogh starry night along with actress kwon yuri.. I think he is a great actor.. I also seen this drama stranger in my house.. And he is played well..nothing is wrong with his acting skill. Kim young kwang fighting.김영광 오빠빠..항상 응원하다..화이팅!!

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