First Teaser for Choi Ji Woo and Joo Jin Mo’s Legal Drama Woman with a Suitcase


It’s cute that the title logo for upcoming MBC Mon-Tues drama Woman with a Suitcase incorporates the cutout of leading lady Choi Ji Woo with her trusty suitcase. It’s not for carrying clothes or jewelry but instead used to schlep all her legal documents. Playing a law firm manager that gets busted for practicing law without a license, after her fall she pays her dues and then works hard to become a lawyer for reals, and in the process gets her own smexy admirer in the manly shape of Joo Jin Mo. It’s basically a legal industry themed female empowerment life makeover story, but without the K-drama trope to uglify Choi Ji Woo first before unveiling her top to bottom new kickass self. It’s off to a promising start to see the two leads together in the first drama teaser showcasing a humorous camaraderie and excellent visuals.


First teaser for Woman with a Suitcase:


First Teaser for Choi Ji Woo and Joo Jin Mo’s Legal Drama Woman with a Suitcase — 6 Comments

  1. MTE! Everything is on point in this teaser, great atmosphere and natural interaction between CJW and JJM. Can’t wait for the next teasers to give us more details about the plot and the other characters.

  2. Very cute indeed. I do appreciate the small details in it, like, as Miss Koala said, CJW’s silhouette in the logo, the sincere laughter burst the moment their eyes met, the mirroring positions of their hands and feet at the end etc. Also the playful BGM which perfectly matches the light mood.
    Love it!

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