Ji Hyun Woo Visits Taiwan for Contemplative Photoshoot and Fan Meeting

I really like K-actor Ji Hyun Woo and it’s strictly for his expansive performing talent. The musical actor underpinnings are an added bonus but as a K-drama leading man he’s delivered a spectrum of leading men types all to perfect degree whether it’s nebbishy beta male in Angry Mom or self-absorbed alpha jerk in Trot Lovers. The problem now is that he’s kinda lost his drama mojo, or maybe it’s simply impossible to live up to the amazeballs character and performance that is his time traveling scholar Kim Boong Do in Queen In Hyun’s Man, for whatever reason ever since he’s returned from military service his acting career has stayed at a serviceable stable level when I’m certain he can vault back up to the next stage easily. His last drama Wanted failed to land with audiences so hopefully the next role will get him closer to the Boong Do level of audience enchantment.


Ji Hyun Woo Visits Taiwan for Contemplative Photoshoot and Fan Meeting — 10 Comments

  1. for some reason i’m projecting sadness onto him after getting dumped by Yoo In Na in the military and coming back to Kdrama and competing with all these young handsome stars. It’s like he missed out on his peak and love when he had to go to military right after finishing QIHM. You’re right he needs to find a charming role so i stop assuming things about him. Go to variety! Laugh out loud and show that you still got that mojo.

    • I loved him in QIHM. Still haven’t come across another more intelligent male lead in kdrama. So charismatic, romantic and smart.

      I feel the same way, after the break up and dischargement, I just feel he has that sadness projected as well, especially when his roles hadn’t been as fantastic as QIHM, although I’ve heard good things about Awl, but not not many watched it.

      Who can forget his public confession to Yoona. There will not be another korean actor who has the guts to do so, without the fear of losing fans.

  2. I really like him. He and YIN are the reasons why I enjoyed QIHM so much, more than I enjoyed LJS and HHJ. It was one of those rare cases where shippers got their wish come true. Sadly, they broke up.

    I tried Wanted. The premise was interesting and fairly thrilling in the beginning but it got repetitive and boring fast. Still, he was the best thing in that drama.

    He’s not the best looking but he has got that certain charm and sincerity in his performances.

    Over time, I have gotten sick of lead actors who are all about looking beautiful and acting cool. More real actors chaebal!

  3. He is still an excellent actor. You just need that one drama to shine. I hope he gets that. He is going for diverse roles and I for one applaud him for doing that successfully.

  4. The smart sensible kdrama leads are pretty much impossible to find.. Kim Boong Do is one of my favorite characters ever!

    I hope he finds a role to shine again on screen

  5. I don’t know, I didn’t really follow what happened back than. But I always found it odd, that he publicly confessed to Yoo In Na, than dated her (or where they already dating?) and shortly after that he decided to leave for the military, where she dumped him. I always thought, that his surprise move didn’t leave her much choice, which is why he left for the military where she could dump him rather easy. But as I said, I don’t know much about them as a couple, so maybe I am projecting.

  6. I followed their “romance” very closely then. My first ship that came true. But alas….Anyway, I think he confessed because he wanted to land her before someone else did during his absence once he enlisted. Many fans were unhappy that he basically “forced” her to say yes, cos if she rejected than it would look bad on her. And then she couldn’t dump him when he’s still serving the army, and could only do so after his discharge. I’m not sure who dumped whom though.

    After his confession, he went into hiding for 2 weeks. Everyone was waiting in bated breath for her reply. Then about after 2 weeks of consideration, Yoona made the announcement over her radio show that she accepted his confession. Then they only dated a few months before he had to enlist.

    • I felt bad for the both of them. It wasn’t a good idea to confess in public.
      It seems for some of the actors, they lose the momentum they had before going into the service. Sometimes it doesn’t come back. I hope it’s not this way with him.

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