Lee Jong Seok Holds Fan Meeting in Japan After Wrapping W: Two Worlds

When I view recently ended MBC drama W: Two Worlds from the lens of the entire drama, it strikes me as even more impressive with it’s conceptual reach because the drama really hooks all three different taste audiences with Korea, China, and Japan. The fresh story line keeps the domestic audiences engaged, the sleek upscale production makes Chinese audiences entertained, and the casting of super popular in Japan leads Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo ensures the drama gets exported there with plenty of welcome. Lee Jong Seok is definitely a triple threat in all three countries in his exposure there so he’s keeping busy even after wrapping W by heading to Japan for a long overdue fan meeting. The obasans were loving his warm engaging presence at the event, and I’m loving how he looks healthy and happy rather than the usual haggard post-drama recovery look. I hope his next drama is a sageuk to change things up.


Lee Jong Seok Holds Fan Meeting in Japan After Wrapping W: Two Worlds — 12 Comments

  1. Yes oh yes! A sageuk for Lee Jong Seok —- please, pretty please!!!!! Now I cannot get that out of my head and will pout incessantly if it doesn’t happen!

    He looks great here! So happy to see him looking well.

  2. I remember once he said he has learnt horse riding & sword playing in case he works in a sageuk project but he also said he doesn’t fit sageuk too much because of his pale skin since he used to change his hair color to fit to his skin which isn’t really possible in traditional fashion.

    Knowing him he likes to challenge himself a lot so that’s not impossible if he choose a saguek for his next drama & IMO he was good in “Face Reader”.

  3. He already did a sageuk movie The Face Reader with sunbae actors. I love the movie even though it’s really sad. It’s a small role for LJS but he was good in it.

  4. After W, he gains many new fans, especially international fans. I’m so proud of him…
    I think he will hold his status as a hallyu star for a long time. Waiting for his next project, miss him already…

  5. I can’t wait for VIP! He’s finally playing the role of the villain hahha I’m really excited about this movie. But i also wish he could do more international projects with a interesting directors like Cuarón, Hsiao-Hsien, Ang Lee, Wong Kar-Wai, Iñarritú or Del Toro… lol i know! Too much to ask? XD probably hehhee

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