Kimi Qiao’s Parents Suffer Online Blackmail with Spread of His Final Picture Taken After His Passing

Last week’s passing of Chinese singer-actor Kimi Qiao (Qiao Ren Liang) at the age of 28 years old from depression-induced suicide has rocked the entertainment industry but no one is more affected than his parents. He was an only child not to mention by all accounts a dutiful, considerate, and loving son, the type to call his mom that he was coming to see her but also telling her not to cook dinner as he was bringing food over.

This week Kimi’s poor dad had to go to the police to file a harassment, blackmail, and cyber crime report against an anonymous netizen who posted a picture taken by the police at the scene of Kimi’s passing, and demanded a payment before he would take down the picture and post. It’s the lowest of the low and made me heave in disgust and pain for his parents. There are also reportedly fake fansites asking for donations as well, so clearly the dredges of society remain ready to pounce. My heart goes out to Kimi’s parents and I hope Kimi’s rest and memory will not be disturbed further.


Kimi Qiao’s Parents Suffer Online Blackmail with Spread of His Final Picture Taken After His Passing — 13 Comments

  1. Wow! Can’t believe some people do that. Not just disrespect to Kimi Qiao but instigating so much hurt in his already suffering parents 🙁

  2. Just wanted to make a suggestion: I was fairly confused by the title of this article. I think it would’ve been more clear if it wasn’t written in passive voice (i.e., Kimi Qiao’s parents file police report against online blackmailers over funeral wake photos).

    Also, from what I understand, the photos were not taken by police, but actually taken furtively by the poster (presumably). Naturally, netizens were outraged that someone would sneak photos of the embalmed body, and implored that the poster take it down out of respect for the deceased. The poster refused and asked for money, which I took as a sick joke and not a blackmail attempt per se. This reminds me of the reporters who dressed as nurses in order to take photos of popstar Yao Beina’s corpse after she passed away from cancer.

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