Ji Sung Offered Rebel Hong Gil Dong and Channels Shin Se Gi in Austin Reed CF

It feels serendipitous that I came across oldie but goodie pictures of Ji Sung just as news broke that he was considering a new drama. I’ll take this as a good sign from above. MBC‘s early 2017 sageuk Rebel Hong Gil Dong (formerly known as Traitor Hong Gil Dong) is courting Ji Sung for the titular role of Hong Gil Dong. I assumed that was the role Namgong Min was offered when news broke earlier this week that he was in talks for that drama but it’s now clear that Namgong Min is considering the other male lead role.

I love Ji Sung but Entertainer was a wash for me, and I’m hesitant for him to do a sageuk as his two sageuks were ratings and quality duds in The Great Seer and Kim Suro. My image of Hong Gil Dong remains Kang Ji Hwan‘s take on it years ago, but if anyone else is going to attempt it Ji Sung is a top pick for me. If he doesn’t do Rebel Hong Gil Dong I hope his next drama has him doing a darker role so he can bring back Shin Se Gi vibes from Kill Me, Heal Me, seeing this Austin Reed menswear ads from last year brings back such nostalgia feels for the bad boy personality.


Ji Sung Offered Rebel Hong Gil Dong and Channels Shin Se Gi in Austin Reed CF — 5 Comments

  1. Ooooh! Yes! Shinsekil-dong! Great image.
    Will he wear the guyliner, too?

    I agree on his two sagueks as in I tried, but coudln’t get through.

    Maybe this’ll be more fusion than those, and it will work!

  2. He has the Johnny Depp – Edward Scissorshand vibe, that is very present in these photos. He shines in quirky roles so he should stick to those imho.

  3. Somehow, anything he does can be put into one of the categories of his 7 personalities on Kill me Heal Me.. they were that diverse.

    I also worry because Ji Sung + saeguk = bad idea (so far).. I hope it’s good if he chooses this

  4. I hope he picks that other drama was it Defendant? Hong Gil Dong might be popular with audiences but the other might bring awards. then again korean awards seem to be Popularity Only F*** with the Acting

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