Jeon Ji Hyun Gets Tied Up by Lee Min Ho in Legend of the Blue Sea First Meeting

Much can be said about Legend of the Blue Sea being over-hyped, and certainly it’s harder to meet expectations when the interest is so high. I was underwhelmed by most of the writing in You From Another Star but I did appreciate that it took risks and went for a story about a top star in love with an immortal alien. I want Legend to take the fantastical fresh premise and actually do more to sell me the surrounded world building. Leads Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun are featured in a meet cute set of first drama stills, or meet combative based on Jeon Ji Hyun taking a boxing stance in one picture before being tied up in another. She’s certainly a sassy and spitfire of a mermaid, here’s to hoping her ending isn’t as turning into bubbles like the most famous mermaid of fairy tale lore.


Jeon Ji Hyun Gets Tied Up by Lee Min Ho in Legend of the Blue Sea First Meeting — 30 Comments

  1. I’m not excited by this drama. I really loved You from Another Star but this one is not appealing for me. I’m not a big fan of Lee Min Ho, he’s a little bit bland, not really charismatic. I’m patiently waiting for Goblin.

      • Haha. It’s crazy how people can be overreactive about something like a drama… The story seems a little weird but in AMFAS too, so why not. JJH seems to play a character who reminds me this on of AMFAS and LMH never is a argument for watching a drama. It doesn’t mean that I don’t watch his dramas.

      • @Kurama You are not interested, JJH playing the same role again, LMH is bland, you are waiting Goblin.. But why you end up here. You making it hard for urself baby. If you dislike just ignore. Why saying i dislike this drama bcos of this and that. That’s mean you have interest with this drama honey. Its not about being overreactive but being rational LOL

  2. His Shirt!!!! It’s a cute feminine pyjamas???I just don’t get why he is wearing it and I am afraid we won’t get better explanation about it when we watch the drama later.

  3. That shirt has got to be burned down lol. I simply loved YFAS and Producers was fantastic too so I’m looking forward to Park Ji-eun’s next. She’s such a reliable and credible writer in my books, undoubtedly.

  4. Reaææy interested in this. they keep making us go dizzy and desirous due to all these promos. Thanks for posting them the 16th seems like a decade away. I can literally wait

  5. I heard it’s a different mermaid story though. It’s from the Korean folktale where the governor catches a mermaid and releases her back to the sea(?)

  6. I must be the one who didn’t get YFAS vibe, but i allways give a chance to a drama by watching first and giving my opinion after.

    • I enjoyed the first few episodes because the concept was new but I just couldn’t finish it. It was so popular in SK it got extended and it became a bore. Each episode was repetitive and I think you have to love JJH to finish it because it literally became her show. I do think she is pretty and she has a great figure but for me her acting is always the same for the past ten years since My Sassy girl.

      • @S******** you obviously want to pick an argument. My opinions of JJH acting has nothing to do with you because unlike you I don’t hate JJH (whilst you are just a PSH hater and go to every one of her articles to hate). I actually believe JJH is a goddess.

      • Hahaha, disagree! This article is not about my idol and you’re the one that brought her up. PSH has one of the most beautiful natural faces plus a beautiful heart to go with it. From all the stills and previews of LOTBS JJH is gorgeous! Will definitely watch it!

  7. @ABC do you watch all her shows how is Berlin fire,the thieves or assassination the same with sassy girl…If you don’t like her agreed stick to your psh

    • Jumping to defend your bias is understandable but did I say I didn’t like her??? Don’t put words in my mouth. Btw I did see the thieves and her films and my opinion of her hasn’t changed.

  8. So, our mermaid is either dragged by Lee Min Oh or tied up… I guess he’ll put her in a box and carry her to his house in South Korea – a very convenient way of making them fall in love. LOL
    I don’t know why, but I expected (well, wanted) the mermaid to be a mysterious character rather than a sassy and clueless one.
    But the drama hasn’t even started airing yet. There may be something more to her character than meets the eye.

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