Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo Spend the Autumn Cuddling Up in New Dazed Magazine Spread

The dichotomy of W: Two Worlds wasn’t just in the parallel universes within the narrative scope, one real and the other manhwa, it’s also in how I feel about it. I loved the parts that worked and was infuriated with the flaws that faltered, and neither the twain shall meet. It was love and hate in equal measure so it’s nice to revisit the drama leads Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo in a setting that is complete love. They visually stunning pair graces the cover and pages of edgy Dazed Magazine in a autumnal spread with rocker hippy vibes. The colors are somewhat Brady Brunch but the feel is all modern, with the two models hitting all the right pose notes that sell the shot. Han Hyo Joo remains more memorable in model form than in acting but Lee Jong Seok still straddles the two worlds with equal aplomb.


Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo Spend the Autumn Cuddling Up in New Dazed Magazine Spread — 22 Comments

    • look the best with your psh? Hahaha whats wrong with your eyes? The boy more beautiful than the girl.

      for me he always look the best especially when he’s passionate about his acting.

      • You seem to hate her so much but the boy you call bias was non stop praising her and her beauty when he worked her.
        Who care what you think when he was happy and excited to be with her?

      • Lmao he praised her because his personality, he is too good and my boy not just praising your psh, he is really like to makes people (especially woman) comfortable around him.
        I’m being honest, even my boy lied when he saying psh beautiful than him.. *just watch hanbam tv pinocchio promotion if you dont believe me @AG *

      • @PA hahahahaha you acting like you know him well. Are you his family? Even he didnt know who you are, so stop being so arrogant as his fans.

    • ahah! dont tell this to their shippers, they were having gaga over the pics like for days after these posters came out as if they were in love just by looking at the poses.?

      • I don’t see any shippers on this post? Well, at least their shipper. They seemed rather quiet or maybe it is just me in my own box.

        Anyhow they both look like they come out from a comic. So gorgeous if that is even possible. HHJ has always been stunning so it is a no brainer for me. However, lately, after W, i find myself ogling over Lee Jong Suk more.

        He seems manly rather than boyish after the drama for me. I could never spazz over him before, now on the other hand. LOL I think i’m going crazy over him. Looking forward for his fanmeeting over here in my place. I’m going!

  1. LJS is born to be a “clothes horse”. With his height, built and his looks, he looks good in any style of clothes. Am also very glad that he is also a very talented actor. Loved his work and am eagerly waiting for his next drama series. Fighting LJS Fighting!

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