New Legend of the Blue Sea Stills Show Childhood Counterparts Laying the Foundation for OTP Romance

I’ve tried not to make too many comparisons of Legend of the Blue Sea with screenwriter Park Ji Eun‘s last mega hit drama You From Another Star, but with the latest drama still release it fairly echoes a major plot point of YFAS. Leads Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho narratively spend most of the drama in the modern day but their entwined fates start in the Joseon era between a child yangban version of Lee Min Ho and a little mermaid Jeon Ji Hyun. I’m confused as to why the mermaid can grow up but then stop aging once she gets to Jeon Ji Hyun’s level of maturity and beauty, other than as a proxy for the female ideal dream of staying the perfect phase of pretty. I have no quibbles that Park Ji Eun is cribbing for her own YFAS as long as it’s broad strokes rather than copying too many details. Let Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho make their own romance chemistry, especially when it spawns centuries.


New Legend of the Blue Sea Stills Show Childhood Counterparts Laying the Foundation for OTP Romance — 22 Comments

  1. I liked but didn’t love MLFAS so I’m doing what I do best and keeping my expectations middle of the road. I actually am going to do my best to not start this from the get go and wait until it is half done with its run.

  2. I was excited when the first teaser was released. But the second JJH’s character gave the similar vibe as in YFAS, I am taking a step back. LMH is quite stiff in comedy but I think it will be good since it managed to lure JJH to do drama again. But I can wait till halfway of its run before checking on it.

  3. I will never understand why they always put Lee Min-Ho in loose, flowy, flowery, wealthy-grandpa type beach clothes. I don’t care if he’s actually on a beach. The guy already won half the battle with his genes, please just style him like the 29-year-old he is.

    • the sponsors have to sell their clothing, so they use the actos to use those clothes. They gain money for it too… so they wear very ugly or expensive clothes.

    • I have you ever been to hawaii or any beach vacation areas like Bali, Dubai, Philppines, Ibiza etc etc. You will understand when you visit these places that these shirts are indeed vacation t-shirts. You won’t likely see normal coloured t-shirts in these areas and seeing them will even be more weird?? WHAT were you expecting white white office t-shirt. guys put on what you like to call flowery or shower curtain… It’s just the current fashion for the last 4 decades or so

      • LOL It’s true, plenty of flowery shirts at the beach but there are also a lot of everyday t-shirts. Love Hawaii but my husband doesn’t do floral and neither do a lot of other guys. I think @liz is right; this is about sponsors. I’m okay with them paying for the dramas anyway they have to. At some point he’ll be partaking of a Subway sandwich.

      • @kat

        You can ask any boy? If they wear lets say the normal white, dark, blue etc etc which i agree looks best on boys but unfortunately they will be out of place as it dosen’t signal relaxing mood and thats why you see them wear these white, dark, blue red etc etc at dinners, n8ight out or even at parties but not in bali, hawaai etc etc since the mood is different just likke how girls wear bikini and not wear it any where else except on beaches

      • I watch Three Meals A Day with Eric in it and I kinda like his island outfit. Its very simply but cool and mainly. It just wearing cap, short pants, slipper and simple shirt. If the mid 30s Eric still lookibg so good with that kinda outfit, I’m sure Lee Min Ho will be much more cool and handsome too.

  4. Can’t wait until this drama airs. they are literally klling us inside everytime i see them knowng the drama didn’t air or is airing…. 11 days is left

  5. “especially when it spawns centuries” – I think you mean “spans centuries”, as it’s unlikely their chemistry gives birth to centuries.

  6. Lee Min Ho’s young counterpart is GOT7’s Park Jin Young, formerly known as Jr/Junior, previously seen in dramas such as “Dream high 2” (not his best role) and most recently in “Beloved Eun-Dong”. He’s only 7 years younger than Lee Min-Ho.

    As for the Lee Min-Ho/Jeon Ji-Hyeon pairing, I have my doubts.

  7. well I can’t really find a reasonable reason for Jeon Ji Hyun’s character to grow with Lee Min Ho’s character (Dam Lim) only to stay alive and young centeries after his death till she meets his doppleganger/incarnation (Jun Jae) but I’ll wait for them to give me the answer (if there is one) or I’ll live with it and convince myself that she got stuck in a place where mermaids don’t age or that they just grow till that age but doesn’t grow older!! as long as they give me a good story and convincing chemistry I’m in and that won’t be a big issue to bother me!! I just hope the drama turn out to be satisfying as it looks and I wish for it!! 🙂

  8. Somehow I feel this drama doesn’t get as much buzz as other pre produced dramas in Koala’s blogs. Why? B/c fans are not excited or too little controversy of acting/star power so that nothing interesting to comment on?

  9. Why does every drama always have the main leads be connected somehow? Whether it’s through childhood, high school, family ties, reincarnation, etc. So tired of these repetitive tropes. Wish it would just be two people whom have never met and falling in love naturally.

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