Song Ji Hyo Exemplifies Professional and Sultry for Cosmopolitan Korea October Edition

There’s a new K-drama out starring Song Ji Hyo called My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week, which is one of the most entertaining and straight forward K-drama titles short of the terse one word ones that describe an occupation. The drama airs on jTBC and costars Lee Seon Kyun and is reportedly a warm and funny drama about what a man does when he discovers his happy wife of ten years isn’t so happy and is planning to have an affair.

Confront her is apparently not an option so he turns to an online forum and asks for advice. With the two leads at the helm the drama will certainly have a shot at entertaining and perhaps even illuminating on the vestiges of a failing marriage. Song Ji Hyo really is such a hearty hardworking K-star, doing at least one drama a year and a permanent cast member of Running Man. Her latest fall pictorial in Cosmopolitan Korea is gorgeous like her professional wifey character in My Wife is hanging out at the office and hotel.


Song Ji Hyo Exemplifies Professional and Sultry for Cosmopolitan Korea October Edition — 9 Comments

  1. To those on the fence about watching this I suggest you give it a try. It is funny as hell, with a thick mystery surrounding the wife character. And Lee Seon-kyun is hugely entertaining to watch as we see things from inside his head.

    • Agreed, the show is a whole lot more funnier than I expected it to be considering the theme is infidelity. Lee Seon-kyun shares such great rapport with all the actors, in particular with Lee Sang-yeob (his hysterics after finding out about the potential affair had me in stitches of laughter.)

  2. The drama is good. Glad that this drama centered around lee sun kyun’s thoughts so jihyo is not required to act emotionally because i personally think that boa’s acting is better than jihyo’s. Overall this drama is good

    • I thought Boa acting was stiff, try-hard, and out-of-place. Like you can tell she’s a newbie out of all of the casts.

      Jihyo is still so-so in her acting. Luckily this drama is centered around Lee Sun Kyun. Guy is nailing it. 🙂

  3. I don’t even recognize her frm her princess hours days..she looked different somehow
    All i remember frm that drama is she’s annoying as hell and not attractive at all..but now she looks pretty

  4. Man, this drama really surprised me. I had caught up to all my currently airing dramas and decided to give this one a try. I’m officially hooked! This drama is hilarious! I just love how natural Lee Seon Kyun is in this role! He nails it. And that voice…man, oh man! So damn attractive. I’ve always been indifferent to Song Ji Hyo in dramas, but I do adore her in Running Man! This will definitely be added to current faves.

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