Gong Yoo Spots his Human Bride Kim Go Eun in Latest Previews and Stills for Goblin


The latest trailers are out for tvN‘s fantasy romance Goblin and this time the focus on the ffated connection between leads Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun. He’s an immortal Goblin and she’s a human high school student who is the key to him gaining mortality. He’s looking for a human bride for that purpose and spots Kim Go Eun as fitting that profile. Coming from screenwriter Kim Eun Sook, there are many elements of her dramas that seen fantastical even if she sets in reality, this time she’s going beyond the body swap fantasy of Secret Garden to delve into mythology and mystical creatures. I like that Gong Yoo seems world weary as befitting a Goblin who’s lived much too long, it’ll be interesting to see how meeting Kim Go Eun changes his fate.

Trailers for Goblin:


Gong Yoo Spots his Human Bride Kim Go Eun in Latest Previews and Stills for Goblin — 34 Comments

    • High school? Koreans have an obsession with young girls or something??? I’m surprised they didn’t choose an even younger actress to play this role.

  1. Yes, so happy Gong Yoo is back in dramaland ! BIG was a disappointment but I got thru that just because of Gong Yoo. I’m hoping this drama delivers (altho I have my doubts with this writer. I was never fully satisfied with her writing, SG and DOTS included.)

      • Actually, I think it should remain a question mark because depending on the roles she plays, Kim Go Eun is either good or bland.

    • With that username, you have no room to be saying an actress who actually won praise for her acting right from debut is only getting lead roles because of ‘sponsor’.

      • lol drag them.

        Kim Go Eun has delivered at least one really good performance in her life (Cheese in the Trap), that’s more than some other people who should stick to just modelling, have managed to do.

    • lmao.. the psh obsession is quite funny… I also like her and probably is one of the two k-celeb who has genuinely a good person aura and the other being lmh. there biggest charm is not looking celebtriy but everyday random ppl with very sincere caring vibe. like warm caring

      • Psh fans care about haters~
        Just care about your bias, and dont touch my boy. Your bias more matching with raewon ahjussi or some male idols.

      • @SuzyPretty, yah continue day dreaming your idol is still nation’s first love, you should ask who those nation are why they are NOT supporting Suzy’s drama and movies.
        as far as reality is concerned, Suzy is the Queen of Flop, you should wake up from your wild dream, you idol is overhype, not talented, and her pretty is fake, undergone plastic surgery. lololol, tsk tsk tsk

    • As park shin hye fan I discovered agree with your comment I don’t wish that shin hye in KSE dramas she doesn’t write unique roles for 1st lead actresses , I hope KGE’s role will add to her bcz I don’t trust that the wite.

  2. She plays a high school student? eh…i thought this would be a more mature story with a college student or something. Turn off. KGE doesn’t suit being a high school student anymore and GY doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to date a high school student anymore. Well, lets hope the screenwriter proves this wrong.

  3. Why couldn’t it have been a woman who’s older instead of a highschooler? Seriously…the best a goblin could do is a high school student? Yikes.

    • ^Same. I’m horrified that they are going with a high school student. Younger is not better especially the way the story is going. To be honest this is a major turn off for me in terms of watching this drama.

  4. Never been a fan of either leads, but I think KGE looks charming in the teaser and I like the way GY stared at her too. KES, of course I’ll always check out her dramas. Doesn’t matter how ppl diss her for her cheesy writing. I watch her dramas to be entertained and get away from daily mundane as well as work stress. Usually those unrealistic cheesy lines give me overworked brain more effective rest than so-called deep and thought-provoking screenplays such as M*s**ng or S*gn*l. LOL

  5. I’m sorry but gong yoo and kim go eun in one storyline? I’m in this journey. Both are talented actor and actress and they are my fav among others. I just hope the scripts wont make the characters die. Yet, I’ll put my trust in them making it a best show for me. HWAITTING!

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