Artistically Rendered Drama Posters for Legend of the Blue Sea Set Visual Bar for Pretty

There hasn’t been a single promo mishap for Legend of the Blue Sea yet, not that I’m rooting for it to stumble but all this continuous pretty does worry me that expectations are not sky high. The silver lining is that the drama is premiering this Wednesday November 16th so whatever is coming is right around the corner. The official drama posters just came out and I’m in love, legit love without reservation. The blue top poster is set in Joseon times with Lee Min Ho‘s magistrate on a dingy reaching down for mermaid Jeon Ji Hyun in the water. The modern poster recreates the same moment but with Lee Min Ho’s conman reaching out to help human form Jeon Ji Hyun stand up in the rain. This drama has done so well in the visual design department, I hope the color and images pop this beautifully on television in the moving form.


Artistically Rendered Drama Posters for Legend of the Blue Sea Set Visual Bar for Pretty — 9 Comments

  1. This drama could easily ranked first in its timeslot since the two competing dramas at MBC and KBS really have no starpower. It has the potential to become a rating monster with mild competition and combination of two Hallyu big names in LMH and JJH. But I am rooting for the underdog that is “Weightlifting Fairy”.

    • It seems clear that the other airing stations are gonna sit back and let what happens happen. I like that that the weightlifting drama is giving an actress her opportunity as a lead. I think she deserves it, and it is great for her because expectations are low re: ratings. At the same time, she gets an opportunity to step out of the witchy 2nd female lead box and show a different side.

      I don’t want to go through the pain of waiting every week for the mermaid drama, so I actually do plan on checking out “Weightlifting Fairy” and am gonna try to hold out on starting the other drama until it is almost done with its run.

      • Actually lee Sung Kyung did a positive, candy type role in a weekend drama. So, its not her first non-bitchy second lead role but it will be on a prime time slot against ratings and popularity heavy weights. Its already pretty evident that MBC and KBS aren’t trying to hard. No expectations means they can do things they like without the added pressure. It might not be such a bad thing after all.

  2. Really curious how LMH and JJH will look together on-screen, given their age difference. Since, fun fact, JJH is now the same age as Kim Hee-sun was when she filmed “Faith” with LMH, and people then said she looked like his aunt. (I disagreed, and Choi Young+Yoo Eun-soo is one of my absolute favorite romances in a K-drama. The magic of Song Jina, I suppose, since I loved her subsequent romance in “Healer” just as much.)

  3. Of all the 3 competing dramas, this one has the highest expectation with both leads having excellent track record in term of securing huge ratings. There’s basically no competition from the other two stations and could be it this is the drama that may rival DOTS. The pairing and premise seems promising but I will likely check on “Weightlifting Fairy” first. The happy vibe from the other camp certainly attracts me more.

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