Pretty New Poster and Epic Teaser for Period C-drama General and I with Wallace Chung and Angelababy


For the last few years it seems like Angelababy has been all over C-ent whether in movies or drama, but this upcoming period drama may be her last before she takes a hiatus to welcome her first child with husband Huang Xiaoming. She’s rather polarizing to watch, at times better than expected yet never truly convincing to personify a role. I’m sticking to wild optimism that she can create this truly memorable female lead role given to her in General and I, the C-drama adaptation of novel A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated.

She plays the female lead who is smarter than every other character in the book and appreciated by all as such, the female consigliere to a host of rulers battling with wits and might for supremacy. She falls in love with her sworn enemy prince played by Wallace Chung and together their love-hate romance leads to shifting allegiances and power plays. The drama wrapped filming recently and is slated for an early Spring 2017 release. I love the new back-to-back drama poster and watching the official BTS filming video (below) makes me appreciate the massive undertaking needed to make one drama come to life.


First Official Teaser:

Official BTS Filming Teaser for General and I:


Pretty New Poster and Epic Teaser for Period C-drama General and I with Wallace Chung and Angelababy — 14 Comments

  1. i am so excited for this! i love strong female leads. it’ll be a good follow up drama after Princess Weiyoung who also has a smart female lead!

    • In weiyoung, female lead dumbed down quite a lot compared to novel which I just finished reading. Perhaps, this drama will be the same.

      • Did you read princess weiyoung in English?I would love to read it but I can’t find it probably because I don’t know where to look for it I only speak english. Thank you

  2. Great actors, great cinematography, beautiful background music and looks like they are really spot on for all characters. Bai Ping Ting, Chu Ba Jie,He Su and the princess. Everything look awesome! So happy happy for year 2017 drama.

  3. I have no idea as to what her acting ability is, and she may very well be fantastic, but Angelababy is such a ridiculous name, I cringe every time I see it…

  4. Is she going to potray Bai pingting? Its very intriguing character compare to other character that I had read before, next to her is qing mo … hope she’ll suceed on this role, best wishes …

  5. Omo can’t wait! Even though I don’t think either fits the role of the General and Bai Pingting .. I hope it does well because I love the novel so much~

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