SBS Confirms 2017 Drama While You Were Sleeping with Lee Jong Seok and Suzy Directed by the PD of Doctors

Confirmation is in order for the next reunion drama of screenwriter Park Hye Ryun and her male lead muse Lee Jong Seok. He’s confirmed for While You Were Sleeping, and his leading lady is also confirmed to be Suzy. On top of that, SBS has for sure picked up the drama for it’s early 2017 prime time slot, and directing will be network veteran PD Oh Choon Hwan who directed Doctors and You From Another Star. Every single one of Suzy’s leading men is a fave of mine, from Kim Soo Hyun in Dream High, Lee Seung Gi for Gu Family Book, paired with Kim Woo Bin in Uncontrollably Fond, and now she even gets Lee Jong Seok! Not to mention she’s dating Lee Min Ho in real life, dang I just want her to buy lottery tickets for me.



SBS Confirms 2017 Drama While You Were Sleeping with Lee Jong Seok and Suzy Directed by the PD of Doctors — 163 Comments

  1. What the hell! Where does Suzy get all this backing from? And does she have some kind of deep desire to prove she can act? She’s ruined 2 of my previously highly anticipated dramas and she just wants to keep going. Now the drama team has to write the drama around her to suit her acting limits, and the other cast members have to work harder to compensate, just like in UF, I can only hope it works this time, but seriously, idols are ruining the industry. Call me biased or whatnot, but based on what they’ve given us recently, I refuse to give them any more chances to prove their acting abilities. Just write her character into a coma and let her wake up in the last episode, that would be perfect.

    • Ditto for me. Actresses should already be good to begin with and not mediocre STILL after several leading roles. And it is such a shame because there are other talented actresses and even other idols that never get headlining roles or the opportunity to work with talented writers because of favoritism like this. If an idol MUST be cast, I’d rather see a newbie get a chance, rather than one who has not really improved after several times. I definitely agree that casting like this is ruining the industry. I really want to support Korean dramas as there have been some wonderful productions and drama writing. But all the hard work and effort among the crew and cast goes to naught with just one weak link. 🙁

    • Its not like there aren’t any young actors out there who can perform well, yet they are hell bent on shoving idols who can’t act down our throat, I mean why?? Did nobody ever see Jung So Min or Nam Ji Hyun or Kim Seul Gi or Go Ah Sung or Han Groo(she is pregnant but had to mention her) or Kim Ji Won or Jo BoAh……..I mean come on.

      • All theses actresses should get an opportunity too. She just finished one drama ,can’t she go on a hiatus for a while ? I have nothing against her but i just wanted to see a new actress.

      • @Gem – yeah, why are girls like Jo Bo Ah and Kim Seul Gi being wasted in second lead roles?!

        I bet whichever actress is cast in second lead for this drama, will be more talented than Suzy but their role will be written to look like a bitch. It’s an insult tbh.

      • Aw ppl mentioned Jo BoAh. Yeah i wonder why? She is pretty and can act, very versatile. I am wondering if casting in K ent has much to do with connection and agency poweŕ.

    • Suzy only knows how to rely on big name actors to get in the ratings… Gong Yoo, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Woo Bin and now Lee Jong Suk. Too bad KWB couldn’t save her bad acting and UF flopped. Let’s just hope she would be put into a coma like KTH is Yong Pal, so that this drama would not flop.

    • I hate Bae Suzy coz of her I didn’t watch woo bin oppa first lead drama after ruining him she doesn’t want to stop she wants to ruin Jong suk oppa jeez I won’t be able to watch any of jong suks or woo bins drama ever again, Bae Suzy’s got some guts.

      • Jeez, I hate jong suk more for accepting to act with her, I’m so not watching this drama I didn’t waste my time of UF so I’m also passing this.

  2. Le sigh. So disappointed with Suzy as female lead, but hopefully the writer can pull something off by creating a character that Suzy will kinda capable be able to embrace (like with Dream high). Although I would so much rather have the writer create a character freely without having to tailor it to a limited actress and instead have a talented actress to really make the character her own. Meh, so many talented actresses out there why does she keep getting cast all the time? She better not ruin this drama for me!

    • So agree with you, I was really looking forward to this drama, but now I don’t know. Hopefully this will pay off and we get an awesome drama all around, story, characters and actors that can make their character their own. I think just like I have been doing for the last round of new dramas is to wait a few episodes in to see if I want to start watching.

  3. Does she has a sponsor or huge back up behind her? Why do she keep being casted opposite popular and big star? Even netizens not favour of her acting despite she does have a pretty look

  4. Did Lee Jong Seok not learn from his Doctor Stranger experience? No more “foot acting” leading ladies! It is actually painful to watch him trying to act next to these women. I like Park Hye Ryun’s dramas (and he clearly does too), but great writing cannot cure terrible acting. In Suzy’s other drama under PHR, her character was actually written to have no expression. That made her Dream High role palatable to me, but you can’t pull that trick twice!

    Taking bets:
    Who will be the better actress between Jin Se Yeon and Suzy?

    • unfortunately neither both of them are null.

      maybe the director and production house cast her because she’s good looking and blah blah but i am not her haters. i am a fan of miss A but i will not shield her for her crappy acting. She better do something with her acting. She should improve her acting skill. Even her aegyo in UF was so blergh.

  5. I am very dissapointed with the decision she had. has she ever learned how to reflect because she already ruined UF. Even woobin admitted he would reflect and do something with his acting skill and learn it again. i mean cmon, there are so many good actress with great acting skill but this is gonna be worst. sorry, sukkie, since doctor stranger, i always get dissapointed with your drama 🙁

    • God, until when you guys going to quote what KWB said all around wrong. Let’s get it straight. 1. He never apologized for drama being disappointment.
      2. He merely showed consern that he hopes he met everyone’s expectations about his acting.
      3. He only apologized that he couldn’t return with new drama sooner and he is sorry it’s not a “happy” character.
      4. But he learned so much on the set of UF about emotions, that he himself treasures memories about filming a lot.
      Trashy journalism and blind quoting of people who twisted his words made him stop writing letter to his fandom, when he used to do it once in a month. I guess you all happy that you made poor guy feel uneasy and apologetic for the stuff that he never wrote and never intended to say.

  6. We should have known that director and production especially the writer have a nitpicky with the actress. they might find this drama will get popular without looking for the quality. even so sorry, i could not finish legend of blue sea and i gave up in episode 2 because it’s still the same recipe they gave to us.

    okay i am so done ranting

  7. After UF she should take her time to learn how to act instead of receive another offer. People still have fresh memory how her terible acting in UF and in the next few months they might have to see that again. Sigh

    • However people tend to forget her bad acting because of that face. With pretty face of her, she would be forgiven for her crappy acting. Sighhhh

      • The funny thing is netizen only comment about how beautiful she is without mentioning her acting. From episode 1 until finish they only comment about her face. Come on, It’s a drama, not a beauty contest.

      • Tru tho @tita…sometimes i just want her to just being a singer and model where she’s good at.

  8. Wow there is a lot of negativity towards Suzy! I only hope in this new drama she does not have a role in which she has to scream, shout and screech like in UF. I am looking forward to While You Were Sleeping for Lee Jong Seok. Loved him, Loved his acting! Fighting LJS!!!

  9. Oh my god!! She always get the good looking and hot guys… maybe she have a good link with the producers. Because as far as I know her acting is always criticized. Anyway she will definitely look good with Lee Jong suk…

    • go tell your favourite that she’s indeed a pretty lady now its about time to focus on other attributes like her acting skills…instead of coming in here and trying to throw woobin under the bus tsk tsk tsk…

  10. Lol. Receipe for disaster. Good luck to LJS. He may desperately need this. No amount of good acting can save a drama esp when a leading actress is not credible like Suzy. The talented Lee Joon Gi and Kim Woo Bin had proven this theory.

      • Some people tend to blame Suzy for UF’s flop but as I know both KWB and LKH were the weak points too.

      • lol Suzy fans, I love how their only line of defense for her shitty acting is childish and false “but her male costar is bad too!” crap.

        Kim Woobin was the best thing about UF, and I’m sorry to have to t ell you this but he IS talented. It’s not his fault Suzy (in the words of a db commenter) is so bad an actress that when her dad is dying, she looks about as upset as if she lost her wallet.

  11. i dont have anything against suzy as a person but her acting is pretty mediocre. im kinda over seeing comments saying “she got better then before, or she is decent here” like i expect a lead actress to be more then what those comments say especially one that has had multiple lead roles. mediocre/average acting is kinda off putting when contrasted with a better actor as well

  12. I like Suzy as a person. She’s a nice girl and all (from what we see on screens). She’s great as an idol as well. But why must she act? Not all idols turned actors are bad. A person can be good in more than one area of work. But if you’re not cut out for acting, you don’t need more than one drama to prove it. She has worked through 2-3 dramas without any commendable improvements already. Why does she need another one to ‘try’? I had my reservations for UF. But I still gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried it. But I really can’t bring myself to say anything really positive about her acting. I also do not get why she keeps getting such great offers when the public backlash she gets whenever she gets casted is so huge. Plus, there are so many amazing and underrated actresses around. Why aren’t they given a chance instead?

  13. All these mediocre to terrible acting
    Idols and/or their agencies know they can only pull this crap off in the kdrama industry. If I was a Korean actor serious about my craft, I’d stay away from kdramas. You can work hard and end up paired up to work alongside someone with very little skills.

    I’m seriously losing my patience with kdramas for so many reasons.

  14. I couldnt forget the scene where her dad was dying and she had unemotinal/ bland look in her face. That’s where i stopped watching UF. No amount of editing can masked it. GIrl you’re not connecting with your audience even with that pretty face of yours. Pls. go back to acting school first instead of doing another project. I really tried watching you.

      • haha from the first episode LJS hasnt had a good chemistry with HHJ. HHJ seemed much older beside him anyway. Kiss were felt like acting from the LJS side. But in Pinocchio, every bit of him wanted PSH, during the kiss and other times.

    • “Back to acting school” LOLOL! I wish she went to an acting school! She just jumped straight to female lead with no experience whatsoever. All you need is a pretty face and all is forgotten.

      Don’t worry PHR will write the drama that suits her very limited acting experience. Sucks that another suitable actress was snubbed from the role though.

      • Well if not acting school how about acting workshops . We can make siggestions for her and not simply criticize.

  15. hey c’mon, Park shin hye actually no better than suzy in term of acting, who also had almost every hotties in her resume. although she improved in pinocchio, her acting went downhill in doctors. Like previous posters said,Suzy would probably spend most of her screen time sleeping *fingers and toes crossed*

    • Only Inetz think Park Shin Hye cannot act. And only from inetz would hear something as stupid as “park shin hye actually no better as suzy in term of acting”.

      Like come on the actress that won “korean critics award” miracle cell no 17 cannot act? and this is a real award from critics

      just because you guys hate her character in heirs does not mean she cannot act.

      • The only thing I don’t like of her is her acting kiss,but it’s difficult to find korean who do these kinds of scenes well.
        I do miss Moon Chae Woon I really loved her acting in Nice Guy

    • Meh.. I dont understand! Why you mention her name, this cast is bae suzy not shinye nothing relate, hellooo are you ok? anon ????????

    • For the people who think Park shin hye is not a good actress, to mention that I am not korean, I live in Canada and I know lots of people who praise park shin hye. I think she is one of the top actresses in Korea and she has been successfull because of her talent. I wish her the best!

    • seriously why are you mentioning her name here in not related article to shift the comments to be about park shin hye seriously again who is better ??
      did you ever watch doctors before commenting like that her best performance is in the doctors drama although the story turned to be draggy toward the end but of course it isn’t her fault her kisses improved so to complainers watch before copy past your comments
      Please you don’t need to mention Park shin hye name to make your fave is cool i is a cheap method .
      for hater like you , you don’t have the right to criticize someone hate .

    • Not all Inetz think alike. I and many in my country consider Park Shin Hye a great actress and human being, no comparison. Park Shin is unique, and the best South Korea has. Park Shin Hye with her good and natural acting, and many charities she does worldwide is,one of the reason, South Korea become known and popular around the world , even in countries that are not even on the world maps. Park Shin Hye is so much loved by international netizens, that her name alone , open the door for many others artist from Korea entertainment business. Many young people as well elderly, look upon Park Shin Hye as a role model. Do not bring her into this, and disrespecting her by comparing her with Suzy. Because they sat close by on the Blue Dragon Awards does not mean they are on the same league. You could see the difference between royalty that is Park Shin Hye and the plebe. I pity this girl Suzy, her agency is poorly managing her image. They will do anything to media play Suzy , to bring her to international spotlight regardless. LJS is in international fan meeting, very convenient.

    • From what i read on NB, it’s like i can hear your voice 2.0…the diff is that lee jong suk is the prosecutor, while suzy is the one who can see the bad thing in her dream

      • to @eclipse . They say that she ‘ll comeback in early 2017.but there’s no specific project. I saw a few days ago her cm for china brand Mageline . Hope that she will not get dissmissed as SJK and JJH.

    • Please don’t insult people’s intelligence by suggesting Lee Jong Suk is in any way comparable to Suzy when it comes to weak acting.

      I don’t see what’s there to feel ‘bad for her’ about considering she gets all these opportunities even with her utterly shitty acting that her costars, PDs and writers work so hard to cover up (and still don’t succeed)

      • I read that comment before your reply and I didn’t find any word to say considering the amount of its funniness, surely there were others like as me.

    • @missjb uou again….go and protect your idols…in your eyes, even kang haneul is mediocre against your idols…because people like you , idols like Nana,Siwan and Eunji got drag in worst acting idol too.

    • I don’t mind if people call LJS average or even bad actor because I am not sure I understand the standard (I go by feeling and on screen presence). But to compare him to Suzy is just laughable. Have they seen her on anything??

    • Are you the same person who tried to claim Kang Haneul wasn’t as good as IU in Moon Lovers?

      I know how seriously to take that lolllllll. “So is lee jong suk”, my foot.

  16. Suzy ! Oh nooooooooooo

    Also, Koala….pretty sure you are bias. Where is your bashing of Suzy like you always do to other actresses, over and over again regarding their acting ? Booooooooo…..

    • KOALA is not the only one. See comments all over the web. Suzy is pretty, seems to be a nice girl, but her acting is not great. If even other actresses receive bashing , why not Suzy ? And Koala throught the years change his mind on a few actors !

      • You shoould read some of the stuff Koala wrote about Ku Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun. Koala’s bashing on them was so repititive even when the content is in relation to their dating and wedding.

        Them both are not the only ones….there are a few more. Totally makes my eye balls roll for being so unkind.

    • I told ya…even if her acting was bad, they tend to forget it and instead, praising her for her beauty. Sighhhh….can’t she just stick to modelling? Just how many dramas or movies that she needs to be cast to be far good than she is now?

    • If I remember correctly Koala didn’t like LJS in IHYV days because of his looks but is now a LJS lover?

      TBH both actors are pretty and average. But as usual the female lead will be bashed. At least K-drama critics are consistent.

      • to be fair, when her acting is this bad, why should it not be criticised?

        I don’t find LJS attractive but trying to claim he’s equal to Suzy by saying they both “average” is some bs. He’s a good actor while she is terrible.

      • @BlackWidow LJS still has a long way to go if I go by W. He is OK, nothing spectacular but has a sweetness to his persona.

        Of course you can criticise Suzy. But it is true that fierce criticism is always reserved for K-actresses and the actors get a pass because oppa. Most K-dramas aren’t all that great either and most have woeful female parts. So the anguish and hand wringing over Suzy’s casting seems way too makjang.

        @faith, it is a personal site and opinions can change but that is..strange:)

      • @K – why is it always a tactic for fans of crappy actresses never to admit when their fave is actually a shitty actress?

        Y’all trash the male costar even when they’re much better, blame the writer, blame the PD, blame the schedule, blame even the freaking weather rather than admit the plain fact which is that someone is just bad at acting. Because being female means all criticism is only because she’s female, not because she’s shitty at acting and kept showing that again and again.

        Lee Jong Suk was actually really good in W, I was not impressed with him before but an “average” actor would not have pulled off a freaking 25-minute monologue taking almost half an episode, without boring the viewer.

      • @BlackWidow nope not a fan of Suzy – why do people assume that one has to be a “fan” of anyone to comment. Infact I barely made it past 2 eps of UF. But I did note that blame was directed to her most when it was an overall crappy drama. Ditto IU and ML. You do not have to be a fan of these actresses to note the consistent misogyny in K-drama criticism and the elevation of its male stars (it is never so much with other dramas). Even if I believe an actress to be subpar I expect fair criticism not the she is the worst and ruining everything kind of commentary.

        Then we have to beg to differ on LJS’ acting. I liked W a lot but I wouldn’t say he is a good actor. To me the LJS-Suzy pairing is not some disaster, it makes perfect sense within the context of K-dramas and it’s celeb culture.

      • @K – people who watched UF reported that she was crappy in her own right even if the drama itself had problems. And with her past record of crappy acting, why should she be let off the hook? Is the fact that the better actor here is the guy, some kind of reason for pulling him down and excusing her lack of acting skills?

        I don’t think it’s right to compare Suzy and IU here either, unlike Suzy at least IU had some half decent performances in her past (Producer, Lee Soon Shin) and her fans do not have a tendency to go around trying to drag down her male costars by claiming they are ‘average’ or ‘weak’ compared to her.

      • @blackwidow you haven’t got my point. I am not a fan of LJS or Suzy. I don’t find either of them to be good actors. But after reading a comment section I am entitled to offer my views on how the K-fandom functions. Please feel free to crticise but make more cogent arguments regarding the constant dissing of female K-stars rather than saying “guy was better” etc. The casting of Suzy is NOT a disaster in an industry run on gloss and looks – LJS himself is cast for his looks. Fight that rather than running down the actress.

      • @K – you are missing the point entirely. K-actresses cast for gloss and looks who actually perform decently, are praised and acknowledged.

        Why should the ones who can’t, and who have repeatedly shown they can’t act, be let off the hook because you have some misguided views about how criticising bad actresses is disproportionate and unfair because they’re female? You claim LJS is cast for his looks…. maybe that plays a role but the FACT is he is also regarded as a good actor not just by fans but by professional veterans (youngest winner ever of the Grimae award, which is voted on by Korean PDs across all networks). Are we supposed to bitch him out for the offence of being better at acting than his prospective costar?

        Maybe you want to make a larger point about how women are criticised but Suzy is not the hill you should be dying on, sorry.

      • @K – also you’re drawing a totally false equivalency here, which is consistent with most Suzy fans’ efforts to defend her poor acting:

        1. Bash her costars
        2. Bash other actresses who people praise more

        like I said, it’s fine if you want to make a point about feminism, just…. maybe pick an actress who’s less shitty to make your point. Going ‘LJS is average and also weak like her’ is not an argument anyone in their right mind will buy, he’s no Ha Jung Woo but the guy is at least better than whatever sorry excuse for acting Suzy has produced in her 5 year career.

      • OK I give up blackwidow,

        To repeat. NOT A FAN OF SUZY. OR LJS. And not bashed any other actress here where did that come from!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Maybe remove the oppa fan spectacles and watch dramas.

      • @K – maybe you should remove your own ‘women-are-so-persecuted’ goggles and actually read what the widow was saying.

        I mean, if defending Suzy’s acting skills is the hill you want to die on, be our guest.

      • @K – Also, I’ve seen @Blackwidow defend IU in Moon Lovers threads here so maybe you should dial down on accusing other people of having it out for female actresses.

        Some of us call shitty acting where we see it. Suzy’s acting is about on the same level as Taecyeon or L and maybe you should check the reaction to those guys getting cast in anything before whining about how this particular specimen is only criticised for being female.

      • Defending Suzy’s acting skills – NO and NO. But there is no indication right now that this drama needs hefty acting skills, so no need for everyone to pretend like its a disaster. And sorry but her co-stars like KWB and LJS – there are other better actors around who don’t get cast because they are not as good looking as these two. Would love a blog post on why we only need pretty actors?

        Been watching K-dramas and other dramas long enough to know that you need no woman persecution goggles to see the biases in the commentary – they are glaring. I rarely comment precisely because I expect the replies I got which are fixated on calling out a bad actress and dismissing contrary views as coming from “fans” rather than stepping back and looking at the whole picture of why these castings happen in K-dramas.

        PS: blackwidow’s defence of IU – I appreciate it then.

    • @Doo…this is totally funny, she has no kind words for my Hwang Jung Eum,when she has dramas and waayy wayyy better than this Suzy but as you can see in this article above, you will never see any trace of bashing or even an unkind remark from her…haha…as I said as a blogger she should alwayss reflect fairness in her writing coz there are different types of fans visiting her site.She should be at least
      civil to everyone, even to those who are not beautiful in her eyes. Be considerate girl to all your types of readers.PEACE ^-^

      • @garnet… R u kidding me? HJE?? Who will cast HJE with LJS? as his sister or his mom? Seriously, as a Blogger, why need to reflect fairness to readers? You can start your own blog if you like… To be fair to blogging, I support Ms. Koala!

  17. But i admit that Suzy is better than Sohee. I forget in my last reply some other good actresses imo Park so Dam, Han Ye Ri, even Hwayoung ( Former T ARA member) I have nothing against Idols acting but they must improve and not only offer their pretty face !

    • even Ahn So Hee was ok in Heart To Heart and a couple of short dramas she did as a teen, though she’s absolutely bland and terrible in Entourage.

      Suzy’s never even delivered a half decent performance in her life, I doubt that after 6 years she’ll suddenly come out on the level of Lee Bo Young or even Park Shin Hye (and I say this despite thinking PSH is only average as an actress).

      • Let’s just conclude that suzy is not talented for acting. She shud at least take a break from acting and attend acting school instead…or just stick to modelling and being a singer only

      • Well, i was thinking of her performence in “Entourage” and “Train to Busan” . Just my opinion.

    • Gosh i love han ye ri and hwayoung! Hwayoung is a newbie but her acting is way better than suzy. She’s very good in Age of Youth and absolutely gorgeous! They should cast her instead.

  18. ugh. WHY.

    This is going to be another free ride for Suzy, LJS will do all the acting work and PHR will try her best to write a role that covers up her lack of acting ability (and still not succeed totally).

    She’s shameless enough about taking roles when she can’t act, it’s really too bad.

  19. is this news legit?? I have not seen this confirmation on other websites?
    **pray she is still not confirmed they are still looking for leading lady** ?. If yes then too bad for jongsuk cuz they had zero chemistry in that chicken CF. I think I will end up fastforwarding her scene like I did on doctor stranger. 😀

  20. she better deliver or I’ll have a breakdown!! I’m SO looking forward for Lee Jong Seok’s drama with writer Park Hye Ryun and I can’t take it if it gets ruined because of her!! pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase don’t ruin it for me/us!!

  21. Well I think I might have to skip this one because I can’t take Suzy as an actress. I am sorry, but like the people have said if they really wanted an idol actress there are still far better options.

  22. LMAO look at all the butt hurt comments,suzy what did you do to deserve this? thank goodness she can’t read this mean comments.
    i am not a fan of both of them and might probably not watch the drama(never watched any of their stuff)but I know most of the crying fan girls here will still watch this ?

    • @Margret – to answer your question, she’s remained a shitty actress for five years.

      And maybe she SHOULD read the ‘mean’ comments, if she has any self-awareness or motivation to improve her awful acting I’ve yet to see it. A few unfiltered comments on just what people think of her acting, might serve as impetus to make her actually work on her acting and not just take roles she’s unfit for.

      • She should be modest and learn to stay away from acting for a couple of years. She should just stick to singing and modeling.

      • @Gina @avarachika exactly. Suzy fans love to cry about ‘mean comments’ but what the hell do they expect when her acting is like that? Comments pointing out her lack of ability are ‘butt hurt’? Grow up and learn to take criticism instead of whining about haters.

        People have never had any problem to acknowledge it when an idol does well in acting, look at Nana or even Hyeri. hell even the hated IU in Moon Lovers, was getting some positive comments about her acting from knets and inets by a few weeks into Moon Lovers. The fact that Suzy gets no positive comments about her actual acting, only her face, says a lot. Even her costars only talk about her face and her ‘hard work’, not a single one of them can claim in truth that she’s good.

  23. What did we do wrong that we’re being punished with this casting?

    Why is a Park Hae Ryun female lead role being wasted on Suzy, how many times does she have to show she isn’t fit to act before people stop casting her in this huge dramas?

  24. ouch! there is so much hatred towards suzy I can’t even. I hope suzy will do well in this drama and prove those naysayers wrong. suzy fighting!!

    • Lol…let’s just see. if there’s still no improvement in her acting, she shud leave this acting industry and just accept the fact tho that she CAN’T act…

      • she hasn’t become even an average level actress after so many projects, movies with huge sunbaes like Ryu Seung Ryung giving her guidance, dramas with writers like Lee Kyung Hee tailoring roles to try and suit her level of ability, costars actively coaching her on-set….

        at this point I really think she only takes acting projects to keep her status as an “actress” for the CFs (gets more money than if she was an idol), like others said she doesn’t seem to have any motivation to act at all. She deserves all the harsh words she’s getting for her crappy acting tbqh, her being “nice” or “working hard” is a bs excuse, does she think those with talent don’t work hard?

        also she has no chemistry AT ALL with Lee Jong Suk in their chicken CF (he did a cf with Park Shin Hye before Pinocchio and they had insane chemistry there) so it’s not even a pairing to look forward to.

  25. In general, I’ve never been picky with terrible acting but.. Suzy is one that I can NOT handle at all. And with LJS!! Such a bad news because I usually loving watching his dramas (except for that Doctor drama which was just crazy all around)

    I thought it was pretty universally understood, she is not a good actress, but I guess I might have been in a bubble because she is getting cast in leading roles for good writer’s dramas.

      • The best we can hope for is that because this is Dream High’s writer, she can somehow cover up for Suzy’s lack of expression again like she did in DH. And even there Suzy’s acting didn’t become decent, there’s only so much even a skilled writer can do.

    • At this point it’s clear Suzy’s acting is beyond hope, all we can do is wait for her to have a few more flops/become no longer marketable.

      It’s ridiculous how far she’s being carried on media play and cfs, I don’t even understand why she acts at all.

  26. Deja vu! We already had UF. LOL. Good luck writer! Good luck PD! Good luck my beloved LJS!

    Now I care less about this drama. Am marathoning Jealousy Incarnate thanks to Gem’s recommendation and enjoyed the drama a lot. This is the most hilarious K drama I have ever watched. Love the writing, love the directing. But the icing on the solid cake is the excellent acting of ALL the cast, specifically Gong Hyo Jin. Imagine if pretty Suzy were in place of GHJ…..hahahahahahahahahahah?????….that would be my reaction. LOL.

    • Suzy’s acting career is an insult to actors tbqh, looks like she wants to ruin dramas by the School 2013 boys. I don’t know if even Park Hye Ryun can cover up for her this time like she did in Dream High (and her acting was still bad there)

      Is Jealousy Incarnate good? I tried the first ep but it had weird filters and stuff, it left me slightly confused. But the actors were really good.

      • Hahaha I forgot KWB was also in School 2013. Didn’t he give his buddy warnings? LOL. Yup, JI is getting more and more fun to watch. The writer is quirky but many lines are hilarious and GHJ is right on point with her character. The rest of the cast is also amazing. I love the PD’s directing style A LOT. Usually I am not the one for rom com. But JI so far earns my favor. Yes it started with very bizarre narratives for the first 2 episodes and that’s why I quit. But Gem mentioned the drama by chance and I finally warmed up to it from my back burner. I am half way and the plot development is intriguing enough for me fo keep going. I actually like the 2nd lead better and ship him hard with GHJ although his chance is slim according to K drama rule of thumb. I hope JI would not end up like Another Oh Ha Young, getting repetitive and too much slapstick towards the end.

    • @Drama2016 – lol LJS really will have to drag this drama by the hair since he’ll be the only one of the two leads pulling it.

      I think we all need a stiff drink now that a once-promising drama has handicapped itself with this casting. I love how everyone is all ‘NOPE’ to this one after trying so hard to be charitable about UF.

      • I am surprised how unanimously i fans react to this casting fiasco, at least based on Koala’s readers. But perhaps S Koreans just love their national first-love and always cut slack on her acting. BTW, Koala’s blog title is a bit confusing. I took it “while you were sleeping with LJS and Suzy” the first time reading it. LOL. ?????

      • @Drama2016 – I think after UF, people got tired of ‘give her a chance’

        She couldn’t show an actually good performance even with an experienced writer, good costars, pre-production, literally everything was in her favour to finally show that acting talent if she ever had any. But she couldn’t manage it. I think ifans and even some kfans now are sick of her ‘acting’ and the constant pleas that she would be a good actress if only she found the right role etc etc etc. I don’t know if even Park Hye Ryun can save her.

        Anyway PHR/LJS dramas always do well so Suzy has booked herself another free ride and media play.

  27. LJS, sorry! I am gonna skip this new drama, the only drama of yours I plan to pass on, unless miracle happens and your leading lady can act overnight.

    • Which probably will never happen! suki dearest i too shall pass…but blessings on your future projects oppa! ke ke (damn Im too old to be calling him oppa) lol

  28. I and i think a lot of us are not bashing Suzy as a person but as an actress .I don’t know a lot about Suzy but is she pursuing acting studies in an university ? Or taking classes ? if she does, people would be more understanding. But for now it’s normal for a lot of people to be angry with this cast when a lot of young talented actresses are struggling to have a mere second lead role.

    • /sigh

      I wish Kim Ji Won could get a lead role in such a major production too. She’s talented and charming and even known to the public after DotS but somehow drama producers keep refusing to give her or other talents a chance. The only chance now is if you’re a well known child actress like Kim Yoo Jung or Kim So Hyun, or well known from movies first like Kim Go Eun.

  29. Not that I am surprised she managed to snatch leading roles when she is dull and lifeless in her acting. A big mistake for LJSuk to take up this drama seeing every drama she did was a a typical flop.
    What a waste of talent for LJSuk to be with Suzy.

  30. Well as i said in my prev comments i’m not happy with her casting, but we can say she’s not an idiot ! She takes all chances she can … Soon very talented and beautiful Young actresses will stole her spot: KIM SO HYUN and KIM YOO JUNG when they ‘ll reach their majority ! These girls are no joke !

    • lol! who knows, now that Kim So Hyun will have a cameo appearance on this drama, many says that they think KSH will overshadow suzy with just a few minutes of existence

  31. Park So Dam, Kim So hyn, Sim Eun Kyung, Moon Chae Won, Shin Min Ha, Park Min Young are all around the Suzy age and have more gravitas put together in their pockets than Suzy could ever muster as an actress. There are so many talented young women who study their craft. Noone is having a dig at her personally but she does not deserve any more chances ‘to improve’ I mean really if you are leading lady you are operational ie you can act. So disappointed clearly the producers know she is a lame duck so they will write a script around her ‘capacities’.

  32. It will be good because of LJS and not her. Anyway, who am I to judge her acting skills. I just hope that this drama will have an amazing and unique storyline and her acting will be good. 🙂 Can’t wait!!!!

  33. I don’t understand why people spending their time bashing other idols and actress/actors. Like what the hell are you getting? If you don’t like neither Suzy nor JongSuk then don’t watch it, as simple as that. There’s nothing left to do guys, they are already casted.
    (I feel sad reading negative about HER. yes i’m a fan of SUZY and not a heter of anyone) -_-

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