Hwarang Leads Looking Colorful and Cheery in Latest Drama Stills

It can’t be just me who thinks that the male cast of upcoming KBS sageuk Hwarang looks like the Shilla power rangers. There’s the different yet fully coordinating awkward hair pieces, followed by the extremely colorful costumes that take flower boy to new heights of flower inspired attire. It’s actually the first sageuk drama for the three leads Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, and Go Ara, and already I’m rather bereft in wishing they had signed on to a beyond traditional Lee Byung Hoon directed sageuk where everyone is wearing dull linen rags and recycled court finery. if this beautiful cast can rise above the terrible styling and sell the show I will be beyond impressed, and look back fondly on this period of good-natured mockery.


Hwarang Leads Looking Colorful and Cheery in Latest Drama Stills — 13 Comments

  1. Geez…yes, the colors are bright, but don’t think it looks that bad. I remember originally people were griping about scarlet heart ryeo’s initial costumes, but in the end they turned out to have some really elegant wardrobes. Anyways, I am not going to judge a book by its cover and will tune into the first episode. Like it was mentioned, it’s a first sageuk for some of leads and I am looking forward to how they do.

    • Except for Lee Joon Gi, the rest of the princes in Scarlet Heart did not really have nice wardrobe. But Hwarang’s boys really do look sissy because of the styling and yet they are supposed to be warriors.

      • Scarlet Heart had its issues but the costumes were wonderful imo.

        With regard to Hwarang, they were noted to be flower boy warriors because they were so pretty so I think in this context the styling works. Whether the drama is any good or not, who knows.

  2. Shilla, no Silly Power Rangers sums it up pretty well. The look is just to clean and colorfull. And they are supposed to be warriors? Well, there will be a lot of dying … of laughter. Just imagine, they might get dirty or their hair get messed up. What cruel fate.

  3. I feel bad for Scarlet. Actually the drama is pretty good but the buzz around it made people who even didn’t judge come to conclusion that this drama is bad. This is how powerful the SNS.

    Like now, the buzz praised Romantic Doctor drama as most realistic drama. But, meh…big NO. There are many medical scenes error and ridiculous scenes which totally not accurate from medic point of view.

    Or how people judge some popular actors like lee Min Ho or Park Shin Hye’s acting before even they watch them.

    So people, don’t judge before you watch. Or at least don’t spread the hates.

    • I have been watching romantic doctor …it’s honestly not that impressive, it’s OK but not extra ordinary…Also I don’t hail from a medical background but yet I could feel that some medical techniques are over the top or seems over dramatic. I don’t know why moon lovers garnered so much reaction but I really loved it for the love stories of So and Su …and think the overall story was good enough. Audience loves or hate sometimes more for personal preferences…and sometimes even the story or drama has nothing to do with it.

      • I’m working in the hospital. So I know exactly how wrong the medical scenes in most of dramas. So, no matter how high the ratings they get, for me Romantic Doctor is no where near Grey Anatomy. If you watch it, you may notice so many repetitive medical scenes. Beautiful Mind is the closest one in terms of medical set, etc. Other than that, perhaps good Doctor. Other medical dramas?? Nope.

        Scarlet Heart had some flaws but I’m sure the hates of idol-actors from people make those reactions over the top. I’m sure something similar will happen with Hwarang. The production should be careful.

        I enjoy Night Light now. I stopped watching Romantic Doctor after episode 4. I don’t know how the drama will go, but until episode 2, I think this melodrama looks promising. Lee Yo Won is totally rocking the role!

    • I agree with you.

      Casting idols is always a risk and the large amount of prettiness tend to gather a lot of hatred.

      But I may be a bit critical on “Hwarang” if just based on the stills and the first teaser because of the mentioning of “Knight” and “Warrior” which I expect manly guys instead of effeminate handsome boys. There’s nothing wrong with the prettiness but at least serve us something masculine to substantiate the warrior claim.

      • My recall of this drama is they were warriors who were known to be basically historical flower boys so they are supposed to be pretty. I actually thought that was the point.

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