KWave Magazine Showcases Lee Jun Ki’s Edgy Rocker Appeal

Playing an iconic character, one as distinct and memorable as Lee Jun Ki‘s version of the Bu Bu Jing Xin 4th prince in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, may make it difficult for audiences to adjust to a transition to another persona. But for the specific career breadth and depth of of Lee Jun Ki, he’s been the master chameleon ever since he debuted in The King and the Clown,┬áhis androgynous beauty and masculine hip aura. Lee Jun Ki is in the current edition of KWave Magazine shot in Tokyo, more rocker than prince but still as intense and mesmerizing as ever. He has a full lineup of Asia fan meetings scheduled for the early part of 2017 but hopefully he’ll announce his next K-drama project thereafter and give me something new to look forward to in the coming year.


KWave Magazine Showcases Lee Jun Ki’s Edgy Rocker Appeal — 22 Comments

  1. Oh my darling Lee Joon Gi. So looking forward to his next acting project. Hoping it would be with Ha Ji Won, my dream pairing.

    • YES! I say this to myself literally everyday. There is nothing I want more in Kdramaland (or even a film if that’s the best I can get) than for Lee Joon-gi and Ha Ji Won to work together — and there MUST be action!


    After watching Six Flying Dragons, I think I would die of happiness if Lee Jun Ki was ever paired with Han Ye Ri. She’s a phenomenal actress and possibly the only Korean actress I’ve seen to date who can match LJK’s talent for emoting with the eyes.

  3. I love that top picture the most and I like his skin tone. The make-up artists have been going crazy with too light foundation which I assume is a fad. Look forward to his next project.

      • He is very talented as an actor. He has such an expressive face and how believable he is in the ways he uses it in his acting. He becomes the character more than just quoting lines.

    • Agree. But he is also a chameleon. He could play effeminate character and then turning all masculine. Once he is into his character, all the K-pop persona just gone.

  4. LJK is love. A phenomenal actor, versatile, great personality and beyond gorgeous. I am so looking forward to his next project and hoping it will do justice to his enarmous talent.

  5. LJK is everything. The fact that he could turn 4th Prince Wang So into an iconic character despite the drama being a hot mess is a true testament of his brilliance as an actor. I just love love love him so much as an actor and for his personality. And he is so beautiful like a perfectly cut porcelain I can’t even. Could not get enough of him, I want more.

  6. How is that he is getting hotter as he gets older? Even Milla Jovovich commented that he is so beautiful, such a pretty boy. And his deep hoarse voice makes him even sexier. Love LJK. Always swooning over him.

  7. Ditto…LJG rocks!!! Thank you Milla Jovovich for acknowledging how amazingly talented and incredibly good looking LJG is. So looking forward to his next project and as previously mentioned, please commit after the lead actress has been decided. The last two dramas-once bitten, twice shy and hopefully, third time’s the charm. He has already captured, slayed and owned complex characters, it’s time to blow the ratings out of the water. Hopefully soon, I want more and can’t get enough of him as well…

    @MJP, me too and if I am not mistaken, he is singing the OST for his story, right???

  8. Aww LJK. I never get enough of LJK. My heart melts everytime I saw a posting on him. Though I would miss him in sageuk esp Goryeo sageuk with that mane of glory, it would be nice to see him in modern contemporary drama next. And please gain some weight, Jun Ki-sshhi.

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