Song Joong Ki Dethrones Jeon Ji Hyun in Top Spot for 2016 Annual Poll of Most Popular CF Star in South Korea

Congrats is in store for yet another accomplishment for this yearโ€™s Hallyu star breakout Song Joong Ki. already a well known and acclaimed young actor in South Korea but reached a much wider stage this year with the success of hit drama Descendants of the Sun. That success rocketed him to the top of the list of South Korean consumer’s favorite CF star. In the results of the annual poll released by the Korean Advertising Association, Song Joong Ki who was not even on the list last year in 2016 when he was released from military service, takes the top spot followed by Seolhyun at number 2, Kim Yuna in 3rd place, Suzy taking 4th place, with 5th going to Song Hyo Kyo. The biggest drop was Jeon Ji Hyun, who took the number 1 stop for the last two years in a row, this year dropping to 6th place followed by Yoo Jae Seok, Gong Yoo, Cha Seung Won, and Lee Young Ae. Also dropping was Suzy from last year’s second place to 4th this year. Which means if you went to South Korea this year chances are high these ten faces were staring back at you from every available television screen or billboard.

1. Song Joong Ki.
2. Seolhyun
3. Kim Yuna
4. Suzy
5. Song Hye Kyo
6. Jeon Ji Hyun
7. Yoo Jae Seok
8. Gong Yoo
9. Cha Seung Won
10. Lee Young Ae


Song Joong Ki Dethrones Jeon Ji Hyun in Top Spot for 2016 Annual Poll of Most Popular CF Star in South Korea — 32 Comments

    • No, he isn’t, another name that I noticed international fans say he is popular by CFs is Kim Woobin who I have never seen him even in the monthly ranking of top 30 CF models in the past year.

  1. I was in Korea in September and I really saw SJK everywhere,it was a little bit weird :p

    I’m happy for Seolhyun because it was a rough year for her even if it was for a ridiculous reason.

    I’m surprise for Suzy because I thougt her drama was very expected and she would have a lot publicity contracts.

    • yah, Seolhyun’s issue is so ridiculous, where bashers from rival idols are feasting on it. who cares, usual messy idol life, but she’ll always be same beautiful idol perfect from head to foot, they’ll be back with a big bang next year, cant wait.

    • lol why you act as if Suzy isn’t at all in the Top10? She’s just gone from 2nd to 4th place, that’s all.
      It’s honestly amazing that Suzy is still in the Top 5 after all these years (4-5 years in Top10).

      I don’t know why you mention her drama when you should know that UF didn’t do so well in Korea, it did decent but it wasn’t a hit (I blame the outdated plot & the bad timing “summer” for that).
      But Suzy doesn’t need another hit drama to be still at Top in CF industry.

      Suzy, Kim Yuna & Jun Ji Hyun are the real CF Queen to me. I’m amazed by these 3 girls. Because they are all 3 in the Top 10 for many years already.
      If you take a closer look, most of the names in this Top 10, change every year according to the “trends” but for Suzy, Kim Yuna & JJH (& Cha Seung Won), they are in this Top 10 every year for a long time (& they were in Top 3 for 3-4 years in a row). And it’s even more amazing for Suzy because she’s an “idol” at the base.

      Anyway, don’t worry about Suzy, she is still one CF Queen and she has 14 individual CF deals RIGHT NOW. And many of brands she endorses are faithful with her like she’s their model since years (it means they have trust in her influence).
      And her CF fees are high. ๐Ÿ™‚
      And just this year, she had 5 NEW CF deals while she isn’t a “trend” anymore but an established Top Star, and she didn’t really had very successful project this year neither, except her song “Dream”. So yeah, don’t worry. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m happy for Gong Yoo, I’m pretty sure Gong Yoo will be higher next year because he slay everyone right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Its kinda amazing still for JJH cause she’s on hiatus(due to her pregnancy) on the last part of 2015 but came in first … and the 1st half of 2016(cause of maternity leave) she’s still on the list.. but where is kim soo hyun??

  3. Wow, goddess Seolhyun is second spot, Congrats! I came to know her recently, she’s Korean Barbie, perfect from head to foot. except for acting, she’s an upgrade version of Ha Ji Won unnie, in terms of height, body and beautiful face and smile, love love yohooo!

    • ‘except for acting’…. and singing too. She’s pretty but Ha Ji Won comparisons are a bit far off the mark, she has the onscreen charisma of soggy cardboard.

      • @Gina, lol, you trying to be funny, its not about Star status, but aesthetic beauty standards they used in cosmetic surgery like placement of the eyes, nose, lips, cheekbones, dimples, perfect sets of teeth, overall face charm, those kinds of things Seolhyun is in the upper bracket of beauty standard, she’s young and lucky to be natural beauty, and she’s taller too and sexier; no issues with HJW undergoing plastic surgery, but since you brought it up, just so you know the strong assets of Seolhyun, since you’re misinformed or a blind hater, haha lol.

    • No wonder. She is the blue chip of CF. Can’t imagine if she does more, or if she does one CF with Song Joong Ki. That will be overkill ^^

  4. Wow … #SongJoongki for 1st spot. No wonder because he deserved all his success . Happy for him . Wishing his continues/stable career. A super talented and witty person. You’re a man of perfection ki. Can’t compare you from others . You’re the best and always a winner from us/from people’s heart . We love you so much.

    • We are on the same wavelenght Lezah ,Song Joong Ki deserved all this success.eversince i saw him in A warewolf boy,i always rooting for him to be number one on everything.He is the 1st korean actor who touch,squeeze and held my heart with his acting ability second is Park BoGum.looking forward for his coming film and next drama-

      • Speaking of “A Werewolf Boy”, that is my favourite performance of SJK. He acted very, very well there (mostly through body movements and gaze; it must have been very difficult to do so).

      • Yes me too.I’m so happy that he’s commiting all his hard work , since before he’s my one and only actor. . He’s humbleness ,kindness and down to earth personality despite of his success is such a great thing so be proud of..

      • I’m the exception here? Everyone SJK fans either fangirls him over The Nice Guy or A Werewolf Boy or DotS. But I have my eyes for him on his supporting role in The Deep Rooted Tree. That’s one explosive performance in limited screen time and award worthy (indeed winning one from pro PDs).

    • Soar high, Song Joong Ki ! And keep your hard work ethic as well as your humbleness. Hope ur next film does well in box office.

  5. I really admire Song Hye Kyo and Kim Yuna (one introduced me to dramas in 2009, an the other to figure skating in 2010). To me, these two women represent South Korea.
    It’s such a pity that Kim Yuna retired…

    • She retired or she was forced to retire? Read Choi scandal, the SK president’s friend, in askakorean blog, you will understand. One word DISGUSTING ( sorry , had to shout).

      • @scarbar99 – She could no longer get anymore medals, it was time for her to retire. Where were you?? She is an athlete, not an actress!! LOL…

    • another misinformed blind hater, just so you know Seolhyun can play piano, coz her mom is a piano teacher, and she can also play guitar and her voice is an angel, you should listen to her duets from her Vampire drama, Orange Marmalade. she’s also an animal rights supporter, voice out for the poor homeless street dogs and cats, neglected by their irresponsible pet owners. dont dwell too much on hating her, she’s skin deep beautiful, really cool Seolhyun.

  6. It’s understandable that Jeon Ji Hyun would fall to 6th place considering she was pregnant and had a baby. Not that much time to do commercials while growing and caring for a little one.

  7. Off topic. Koala, why did you make their pics look so depressing, like those for obituary? LOL

    I’m surprised Seolhyun was so top on the list. AOA must be very popular. And obviously Koreans have very different standards of beauty than I. I never consider her attractive.

  8. Err, so this is a poll! I thought it was a statistic figure by the association in some ways. No wonder SHK who hasn’t got many cf deals after DOTS still occupies one spot here. I am pretty surprised when Park bo gum is not in top 10. This kid has got heaps of cf deals this year together with increasing popularity thanks to Reply and Moonlight.

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