Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai Rumored to be Dating in Real Life After Filming Drama Stay With Me

The C-ent on set couples may be continuing if this latest gossip is to be believed. A C-netizen is reporting that drama costars C-actor Wang Kai and Chen Qiao En may be dating in real life after starring in the currently airing hit drama Stay With Me (Chinese title Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go). Wang Kai rocketed to superstardom with Hu Ge doing two dramas Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser, and this  year he’s got hits When a Snail Falls in Love and Ode to Joy under his belt as well. Chen Qiao En has been doing plenty of C-dramas in recent years and remains one of the go-to drama leading ladies, and has been linked with her share of drama costars. This time the dating rumor stems from Chen Qiao En being spotting in Wang Kai’s hometown city of Wuhan with her parents, and being escorted around town by Wang Kai’s parents. The group was spotted in the city being very chummy and reportedly Wang Kai’s mom has her arms around Chen Qiao En at times much like a happy prospective mother-in-law. Nothing says dating like the meeting the parents or the parents meeting so if this is all true then I’m thrilled and impressed with this latest beautiful star couple.


Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai Rumored to be Dating in Real Life After Filming Drama Stay With Me — 32 Comments

  1. As much as I want this rumor to be true, I’m not so sure they’re actually dating.

    It might just be that their families are close. In a Chen Qiao En interview I found on youtube (I somehow can’t link it here? anyway just search up 陈乔恩静距离访谈谈到王凯部分) she says how her mom told her that Wang Kai’s dad “说要找我们去玩” or that he said they should basically hang out sometime.

  2. It’ll be super interesting if it’s true! Actually I never wanted a dating rumor to be more true in my life! It’s an open secret within the Chinese entertainment industry Wang Kai is interested in MEN…People saw him going to gay clubs and of course he went to Thailand with men who are openly gay. It seems like their parents hit it off more than the kids did because the parents actually made time to hang out while the kids didn’t see each other after filming ended over 8 months ago lol

    • Really? Any pictures showing him kissing or hugging with men? Netizen also saying Wang Leehom is a gay. He is married now with two girls.

      • I have no idea why they’re so certain he’s gay haha ever since he went on that Thailand vacation with those openly gay guys. That’s why I want this rumor to be true so badly!!! It’ll be interesting to see cnetz reactions! Actually when cnetz make up their mind about something they’re pretty adamant about it. I think there was a rumor wang leehom hire a prostitute after he got married and the top comment was like “I’ll only believe it if it’s a male prostitute!”

      • Don’t have to be homophobic to have a problem with Wang Kai being gay lol. I just really really want this rumor to be true.

      • @wanderinglala. Cnetz have a lot of bad gossips. Don’t read it and believing it too much. Lol

    • Those are rumors so who knows about that but IMO he is definitely attracted to women. I remember thinking that he and the female lead in Love Me If You Dare had some real life underlying chemistry and even more than the main leads. Of course, he could be bisexual but people like to act like bisexual men can’t exist.

      Either way, it’s all gossip and his business. He could get married and people would speculate that his wife is a beard. I guess it’s something to ignore as long as the gossip doesn’t affect his career prospects.

      • Also, he dated the tvb actress Priscilla Wong a few yearws ago so I don’t think he’s gay, but yh he could be bi…But I would be happy for both of them if this news is true!

  3. Whether they are just friends or dating, I wish them well. I’m enjoying their drama “Stay with me” & I can only say nice things about them on or off screen.

  4. After watching Ode to Joy and When a snail falls in love, I can’t see Wang Kai with anyone other then Wang Zi Wen!
    Today when I saw this news I was so depressed!!!
    Don’t get me wrong I love Qiao En but to me Kai Kai and Zi Wen are meant to be for each other
    Somehow, the news of him being gay is more settling to me then him being with someone else other then her!
    Lol :S

    • lols *bitterlaugh* im glad to see someone like me here! I finish Ode to Joy while waiting for new eps of WASFIL and i cant stop loving him with wang zi wen! I didnt feel like this since Super Junior 4th album?? And now i feel so bitter that i hate myself for shipping people ;__;
      I love Chen Qiao long before Wang Kai too she is so lovely and all but still i need time to adjust myself xD…

    • Totally agree! I love him and with Zi Wen. It could just be that I really love Xiao Qu and Zhao Yi Shen! They have so much chemistry and thier moments always make me squeal. Although I think Wang Ziwen is married… Not sure.

  5. I never heard about the rumour that Wang Kai is gay, but if this is true I say the saying that the best men are married or gay is confirmed haha…
    Back to topic, I would be so thrilled if Wang Kai is dating Chen qiao en. I love her since prince turns to frog so I would be over the moon if she finally find some happiness, and if this is Wang Kai, it would be just perfect, I love him so much as well 🙂

  6. This has been the most civil comments thread for months here. And also the most amusing to read. As someone who only discovered him recently in WASFIL- I am both traumatized and amused. Bugger- if it’s true: I would be a happy man to meet him. If it wasn’t – poor man who has been labelled as such since I have friends who are openly gay or lesbian; and I would feel horrible my friends are labelled by association. Cnetz- sucks,

  7. I find the gay rumors،i’m watching Stay With Me and their chemistry is sizzling hot. Actually it is keeping me from dropping the show, c drama have a way of going around in circles and focus on too many secendeory characters that have no need in the story.
    So I think it is not far fetched for them to be dating. Also they may have gotten closer when Kimi Qiao died, he may have helped her through it, he is the 2nd lead in the drama and my heart ache for him whenever he appears on the screen. #RIP
    Also maybe he is bi, but I can’t understand the problem with his sexuality. Ppl should be bfree to love and choose who ever they want.

    I love CQE, she is the one of two c drama actress that I love and admire.

  8. They are cute together. I actually really liked the idea of him and Jiang Xin, but the above pictures with Chen Qiao En are lovely.

  9. They look so good together.. the age gap and their height difference are just right.. and perfect. Watching Stay with Me, I can’t tell sometimes in their lovey dovey scenes if its all just fun or they really are into each other. it looks too real.

    In the BTS videos of Stay with Me, they’re always laughing, dancing and smiling together too.

    I can’t think of anyone more compatible for each other. I’ll cheer them on if they are dating and if they end up getting married! 🙂

  10. There is nothing wrong with being gay. What is wrong, are the people who judge. I personally do not care, it just isn’t any of my business. I want everyone to respect my privacy and right to live my life, as I see fit. Unfortunately, women are considered second class citizens too. What is up with these sexual cutie girl groups, they do a disservice to the actresses who are trying to covey, to the rest of the world, a forgotten innocence, if there ever was such a thing.

    • Me too! I love them together so much! Xiao Qu and Zhao JiPing are literally my Otp but ofc I don’t want to bring drama feelings into real life. But they are so adorable and have so much chemistry! I hope we get another drama with them!!

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