First Love Oppa and Baseball Descend on Goblin in New Stills for Episode 7

Now that the first big narrative hurdle is passed in Goblin, looks like more lighthearted complications are coming up with a side of jealousy. Eun Tak may be the Goblin’s bride in that she can see the sword impaling him, but for whatever reason she can’t grab it and pull it out. A nice feint by writer Kim Eun Sook, one that actually increases the suspense over what the entire mythology means surrounding Kim Shin’s state of immortality and method to end it by dying. I think he let out a sigh of relief that Eun Tak can’t send him back to his mortal coil even as he readied himself over multiple episodes to die. Now that he’s going to keep staying alive for the foreseeable future, it’s time to indulge in his petty jealousy streak that runs parallel with his petty competitive streak with the Grim Reaper. Looks like Eun Tak’s first love oppa is back in the picture and spurs our Goblin to pick up a baseball bat to show off his own skillz, heh.


First Love Oppa and Baseball Descend on Goblin in New Stills for Episode 7 — 9 Comments

  1. Since I quite dislike the cast, the directing and writing is what made me watch this drama in the first place. However, I got bored with that recent to-pull-or-not-to-pull-the-sword dilemma and became really annoyed when the bride couldn’t even pull it out… I mean, why couldn’t she? It would have been much darker and interesting if she had pulled it out already.
    If the main couple had a tiny bit of chemistry I would have looked forward to their romance… But now I don’t know what to expect: bromance – I have never cared about that; second couple romance – they are even worse than the main couple; Gong Yoo playing baseball – I don’t care about that either. Well, at least the directing is on point and there are still some nice comedy scenes there (like that scene with the gangsters being cursed to keep fighting each other).
    But where is that mythological atmosphere from the first two episodes?

    • It is getting draggy indeed.
      First, Kim Shin kept saying he wanted to leave but he never put it into action and the whole episode was about him wanting to leave but never did. And now the pull and not pulling the sword.
      Idk, it’s getting tiring that it feels we are running in circle.
      And I think they overselling the cuteness with the bickering between Shin and Reaper, the jealousy and now trying to make Goblin looking all cool playing baseball.
      Seems like little plot movement for the episodes that ran more than an hour.

    • Wow, I think if I liked the directing but hated the cast, I wouldn’t waste my time with a show. And I certainly wouldn’t waste my time discussing the show online.

      And if you believe you like the writing, but don’t like the bromance, don’t care about the plot developments regarding the main couple and secondary couple romance, and got bored with the dilemma regarding whether to pull out the sword, I don’t think you can really claim you like the writing all that much either.

      In the case of this show, I’ve suspected there have been people making negative comments specifically because they didn’t like a certain actress (or maybe actor), and it goes way beyond anything regarding this specific show. Am I right in this case?

      • no,
        because a good directing make a good viewing experience when you are tired and want to see a handsome/beautiful face on the screen even if you don’t impresses by the writing,

        just face it , the story is stall in 4 episode,
        come on, it’s not that deep, the drama is not as good as the buzz it,
        it just okay with very good directing

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