Hu Ge Breaks the Good Guy Mold and Becomes Tattooed Kidnapper Baddie in C-movie Cherry Returns

It’s clear C-actor Hu Ge has his eyes on a prize bigger than popularity and easy appeal as he’s about to follow up multiple hit dramas from recent years with a turn to the dark side. Hu Ge has been playing sweet male lead characters from his debut days and in recent years veered into the upstanding calculating type in The Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire. Now he gets to play real bad in C-movie Cherry Returns (Chinese title That Summer, Where Did You Go). It’s about a girl who gets kidnapped at the age of 12 year and comes home 12 years later all grown up and suffering from massive PTSD, collaborating with her kidnapper for a long brewing revenge plan. Hu Ge plays said kidnapper and the role is all bad without a lick of redemption, so he’s actually quite excited to don the mantle of the antagonist. The movie looks fantastic and baddie Hu Ge even more mesmerizing to behold.

Trailer for Cherry Returns:


Hu Ge Breaks the Good Guy Mold and Becomes Tattooed Kidnapper Baddie in C-movie Cherry Returns — 16 Comments

  1. I need to watch this movie! I love Hu Ge and his acting, and I have always wanted to see him in an antagonist role, especially a really charismatic and calculating one. I can’t wait to see it!

  2. Loved to see Hu Ge in this kidnapper /baddie role, am confident he will do a very good job with it. He is a very talented and instinctive actor and is one of the best/ if not the best Chinese actor of his generation. Hope the movie will be released outside of China.

  3. Looks like all top C-actors are going villainous us: Wallace Chung w/”Three and Tik Tok,” Wallace Huo with “Reset” and now Hu Ge with “Cherry Returns.”

  4. There was an advanced screening on 24/12 and someone posted a screenshot of it on Weibo. The movie has English subs and now I’m praying really hard for it to be shown in my country.

      • That’s really good to hear. Hope to see more Mainland China movie being shown overseas – we mainly get only Hong Kong movie.

  5. Wow! Looks fantastic. I am obsessed with Hu Ge and that is coming from someone who really doesn’t stray far from Kdramas (except to see Hu Ge). His growth is what most amazes me though. How he went from sub par in his earlier roles to par excellence over the last few years is truly something to behold. It’s almost like he always had the charisma but it took his accident to give him the gravitas. I don’t know what it is, but he is mesmerizing!

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