Ji Sung Goes From Law Enforcing Prosecutor to Shackled Defendant in First Drama Preview

Iā€™m pretty conflicted about upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama Defendant. On one had it stars the incredibly magnetic Ji Sung, but then it also stars the bland as white bread Yuri of SNSD as his leading lady. He’s already had one SBS misfire with this year’s Entertainer, which proved that Hyeri is either a one hit wonder or simply ably directed by the PD of Answer Me 1988. I have yet to see Yuri deliver even one decent performance, but then again Defendant feels like a from-the-jail version of Two Weeks so the typical romance elements is likely to be absent or minimal so maybe Yuri’s presence won’t have too much of an effect on the proceedings. All I know is that Ji Sung playing a top notch prosecutor turned amnesiac murder suspect can’t be missed, especially after seeing him go through the entire gamut of emotions in just a short 40 second first preview.

First preview for Defendant:


Ji Sung Goes From Law Enforcing Prosecutor to Shackled Defendant in First Drama Preview — 17 Comments

  1. Exactly. That is my biggest concern. And Yuri playing a prosecutor? She is not Kim So Yeon that could come off equally magnetic. Guess Ji Sung needs to work harder to top up whatever expected to be lacking from Yuri. Sigh….

  2. Yuri’s latest drama is “Gogh, Starry night” right? Is she still bland there? I am not watching it, but dramafever and several k-drama lovers in instagram seem to like it.

  3. Yuri could be terrible if not directed right, lets pray, her screen time is kept like the screen time Yoo Inna gets in Goblin. Although, in Goblin, it keeps me wanting more cause Yoo Inna is great but here I might be thankful for that.

  4. I don’t know if Hyeri was bad in Entertainer because of her acting or because her character was useless. I mean the story didn’t need a love story, the story between Ji Sung and the members of the band was enough for me. And I loved the story of the dad šŸ˜€

    I really don’t know why they cast some idols in lead role, they could have in second lead and have the public to watch the drama. Soo Young was so bland in 38 Task Force, when Seo In Guk has chemistry with all his partners, he was better with the other girl.

    Anyway, I never understand casting choice :p

  5. hyeri was okay on reply 88. not outstanding. it was an ensemble casts of reply88 who carried the show.
    last time I watched yuri on weightlifting fairy bokjoo, yes, she still yuri from fashion king. bland and stiff.. no offense for her fans

      • Yes, it was Seohyun. While she was terrible in Scarlet Heart, she was alright in the cameo role in Weightlifting Fairy. That’s exactly how these idol actors should be cast until they prove their acting chops. Cameo – small role – supporting role – lead role. Having said this, often we don’t know an actor’s limitations until he/she lands in a role too big or unsuitable. I think we can allow that not all actors can be that good. Insanity is to cast the same actor over and over again despite a track record of dismal performances.

    • Ya’ll forget Fashion King was FIVE years ago. She’s graduated in Theatre and Film since then so I think she’ll be able to deliver a decent performance.

  6. Can we leave idol actor prejudice behind in 2016? Especially since the first episode hasn’t even come out yet. I’m just a casual drama fan so its really annoying seeing people with so much negativity before its even out and making others doubt watching dramas just coz of one inexperienced actress.

    Being positive is a form of prayer, so if ya’ll can be positive that she’ll pull it off, she just might do it.

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