Goblin Cast Welcomes New Year 2017 as Drama Drops Meaty Reveals in Episodes 9 and 10

Week 5 of Goblin aired during the year end holidays but didn’t have a dent on the ratings, with episodes 9 and 10 remaining steady in the 12% range. I remained equally thrilled that the drama is such a hit for male leads Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook after their last misfires in Big and Iron Man, respectively, but having the narrative engage me this completely is the substantive sustenance I need to stay invested even if I’m not feeling the main OTP romance as anything emotional stirring but rather as life affirming.

This week’s episodes 9 and 10 had the leads work quickly through the pickle that the Goblin’s bride pulling out the Goblin’s sword would end his immortal existence, but even better was the drama revealing the backstory of the Grim Reaper and Sunny in confirming they are the King and Queen (and Goblin’s younger sister) from the Goryeo era. It wasn’t surprising but continues to build the stakes and make me want all the knots untangled in the present and everyone to get their happy ending. Even the King is paying the price much like the Goblin for their past wrongs, can’t they just stride into the sunset with backlit musical accompaniment.


Goblin Cast Welcomes New Year 2017 as Drama Drops Meaty Reveals in Episodes 9 and 10 — 11 Comments

  1. Koala I agree with you about main OTP, something is missing, is not deeply emotional I found them cute, maybe is due that in the game of love they are pretty new at it it doesn’t matter our Goblin is over 900 yrs he has never fallen in love before, but the story of our 2nd lead couple is more emotional, their back story is tragic which makes it more compelling.

    Still can’t wait for Friday.

  2. I prefer the love story of the main couple. They need of each other at the start because she has nobody around her and he needs someone to remove the sword. But after that, they fall in love and I really love their struggles.

    For the second couple, I find them very funny. The way he tries to be “normal” 😀

  3. Interested more with the king and queen story , dozed off when it’s the main lead….maybe because she is portrayed as too juvenile? he is too paternal in the way he treats her. There’s something lacking for me. Maybe if the girl character is more mature even if she is in high school, like how they portrayed the Park Shin Hye character in Doctors, then I can see the chemistry between the two. Just an observation.

    • I agree with the juvenile bit. I like the dynamics between all the other characters, but I just can’t get interested in the main couple. She’s still a high school student and acts like it, which makes her relationship with the Goblin so weird to me.
      I wonder why the writers decided to make her that young. I wish they either aged her up, or made Kim Shin die at a younger age. I’m not too bothered by vampire-type stories because the immortal being is usually portrayed as physically and mentally (they have wisdom, but still act very young) similar to the mortal one. In this case, no matter how much I try, I can’t help but feel like they have an uncle + niece relationship.

      I thought the New Years scene was especially weird. It was probably meant to the romantic, but the whole taking her out for drinks and then kissing her the night she becomes an adult reminded me way too much of those creepy “waiting until she’s 18” countdowns people do for underaged celebrities.
      Goblin is such an interesting show, but I’d like it so much more if they had a different dynamic between the main couple.

  4. Me too, there is no depth of love between the first OTP, maybe because there was no past story like the second OTP! Was it all cuteness of Eun Tak and sad stories that makes our Kim Shin fall for her really hard?

  5. i guess it is of late that the past tragedy of the 2nd lead stings.

    they may have been an awkward modern couple — as Sunny being too forward while the grim reaper is too ‘naive’ and clueless — but knowing that they have a deeper connection and a tragic love story makes them more interesting that overshadows the main otp…

    well… cant wait for the story to unravel further.

  6. Gy is too old and standoffish for the female lead. There was a similar older-man-teenage girl pairing in Doctors but there was love and a twinkle in the male lead’s eyes when he looked at the female lead. Here it is more like paternal caring by GY.

  7. I think the main love story has no build up other than sudden attraction so it wasn’t as believable as 2nd couple who has enough time to not get attracted trying to get attracted and they just feel like longer journey than goblin who somehow like her because??

    She probably makes him happy but so does the reaper. It feels like there’s no journey at all

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