Rainie Yang Lovely in Blue at CF Event and Reveals Plans to Set Up Own Agency

With so Taiwanese actresses married off just in the last six months alone, the media interest into singer-actress Rainie Yang‘s love life has understandably intensified. The new year 2017 has brought Rainie out to a CF event debuting yet another new hair look. Gone is the beautiful purple hue from last summer during her album promotions, and the growing out phase of her short lock days has morphed into an elegant and chic mussed low pony.

Her outfits always get my attention mostly in good ways, but I’m not sure how I feel about this navy lace dress with the shoulder and side arm straps. I love the rich color on her, so perfect for winter without being the typical winter colors, but the paneled see through component detracts from the ladylike sophistication. She did reveal at this event that she’s planning to set up her own agency but will not do it in conjunction with her singer boyfriend Li Rong Hao. Time to take boss lady to the next level, Rainie, I approve!


Rainie Yang Lovely in Blue at CF Event and Reveals Plans to Set Up Own Agency — 3 Comments

  1. In the first pic, I liked her dress just fine but as I scrolled down and saw the whole dress, I saw what you meant. I still find it cute. I think it just needs to lose the two droopy straps. I love Rainie! Thank you for continuing to update on Taiwanese celebs ~

  2. I swear Rainie never age! Lol she still looks like she’s just heading into college. She doesn’t look older but just prettier and more sophisticated. I still remember her octopus hair. No one can pull it off but her. Hehe

    I miss her in dramas. I wish she would do some wuxia ones or china. Sometimes Taiwanese dramas are so cheesy; like they’re made for high school girls.

  3. She is amazing! Really proud about how far she has come. She was in the first asian drama, I ever watched and I loved her from the start <3 I will always cheer for her!

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