Goblin in Extremely Tight Live Shooting and Male Leads Reportedly Need Medical Attention for Exhaustion

This used to be regular news with respect to K-drama filming but in recent two years it doesn’t seem to happen with such regularity anymore. Thanks to some dramas switching to pre-filming, and perhaps earlier filming commencement for live aired dramas, the tendency for drama production to send cast and crew to the hospital has decreased noticeably. Unfortunately the situation has reared its ugly head again as news from the set of tvN drama Goblin says the production is scrambling to finish episodes on the day it’s airing, and with many night scenes the cast and crew have been pulling all nighters. For the ending of episode 12, the production filmedĀ from 8 pm until 8 am, with many crew members working nonstop for 48 hours adding in prep time prior to filming. Male lead Gong Yoo was scene at the hospital and left with medicine, and second male lead Lee Dong Wook reportedly needed an IV drip on set to finish filming.

Crazy live filming schedules are actually harder on the production staff who have to be there earlier than the actors to set up and stay later to pack up. For the acting staff the difficulty is producing great work product when one is exhausted as they are in front of the camera and trying to perform a scene is hard enough when one is rested imagine doing it on little to no sleep. And having to look good onscreen, to boot! Goblin has also lots of fantasy elements which need post-production adding back in the studio so those teams need the completed footage in time to add the finishing touches. Hopefully there are no glitches for the next four episodes, and best of luck to the entire cast and crew for working so hard to create such an engrossing drama.


Goblin in Extremely Tight Live Shooting and Male Leads Reportedly Need Medical Attention for Exhaustion — 27 Comments

  1. Tvn used to shoot at least half of their drama before airing to avoid live shooting and to stable the quality
    Now they start to live shooting a lot like the main stations.
    Consider a minus point!

    Hopefully the remain episodes will end well
    The casts and crew deserve a long sweet break after this.

  2. some episodes are 1.5 hours long which put more time strain on actors & production team than the usual 1 hour drama. Why need to be 1.5 hours?

    • Not only would sticking with the one hour format have made it a better drama, it would have helped with the efficiency of the filming. I mean do 20 episodes if you feel you need them but this way was not beneficial at all imo. Hope the actors and crew get a nice vacation out of this deal.

      • Agree. I am happy with one hour episodes. The 1.5 hours length is too draggy and I fast-forward all of ET scenes, too cringy and I totally dislike her so-called-aeygo-ness.

  3. I think most of the time they cut so close to finish filming on the day they air is do to the changes in direction or script, is been known that kdrama tend to change during filming based on viewers comments, in this case expectation are high for this drama to keep the momentum end in a bang so it will not surprise me if behind the scenes have been many changes that we the viewers dont know.

    I hope everyone from staff to actors take care of themselves and stay healthy through out filming.

  4. I knew they were already in live shooting mode!

    They stopped giving us previews for the next episode about 2 or 3 episodes ago. That’s when you know they’re in trouble with the schedule.

    I hope none of the actors have an accident and the story can be finished as originally planned.

  5. I really hope they aren’t hanging onto viewer comments. I think some of rhe worst plot decisions in KDrama have been as a result of rewriting based on viewer comments. I hope the production team will ignore viewer comments and just let the writer’s story play out as intended. The show is getting great ratings for TvN, and is popular streaming around the world.

  6. Here is praying all the actors and production crew stays healthy and will take good care of themselves for the rest of the filming. Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook please get enough rest ,stay healthy and accident free. Love you guys and your work as the goblin and grim reaper! Fighting!!!

  7. Praying for the etire cast. I have noticed the cast looks a little tired but I assumed it was because of the cold.Loving the dramadey. Some scenes are laugh outloud funny and others bring a well of sad emotions. To the cast, get well soon. Take care of your health first, your fans will wait a little longer for the next episode, its worth it.

  8. Good point about the staff and crew koala. If the actors are needing medical intervention then the supporting crew is probably going through serious hell on earth right now.

    I’m so disgusted everytime I read about this type of working conditions and it should be a massive embarrassment for the Kdrama industry. Filming can be grueling in any industry but ACTORS needing to go to the hospital because of stress of filming is insane. Neither live shooting or pre-produced shooting schedules seem to be utilized well. I’m honesty curious, why isn’t there a sort of a union for actors or filming cast and crew that protects them? Or would it be considered “rude” or offensive in Korean culture? Or maybe overworking is just an accepted part of having a job. This is such a terrible norm.

    Serious changes need to be made but I don’t see it happening any time soon. It’s just accepted (I can imagine people saying I’m overreacting) which is really sad.

    • I am not in the industry… but I guess for any pre-produced project, the money has to be there in the first place to pay for all the expenses. A-listers may need to be casted and pre-sold to other countries first to generate revenues. This is what I have read… All money talks… that’s why we have to tolerate all the Subway and Baskin Robbins CF’s. Kdrama is not Hollywood, and money is not readily available I guess…

  9. I read somewhere that Gong Yoo had avoided starring in dramas because of the filming schedules. It’s sad that his fears were reaffirmed. I hope it won’t be another 5 years before we get to see him again on tv.

  10. I am one in praying that all those involve in this magnificent drama series, will always be protected in any kind of harm. I am now a certified fan of Korean series specially if it stars Mr. Gong Yoo. The last time i was this fanatic was during the LOVERS IN PARIS era, Vivian and Carlo.

  11. Maybe that’s why there aren’t ep 14 this week. They will give us special episode instead.
    If it will give them a little time to rest then it’s good.

  12. Well read that the reason for just 1 episode this week and the push back of episode 14 until nextvweek is due that due that the drama is not your classic normal kdrama they are really press of time do to not just filming scenes with our actors but the adding all the special effects that is needed for this drama plus pd wants to provide viewers quality episodes not cheap looking ones. Which is completely understanding i prefer quality episodes than watch episodes that clearly looks rushed, hope that with this push back all cast and staff can take a well deserved little break.

  13. I personally don’t believe in the whole IV drips thing done by Asian actors (it’s lack of sleep, not lack of fluids / vitamins so unlikely an IV is going to help you out). Also if you read the research out there, it’s harmful in the long term as IVs can damage veins and result in risk of infection.

    Honestly, I think it’s all a placebo effect for the people receiving. I’ve personally worked multiple all nighters in a row and never had to resort to this sort of dire treatment, and think it’s both frivolous and unnecessary. Medicine I get if you’re treating a cold, but IVs for tiredness? No.

    • But when they are dilming like this for 8 weeks straight ( 16 episodes) , wouldn’t ivs help balance their electrolytes, nutrients etc?

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