Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Ends With 27.6% Ratings for the Final Episode

Combining together three veterans may have played a big role in creating the winning formula for the recently finished SBS Mon-Tues drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. Veteran Han Seok Kyu played the titular Romantic Doctor and got awarded with the network’s drama Daesang last month as well as anchoring a drama that crossed 20% in ratings by episode 10 and stayed up there the rest of the time. The final episode 20 which aired on Monday brought in a series high of 27.6% AGB ratings nationwide.

The PD is an SBS veteran who directed You’re All Surrounded, Mrs. Cop, Giant, Incarnation of Money, and History of the Salaryman, and I definitely saw his flourishes in the more dramatic visuals in Romantic Doctor. The screenwriter Kang Eun Kyung has many hit dramas under her belt with What’s With This Family, Baker King Kim Tak Goo, Man of Honor, and Gu Family Book so she can now add this to her success list. Don’t be surprised if SBS does another medical drama this year, it’s top two rated prime time dramas in 2016 were both medical dramas with a ton of interpersonal melodrama baked in.


Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Ends With 27.6% Ratings for the Final Episode — 16 Comments

  1. This drama is daebak from start to finish.

    The writer has planted enough seeds and left unresolved threads for Season 2… is that a possibility?

  2. hit dramas What’s With This Family, Baker King Kim Tak Goo, Man of Honor, and Gu Family Book….

    Hmmm, at first I was like, 2 of these things are quite different from the others, but I found out that Man of Honor and Gu Family Book had quite high ratings (Gu Family Book eventually reached 2nd place in ratings nationwide, while Man of Honor got 1st in one episode!)

    I didn’t watch Gu Family Book so I can’t speak to the story, but Man of Honor was so all over the place plot-wise that I had whiplash trying to keep track of what was going on…. But I guess Koreans like that sort of thing?

  3. i don’t mind if this kind of drama had many seasons like US series. Because every character is interesting not just the lead. I’d like to know who Dr Nam, Miss Oh, Mr Park before this. What is their background. it’s like korean version of Grey’s anatomy without the xxx scenes obviously where i care about each an every character. i really thought that i’d seen trauma centre at the end of ep 20..but sadly it isn’t there. will check out prequel today!

  4. I loved this drama from the start to the end. The drama is very addictive and am very sad it has ended. I am hoping the drama will have a second season with the same cast. They deserved the 20+ ratings for most of its season.

    The cast were all excellent but who could forget the chemistry between Han Suk-kyu, Yoon Yoon-seek and Seo Hyun-Jin,they were sizzling! HSK was charismatic and his commanding presence fills the screen! He is a very sexy veteran actor!

  5. Best drama of 2016. It was a step forward in story telling in korean drama. It felt much l
    Much like an American TV show than a korean one. Directing to acting A+ work.

  6. I loved this drama from the start to the end.Am sad that it ended on Monday night but am hoping there will be a second season with the same cast!

    The drama was very addictive and the entire cast were excellent. The chemistry between Han Suk-kyu,Yoo Yoon-Seok and Seo Hyun-Jin were sizzling. HSK was charismatic and his presence fills the screen. He is one very sexy veteran actor!

    The drama deserves the high ratings it achieved during its season. Congratulations to the production crew, script writers, directors and the cast for their achievements in producing such an excellent drama.???

  7. After all the episodes, I realized that Han Suk Kyu and Yoo Yoon Seok played in The Royal Tailor together. I liked this movie.

    This drama was nice. Han Suk Kyu has a incredible charisma on screen.

  8. I’m so happy this was good till the end! I had to wait and see because so many hospital/medical dramas I’ve watched eventually got consumed by hospital politics. Can’t wait to watch and congrats to the staff and crew.

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